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King (国王) is Zephiel's personal class in Fire Emblem: Binding Blade, named such because of his position as the King of Bern. It is the only class that can wield the Eckesachs. It draws inspiration from the similar Emperor class, and the Emperor class in the Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem remake is identical in appearance to the King class. The key difference between the two is the type of weapons they use; Emperors use Lances, often coupled with other weapons, while the King class only uses Swords.

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  • Although it has not been demonstrated in game, it's interesting to note that Zephiel belonged to the Prince class in the prequel, Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken; between this and Binding Blade, Zephiel theoretically promoted into a King. In actuality, this class does not have any promotion ties at all.

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