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Not to be mistaken for Klein, the sniper from Fire Emblem: Binding Blade.

“You want to escape from the darkness? I won't let you. I'll make sure you never again see the light of day!”
—Kuraine in Chapter 13x

Kuraine (also translated Kleine) is a boss character from Fire Emblem: Shin Monshō no Nazo ~Hikari to Kage no Eiyū~. She is one of the assassins working for Eremiya along with Eine and Legion.

She is playable along with her fellow assassins in the second downloadable episode.

Profile Edit

Background Edit

While not much of Kleine's past is know, it was hinted that she was born from a noble family, and her family had been murdered by the Soothsires, who had looted their house. She had been the sole survivor, and seemed to have lost her memories from the incident, where she had been found by Eremiah, though it is also hinted that Eremiah and Gharnef had a hand in her family's death.

Under Eremiah's care, Kleine was trained to be an assassin, and grew up alongside Eine, Roro, and many other children, all molded to become Eremiah's puppets that would obey Eremiah until they broke. Kleine soon came to view that only the strong would survive and the weak were meant to perish.

During a mission after the War of Shadows had ended, Kleine, Eine, and Roro were assigned to eliminate the Soothsire remnants, which by extension saved many children that had been taken by them. While Eine was determined to save the children, Kleine showed no care and simply wanted the mission done, though she wanted to take the lead in the mission. Athena joined their group to help save the children soon, and though Kleine felt like killing her, she decided to let Athena do what she wants so long as Athena would not get in her way.

After annihilating the Soothsires, Kleine and Eine entered the hideout to find the prisoners, and stumbled upon some expensive paintings, one of the paintings being of her family and her, though she didn't recognize it completely, though it made her recall some of her lost memories of her family, but also knew they were dead, though she somewhat felt sad at knowing that. After Eine had rescued the captives, Kleine warned Eine not to tell anyone about what she had said.

Before the War of Heroes, when Eine went on a covert mission to infiltrate Altea castle for the plan to assassinate Marth, when Roro set up an attack on a village to help Eine earn Marth's trust, Kleine went to see Roro on his progress after Eine and her platoon had stopped the bandit attack, having finished one of her assignments. The two then discussed their plans on killing Marth.

War of Heroes Edit

After Marth's assassination ended in failure and later on the War of Heroes began, Kleine was tasked on hunting down and killing anyone that had assisted Marth in the previous war, as they would no doubt come to help him later on, which would make things difficult for them. She had cornered one of Marth's former allies, Wrys, but the Altean army had arrived, which Eine had warned Kleine about, as they would never abandon a comrade.

While Eine showed concern on whether Kleine could take on the task, Kleine was not worried, as she was confident her underlings could get the job done, believing that the Altean army was weak. Eine warned her that underestimating them would lead to Kleine getting herself killed, as Eine explained how when she was in Altea undercover, her former comrades that were led by Avatar, were very strong, despite Eine acting as a bad tactician for them.

Kleine only takes offense in that as she thinks that Eine had gotten attached to her former friends, before telling Eine to sit and watch, as she kills them all, and warned Eine not to get in the way, making Eine leave. Kleine soon leaves as well, but warns her underlings that if they fail to kill the 'rats', she will make sure they are dead instead.

After her underlings were killed and Wrys was saved, Kleine admitted that the Altean army was better than she gave them credit for, but was not too concerned, as she would eliminate them later, and would spare them for now. Eine reminded her that she had been warned, only for Kleine to grow annoyed and question Eine's loyalties, to which Eine rejected, as Eine knew that she had to defeat Avatar for Eremiah's sake.

Kleine later resurfaced when Roro's clone worked with Radd and Caesar, two mercenaries and former allies to Marth in the previous war, to try and ambush Marth. Kleine questioned whether Radd and Caesar would be useful, and also expressed disappointment at the idea that Roro would likely get the best part in killing Marth, before leaving. After that mission ended in failure with Roro's clone's death and Caesar and Radd joining Marth as well, Kleine commented on their failure and the clone's death, though Roro corrected her in saying that it wasn't a clone, but his brother, and they were all Roro. Kleine shrugged it off and questioned if the Roro she was talking to was the real Roro or not, though even Roro didn't know, but declared that next time, all the Roros would fight to kill Marth.

Unfortunately, that would ultimately lead to the original Roro's death, as he was killed when trying to kill Horace, and Marth intervened. When Eine tried to dissuade Eremiah to continue pursuing the Altean army, which was rejected as it was an order from Gharnef, Kleine stepped in and offered to eliminate them instead of Eine, to which Eremiah allowed, before she ordered Eine to get rid of the remaining Roro clones, who were no useless and unable to fight due to the original Roro dying. When Eine showed hesitance to kill the remaining Roro clones, Kleine offered to dispose of them in Eine's place, and called Eine useless, before Kleine was praised by Eremiah for being a good girl, while Eine was mocked as a failure.

Kleine attempted to ambush Marth's army during a blizzard in the mountains, but her sneak attack ended in failure due to Athena finding them and warning Marth. Despite that, Kleine was still confident in her victory due to the snow masking their presence, while they still have the ability to see Marth's group. However, Marth's group was far more powerful than she realized and she was defeated in battle while the rest of her forces were routed.

As she laid there in defeat, on the verge of death, Kleine lamented on how she was all alone, calling out to Eremiah weakly. Much to her surprise, she was found by Eine. Unable to understand, Kleine assumed that Eine simply came there to laugh at her, but instead, Eine quickly grabbed her and tried to take her back to the hideout. Confused, Kleine asked Eine why, when Kleine had always mistreated Eine. Eine simply said that it was because she's Kleine's big sister, to which Kleine retorted that they weren't truly siblings, but orphans that had always been alone.

Eine says that they were still raised together by Eremiah, and Eine cherished the bond she made with Kleine, and losing it would mean that she would be all alone again, and the same would apply to Kleine. Touched by Eine's words, Kleine accepts almost begrudgingly to hold onto Eine, and states that it was the first and last time she would obey Eine.

Sadly, despite returning to the hideout and Eine pleading with Eremiah to help save Kleine, Eremiah merely ordered Eine to abandon her, as Kleine was now useless. Kleine understood that this would be the case, knowing the consequences of failure, but felt deeply hurt at being abandoned by the woman that raised her. Kleine told Eine to leave her, as she didn't want Eine to see Kleine like she was now, but quickly changed her mind when Eine agreed, as Kleine didn't want to be alone.

As Eine stayed with her, assuring her that she would always be with her, reminding her that she's her big sister. Kleine said that Eine was annoying to the end, but as she slowly died, she finally called Eine sister as well.

It was very likely that Kleine's death was the reason that Eine was able to eventually abandon Eremiah and the assassins and take the name of Katarina once more when joining Marth's army thanks to Avatar's persuasion, as Kleine was the one person with the assassins that Eine had a bond with.

Personality Edit

Kleine is depicted to be a cruel, sadistic woman that believed that the strong would live, and the weak would suffer, likely due to her cruel upbringing by Eremiah. Her sadistic nature is shown when she had Wrys cornered and wanted to give him a slow and painful death, and even got annoyed when she wouldn't get to have the chance to kill Marth herself. She would also always mistreat the other orphans that she grew up with, always insulting them or bossing them around, particularly Eine, even though Eine tried to be a big sister to her.

She is also shown to be rather remorseless, as she had no problems with declaring to Eine that she would kill all of Eine's former companions that Eine had betrayed. Kleine even willingly offered to dispose of the Roro clones after the original died, despite how they had grown up with Kleine.

Kleine has a deep loyalty towards Eremiah, despite how cruel she was, and would do anything to impress her, wanting to take any lead in missions that she was part of, or offering to kill any enemies, or disposing anyone that were useless, all so that Eremiah would praise her. These could all possibly stem from how she recalled faint memories in her past when she was patted on the head by her parents, a gesture of praise that she yearns for. When she saw the painting of her family, and despite not fully remembering her family, knowing that the family in that painting was dead made her upset, despite telling herself that the weak would always naturally suffer.

When she is defeated in battle and found by Eine, she revealed to have a deep fear of being alone, possibly due to how she was alone as an orphan. She was deeply touched by Eine showing such affection as an older sister to her, and later on deeply hurt from learning that Eremiah had abandoned her, even though she knew of the consequences. She even threw away her pride and pleaded that Eine remained by her side as she neared death. As she died, she called Eine sister, showing that she did in fact cherish her bond with Eine.

In GameEdit


  • Downloadable Episode 2: Automatically from the start.

Base StatsEdit


Starting Class
Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Mov
5 32 11 1 14 15 0 12 4 7
Weapon Starting Items

FE12 BowBow - B

FE11silverbowSilver Bow


Starting Class
Enemy Female Sniper FE12 Map IconSniper
Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Mov
5 32 11 1 14 15 0 12 4 7
Weapon Starting Items

FE12 BowBow - B

FE11silverbowSilver Bow

Starting Class
Enemy Female Sniper FE12 Map IconSniper
Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Mov
5 39 14 1 18 19 0 12 4 7
Weapon Starting Items

FE12 BowBow - B

FE11silverbowSilver Bow

Starting Class
Enemy Female Sniper FE12 Map IconSniper
Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Mov
5 45 18 1 21 22 0 12 4 7
Weapon Starting Items

FE12 BowBow - B

FE11silverbowSilver Bow

Starting Class
Enemy Female Sniper FE12 Map IconSniper
Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Mov
5 48 20 1 23 24 0 12 4 7
Weapon Starting Items

FE12 BowBow - A

FE11silverbowSilver Bow

Growth RatesEdit

HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res
40% 10% 0% 20% 30% 0% 10% 0%

Quotes Edit

“A big, warm room... Soft carpet... A family portrait... The two of them smiled... And gently... patted my head...”
—Kleine remembering some of her past in Assassins.

“How... how dare you... I'll... I'll kill... anybody in my way... Just watch me... I'll kill... I'll kill you all!”
—Kleine's defeat quote in Within the White Darkness.

“...... Eine... Wait... Don't go... I changed my mind... stay with me. I don't want... to be alone... ”
—A dying Kleine pleading to Eine to stay by her side.

“Bah! You have to be annoying, till the end... ...Sis... ter... ... ... ... ”
—Kleine's last words.


  • Kuraine's growth rates are the generic growth rates for a Sniper, meaning she has no unique growth rates of her own.
  • Kuraine is the first un-recruitable female boss in the Archanea Series (provided one does not count Marla and Heste from Fire Emblem Gaiden).
  • In Chapter 3x, Kuraine leaves the map before the player can reach her. However, if the player uses cheat codes to reach her before she leaves, and attacks/defeats her, it will trigger some dialogue from her.
  • In a conversation with the Avatar, Katarina states the she and Kuraine have the same birthdays. Though none of them know their real birthday, Katarina states that Kuraine "allowed" her to have the same birthday after forcing her to get a gift.


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