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Jugdral (ユグドラル Yugudoraru; adjective Jugdrali) is the continent that Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War and Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 take place on. The nations that occupy Jugdral are the Kingdom of Grannvale, the Kingdom of Isaach, the Dominion of Agustria, the Kingdom of Verdane, the Kingdom of Silesse, the Republic of the Manster District, the Kingdom of Thracia, and the Republic of Miletos.


001 - The Kingdom of Gran was formed to the west of the Jun River

230 - Gran becomes a republic

310 - Time of prosperity

440 - The Dark God enters the Great Bishop Galle - Formation of the Lopto Sect

447 - The Twelve Demon Generals destroy Gran

448 - Bishop Galle becomes Emperor of the Lopto Empire

449 - The Great Purge - A hundred thousand people killed

452 - Sorrow of Miletos - Numerous children sacrificed to the Dark God

453 - Massacre of Edda - Tens of thousands of people killed

535 - Maira of the Imperial family begins a rebellion

611 - Liberation forms from fighters across the continent

632 - Miracle of Darna - The gods descend and grant power to twelve fighters - Birth of the Twelve Crusaders

633 - Start of the Holy War

648 - Fall of the Lopto Empire - The Twelve Crusaders form seven dukedoms of Grannvale and five separate kingdoms

649 - Formation of the Kingdom of Grannvale

757 - Grannvaleian Army's expedition to Isaach


Jugdral is derived from Yggdrassil, the world tree in Norse mythology.


  • While most continents in the Fire Emblem series appear to be monotheistic, Jugdral is polytheistic, as the people of this continent worships all of the dragon gods that blood-bonded with the Twelve Crusaders.

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