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“I can’t allow you to bear the burden of killing your own father. I’m already branded a traitor and I’ve been prepared for this for quite some time. I knew it would eventually happen.”
—Julius, to Barker about their planned murder of their father

Julius (ジュリアス Juriasu) is an enemy character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. He is the third son of King Bahanuke of Canaan and the wielder of the ☆Canaan Lance. He is the brother of Arless, Barker, and Reshe, as well as the uncle of Sennet, Neyfa, and Estofarne.

Against his father's orders, he opposed the western invasion and prevented the Zoa Empire's army from moving. He stands against his country's alliance with the Gerxel Church, and as a result, he is seen as a traitor. In an attempt to end the war, he conspires with Barker and Reshe to kill their father. They agree to allow Julius to carry out their plan. However, he dies fighting against Runan's army in the battle for Reeve Castle before he is able to act on his plan, leaving Barker to carry out the murder of Bahanuke by himself.



Starting Class Group
Dragonlord map (TS) Dragon Lord TS group dragonDragon, TS group flyingFlying
Level HP Str Mag Skl Agl Lck Def Wlv Mov
40 58 20 14 25 25 24 20 20 7
Skills Weapon Starting Items

TS Heaven SaintHeaven Saint
TS AwarenessAwareness
TS ContinueContinue
TS CharismaCharisma

TS SwordSword
TS LanceLance

Canaan Lance Icon☆Canaan Lance*
TS Short SwordShort Sword
Ts-goddess-shield☆Goddess Shield
Ts-magic-shieldMagic Shield
Healing DropHealing Drop

*Dropped when defeated

Overall Edit

Julius is one of the hardest bosses in the game, having no stats below 20 (except magic), a slew of powerful skills, a ☆Goddess Shield to cover his class' weakness to bows, a Magic Shield to cover his low magic defense and a droppable ☆Canaan Lance to make his attacks truly devastating. There are two more factors that further complicate matters - first, Julius does not stay in one place and begins to move on Turn 3, so players should be prepared. Second is a presence of NPC units, all having Mug which causes your units to have 50 less hit.

There are 2 strategies - wait until Julius breaks his weapons against NPC units, which is much easier, but will take a while and deprieve the player of his unique lance. Other strategy is to make full use of Renee's ☆Warp staff, 3-range magic such as ☆Sunflame, long-range magic like ☆Sylpheed and ☆Prelude along with defense-ignoring Luna Sword. This strategy is much riskier, but it can kill Julius in a single turn and preserve his lance for a future use.


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