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“Zeek, I also can’t forget the absolute hatred I felt in that execution tower. Just because we were born as Zoans, we were despised and treated as mere insects. If the Supreme God Gerxel is revived, the Zoans will finally be liberated. For that day I’ve sworn to become a martyr. To protect the children of Zoa... For that reason, I threw away my husband and son...”
—Karla, in a conversation with Zeek

Karla (カルラ) is an antagonist from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. She is the older sister of Zeek and the mother of Shigen. She is a witch of the Zoa Empire who harbors undying loyalty to Gwenchaos. As a part of Gwenchaos's scheme, she poses as a concubine to King Bahanuke of Canaan.

If Zeek is defeated during the time that he is playable, Karla will appear and save him from death.


Karla was born into a noble family and lived a comfortable life until she was seven years old, when her home was attacked by Reeve's people because her mother was descended from the Zoans. She and the rest of her family were sent into slavery, set to be declared as witches as soon as they become of age. While her parents and three elder sisters were burned at the stake, Karla was saved by Gwenchaos on the day of her execution. After pledging her loyalty to him, she began her training as a witch of the Gerxel Church. When she was fifteen years old, she fell in love with a dark swordsman and gave birth to their son, whom they named Theo.

One year later, Karla received orders from Gwenchaos to pose as a concubine for Bahanuke as a part of the Gerxel Church's scheme to resurrect Gerxel. While it meant leaving behind her husband and son, she obeyed out of loyalty and her dream of freeing Zeek from the captivity of Reeve. During these years, Karla attempted to kidnap Neyfa and murdered Serene in the process. She also killed Reshe's mother, which Bahanuke refused to believe and instead passed off as a child's tale. Over time, Karla manipulated Bahanuke into restoring the Zoa Empire and invading Reeve. Three years prior to the story, she reunited with Zeek, who had been freed from slavery after enduring it for twenty-five years.

During the second intermission, Karla becomes worried about Zeek because he has not reported to her in a while. She approaches him while he is in the army of Runan and Holmes and asks him if he has forgotten his mission. After being assured otherwise, she commands him to betray the army and return to the Zoa Empire with her. After Bahanuke's death at the hands of his second eldest son, Barker, she reveals herself as a witch of Zoa and kills Barker. In Map 38, she tasks an army from the Gerxel Church to stop Holmes's march into the Temple of Gerxel. In the following chapter, Karla explains her motivations to Zeek and commands him to stop Runan from interrupting the sacrificial ritual to resurrect Gerxel.

During the final battle, Karla witnesses the mostly successful outcome of the ritual and prepares to return to Zeek's side, unaware that he has been slain by Runan's army. She also dies fighting against Runan, Holmes, and Sennet in an attempt to prevent them from trying to stop the final part of the ritual.



Starting Class Group
WitchWitch TS group mage Magic
Level HP Str Mag Skl Agl Lck Def Wlv Mov
30 45 0 13 13 32 30 12 20 3
Skills Weapon Starting Items

TS AwarenessAwareness
TS WarpWarp

TS Fire MagicFire
TS Thunder MagicThunder
TS Wind MagicWind
TS Dark MagicDark

Dragon Mail☆Dragon Mail
Healing DropHealing Drop


Death QuotesEdit

“Very soon...this filthy world will be purified...and you all...will repent for your sins and die...”
—Karla's default death quote


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