Kramer (クレイマー Kureimā) is a playable character from TearRing Saga: Berwick Saga. He is a mercenary descending from a long line of farmers. Despite his background, he longs to be a hero of legend.

In Game Edit

Kramer is a decent unit. He gets a good personal weapon along with access to blades, can walk on cliffs without taking evade penalties, and has a good HP pool. His main use is countering crossbows who attack at 1 range because of his high AS and bow breaker skill. His main competition for this job is Elbert. The other skill Kramer gets is gauntlets which allow him to unequip an enemy shield. The uses for this are limited aside from some bosses with the general shield or allowing Sedy to steal shields needed for the collector.

Overall, Kramer is a mediocre unit who slowly gets better as he unlocks blades, and at the very least is worth using to gain access to his personal mission which nets EXP and the Balmung, which can be given to him for his permanent recruitment or kept for anyone else who can use blades. Ultimately it probably is best on Kramer since his job of dealing with crossbows requires him to avoid the first attack, and Balmung comes with parry built into it.


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