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Labyrinth Pursuit
GameFire Emblem: Awakening
ObjectiveRout the enemy
Defeat all 7 Revenants (To recruit Palla)
Units AllowedChrom + 13
Units GainedPalla from the Outrealm (No Revenants escaped)

“Top secret military information has been stolen. To recover the information, Chrom chases after the perpetrator.”
—Opening Narration

Roster Rescue (Labyrinth Pursuit in the Japanese version) is Xenologue 21 of Fire Emblem: Awakening.


This map requires you to chase a specific target, while special walls automatically open and close each turn. Because it is not clear which Revenant is the real target, you will have to divide your pursuit force wisely. Humongous Revenants that are exclusive to this map are your enemies, and will make it a difficult chase with their excellent mobility and durability.


Chrom receives alarming news from Lissa that the camp was attacked by giant Revenants. They raided the camp, but only taking one thing, the Army's Roster. Chrom is initially unconcerned until Frederick tells him about the contents of the Roster, including their birth-dates, personal information, and possibly an embarrassing secret. Frederick also tells him that he tracked the Revenants to some ruins nearby. The Shepherds give chase to the Revenants to the ruins to reclaim the Roster.

After defeating all of the Risen (regardless if all 7 Revenants are killed or not), Chrom is at ease knowing that the contents of that Roster will never be released to the public. Lissa is interested to know about the contents and leaves to find the Avatar who is holding the Roster for safe keeping, with Frederick giving chase to prevent her from reading his entry. If all 7 Revenants are killed the Avatar comes to Chrom, tired from running away from everyone who is trying to see their entries in order to "fix" any "errors" on their entries. The Avatar has found a new Einherjar Card, "The Eldest Sister" Palla, on the back of the book when they recovered it from the Revenants. Chrom hopes to put her to good usage. As the Avatar is about to leave though, Chrom asks the Avatar to see the book himself to correct his "breaks things when practicing" notation.


Due to the nature of the Ruins, at the end of the enemy's turn they will either crumble themselves or restore themselves, the latter making it impossible to pass until they collapse again. The collapsed ruins cannot be passed with ground units and requires them to Pair Up with a flying unit. The enemy cannot rush the player as they cannot Pair Up and have no flying units to counter your forces, but still should be dealt with carefully. If you want to recruit Palla into your army, try having a long-range tome user attack them to soften them up.

Enemy DataEdit

All Enemy Generals have both Pavise and Aegis. Be wary of their Vengeance (Skill) the damage can build up quick. Some Sorcerers and Revenants may also have Vengeance (Skill). All Enemy Swordmasters will have Astra (Skill) and Pass making them tricky to block and swarm. All Enemy Snipers have Galeforce and some may have Vantage. Some Enemy War Monks and Sages may or may not have Miracle. All Enemy Tricksters have Renewal so kill them quick or they may come back later to bite. At first you will only see 5 Revenants, 2 more will spawn at the bottom center room with two stairs later on. The 2 new Revenants have Counter you must kill all of the them in order to acquire the best result reward.


  • There is a glitch in the english version where Inigo's pre-battle text does not display properly, pressing the right shoulder button will allow you to view the text on the bottom screen.

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