“...I'm looking forward to your growth.”

Kiria Kurono (黒乃霧亜) is a playable character from Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE. Her voice actress is Yoshino Nanjō.

Profile Edit

Kiria is a famous twenty-one year old Idol Singer who receives a lot of support from young people, her stage name is KIRIA. She is a Mirage Master highly skilled in battle and partnered with Tharja. Her birthday is July 12. She’s also referred to as the “cool beauty,” but not many people know her personally and her private life is a secret. She’s a senior to Itsuki and the others, often aiding them.

She's first seen in the prologue saving Itsuki, Tsubasa, and Touma from an ambush and later invites them to her SIV-LIVE concert due to Tsubasa struggling with her lessons. When a Mirage attack happens she's quickly put out of commission protecting Tsubasa. After Ayaha is saved Kiria officially joins the team.

During her side quests, Kiria confides in Itsuki that she actually has a soft spot for cute things. She tried to hide her affections due to fear of being mocked as her imposing image wouldn't gel with being cute. At first she tries to kill her love for anything cute by attacking cute Mirages in the Idolasphere, but finds she's incapable of doing so. Tharja chides Kiria for being so insecure and tells her that she should be herself and not be petrified by others' opinions of her.

In her third side quest she's booked for doing a duet with Tsubasa, but is unsure of how she can act cute. Tharja then leads them to a pair of Mirage Golems she made called Bord and Cord which they'll practice charming. Unfortunately they're hostile and they're forced to fight them. Afterwards she tells Tharja that she finds her to be her ideal partner, making Tharja chuckle gleefully before teasing Kiria about her attraction to Itsuki.


Kiria has a stoic personality and is widely regarded for her "cool beauty." However, Kiria has a secret love of cute things; she reveals to Itsuki at one point that when she was younger, she was more open with her love of cute items and wanting to be seen as cute herself, but started to feel ashamed as she got older. Someone she knew made her feel bad about liking cute things, and so she tried to push them aside, leading to her "cool" persona.

Despite her cool exterior, Kiria still secretly loves cute things and keeps a mascot doll she calls Sir Gen. As she forms a bond with Itsuki through her side stories, Kiria becomes more open to expressing her cute side, eventually taking on the role of the cat-costumed Chloe in the late-night program "Absolutely Cute" and singing a cute-and-cool inspired duet with Tsubasa entitled "Give Me!"

As the oldest of the playable characters, Kiria serves as an upperclassman figure to Itsuki and the others, guiding them to their goals.

In GameEdit

Base StatsEdit

Starting Class
TMS Dark mage icon Dark Mage
Level HP EP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res
15 264 225 13 30 23 16 Good 19 25
GIR Sword Icon GIR Lance Icon GIR Axe Icon GIR Bow Icon GIR Fire Icon GIR Ice Icon GIR Electricity Icon GIR Force Icon GIR Light Icon GIR Dark Icon
Weak -- -- -- -- Resist Weak -- Resist --
Skills Items
Command Session Passive

GIR Rod Icon Iron Rod
GIR Accessory Icon Leather Choker
GIR Costume Icon Dark Form

GIR Ice Icon Bufu
GIR Dark Icon Flux
GIR Dark Icon Lullaby Song

GIR Ice Icon Fire-Blizzard
GIR Ice Icon Wind-Blizzard

GIR Passive Icon Null Poison


Command SkillsEdit

Type Name Weapon Notes
GIR Fire IconFire Agi Silver Rod
GIR Fire IconFire Agilao Vajra
GIR Fire IconFire Agidyne Astaroth Rod
GIR Fire IconFire Maragi Vajra
GIR Fire IconFire Maragidyne Sha Na Ra +1, Mjölnir
GIR Ice IconIce Bufu Iron Rod Starting Skill
GIR Ice IconIce Bufula Silver Rod, Lilith Rod
GIR Ice IconIce Bufudyne Heidhrun, Sha Na Ra, Astaroth Rod
GIR Ice IconIce Mabufu Silver Rod, Lorelei
GIR Ice IconIce Mabufudyne Sha Na Ra, Sharur
GIR Ice IconIce Fimbulvetr Sharur
GIR Force IconForce Zan Silver Rod
GIR Force IconForce Zanma Yggdrasil Rod
GIR Force IconForce Zandyne Yggdrasil Rod +1, Demon's Rod, Yagrush, Astaroth Rod
GIR Force IconForce Mazan Yggdrasil Rod
GIR Force IconForce Mazandyne Thyrsus Sorcerer only
GIR Dark IconBody Flux Silver Rod Starting Skill
GIR Dark IconBody Sleep Song Lorelei Starting Skill
GIR Light IconMind Spirit Drain Lilith Rod, Heidhrun
GIR Light IconMind Spirit Leech Exodus, Indra's Thunder
GIR Light IconMind Nosferatu Caduceus Sage only
GIR Light IconMind Naga Asclepius Sage only
GIR Light IconMind Tentarafoo Demon's Rod Sorcerer only
GIR Light IconMind Makajamaon Exodus +1, Thyrsus
GIR Almighty IconAlmighty Megido Vajra +1, Lorelei, Death Rod, Yagrush
GIR Almighty IconAlmighty Megidolaon Indra's Thunder, Sharur
GIR Almighty IconAlmighty Overload Exodus
GIR Recovery IconRecovery Mediarama Caduceus Sage only
GIR Recovery IconRecovery Samarecarm Aymur Sage only
GIR Recovery IconRecovery Recarmdra Caduceus +1 Sage only
GIR Recovery IconRecovery Amrita Aymur Sage Only
GIR Support IconSupport Tarunda Vajra
GIR Support IconSupport Sukunda Iron Rod
GIR Support IconSupport Makaraguard Yagrush
GIR Support IconSupport Makarakarn Astaroth Rod
GIR Support IconSupport Concentrate Lorelei +1, Death Rod +1, Heidhrun, Thyrsus, Indra's Thunder
GIR Almighty IconAlmighty Seductive Pose Only available during Kiria Side Story 3: Kiria in Wonderland

Session SkillsEdit

Type Name Weapon Notes
GIR Ice IconIce Fire-Blizzard Lilith Rod, Death Rod Starting Skill
GIR Ice IconIce Elec-Blizzard Iron Rod, Spell Rod
GIR Ice IconIce Wind-Blizzard Lilith Rod Starting Skill
GIR Ice IconIce Sword-Blizzard Iron Rod +1
GIR Ice IconIce Fire-Elblizzard Asclepius Sage only
GIR Ice IconIce Elec-Elblizzard Caduceus Sage only
GIR Ice IconIce Wind-Elblizzard Aymur Sage only
GIR Force IconForce Elec-Wind Yggdrasil Rod
GIR Force IconForce Sword-Wind Lilith Rod +1
GIR Force IconForce Fire-Wind Death Rod
GIR Force IconForce Wind-Wind Yagurushi
GIR Force IconForce Elec-Elwind Demon's Rod Sorcerer only
GIR Force IconForce Wind-Elwind Thyrsus Sorcerer only
GIR Force IconForce Fire-Elwind Mjölnir Sorcerer only

Passive SkillsEdit

Name Weapon Notes
GIR Passive IconMag Boost Silver Rod
GIR Passive IconRes Boost Iron Rod
GIR Passive Icon Res Amplify Yagurushi +1, Indra's Thunder+1
GIR Passive Icon Mana Gain Heiorun
GIR Passive Icon Null Poison Silver Rod +1 Starting Skill
GIR Passive Icon Null Sleep Lorelei
GIR Passive Icon Null Confusion Demon's Rod Sorcerer only
GIR Passive Icon Null Charm Caduceus Sage only
GIR Passive Icon Ice Expertise Spell Rod +1, Death Rod, Aymur
GIR Passive Icon Ice Expertise EX Sharur
GIR Passive Icon Wind Expertise Demon's Rod +1 Sorcerer only
GIR Passive Icon Dodge Sword Indra's Thunder
GIR Passive Icon Arrow Parry Exodus
GIR Passive Icon Null Ice Heidhrun +1
GIR Passive Icon Absorb Ice Asclepius +1 Sage only
GIR Passive Icon Repel Ice Sharur +1
GIR Passive Icon Resist Wind Yggdrasil Rod
GIR Passive Icon Null Wind Mjölnir +1 Sorcerer only
GIR Passive Icon Mana Aid Sha Na Ra, Mjölnir
GIR Passive Icon Sneak Peek Spell Rod
GIR Passive Icon Sukukaja Bootup Astaroth Rod +1
GIR Passive Icon Watchfulness Vajra
GIR Passive Icon Practice Exodus
GIR Passive Icon True Casting Thyrsus +1, Mjölnir Sorcerer only
GIR Passive Icon Meditation Aymur+1, Asclepius Sage only
GIR Passive Icon Hygieia's Protection Asclepius Sage only

Radiant SkillsEdit

Type Name Unlocking Requirements
Usable out of combat Lightoma Available from the start in Radiant Unity
Passive Bewitching Desire Available from the start in Radiant Unity
Passive EP Fitness Available from the start in Radiant Unity
Passive Endless Song Available from the start in Radiant Unity
Passive Elusive Distance Stagerank 6
Passive Wicked Lips Stagerank 7
Passive Open Audition Stagerank 9
Passive HP Fitness Stagerank 11
Passive Smash Hit Stagerank 12
Passive Command Repertoire Stagerank 13
Passive Battlefield Lullaby Stagerank 14 + Treasure chest item in dungeon 7
Passive Songstress's Rhapsody Stagerank 15
Passive Passive Repertoire Stagerank 15
Passive Endless Act Stagerank 17
Passive Icy Solitude Stagerank 18
Passive Heartbreaker Stagerank 19
Passive Session Repertoire Stagerank 20

Extra SkillsEdit

Type Name Unlocking Requirements Notes
GIR Ice IconAd-lib Performance The Labyrinth Kiria Side Story 1: Poker Face Wandering Mind entrance
GIR Support IconSpecial Performance Pastel Power Kiria Side Story 2: Not a Girl Fluffy entrance, can only inflict Unconscious to Boss
GIR Force IconDuo Arts Give Me! Kiria Side Story 3: Kiria in Wonderland Tsubasa and Kiria, New world entrance
GIR Fire IconDuo Arts Exhibition During Chapter 5 Intermission Kiria and Yashiro
GIR Ice IconSpecial Performance Deep Chill First time creating a Weapon
GIR Ice IconSpecial Performance Freeze Over First time Promoting

Ending Edit

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Kiria Kurono - A New Charisma

After Enter-Kingdom, Kiria's songs stayed faithful to her cool personality, and she remained a charismatic figure in the Japanese music industry. However, though it doesn't quite suit her public image, it's said she always carries around a small beat-up plush doll, inexpertly stitched back together...

Kiria Kurono - A New Kiria

Kiria's new style of being "cool and cute" becomes popular across the world, making her an international star. The Japanese for the trend, "kakkokawaii," enters common parlance across languages, and Kiria's voice continues to spread throughout the world.
Spoilers end here.

Other AppearancesEdit

Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher)Edit

Kiria Kurono is illustrated in the trading card game Fire Emblem Cipher with the following cards:


The "Kuro" in her surname means black, possibly a reference to black or dark magic.


  • Kiria's Carnage Form artwork depicts her wielding the Iron Rod.
  • Kiria has a blood type of A, stands at 172 cm tall (5 feet, 7 inches), weighs at 48 kgs (106 lbs) and her three sizes are 85B-59W-88H.
    • Kiria is the tallest of the female characters.
  • In her Carnage Form, Kiria wears her hair in twin tails in a style similar to those worn by the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku, both in terms of style and length, and in the style of square-shaped hair ornaments she wears. 
  • Prior to release, Kiria's idol costume was altered to replace her black bikini bottoms with black tights. 
  • Kiria shares her birthday, July 12, with her voice actress Yoshino Nanjō 

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