Laevateinn is a Carnage weapon in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE. It is one of the Carnages that Chrom can become. I can only be wielded if Chrom is in the Conqueror class.

Weapon Stats Edit

Name Type


GIR Sword Icon Sword

Power GIR Sword Icon GIR Lance Icon GIR Axe Icon GIR Bow Icon GIR Fire Icon GIR Ice Icon GIR Electricity Icon GIR Force Icon GIR Light Icon GIR Dark Icon
137 - Weak Resist - - - - - Weak Null
Effect Skills Performa Required

Conqueror only.

Focused Blade
Ice-Slash EX
Martyr Expertise
Shura Soul

Slattern Force x1
Gegenes Magma x1
6-Star Prestige x3

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