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The Laguz-Begnion War is a war fought between the Laguz Alliance, consisting of Gallia, Phoenicis, Kilvas and the Greil Mercenaries, and the Begnion Empire (allied with Daein). The war begins over a diplomatic exchange which ended in the murder of laguz emissaries sent to exact answers from the Begnion Senate over their role in the Serenes Massacre. The results of the war are hazy at best; the situation in Begnion quickly devolves into a civil war, with two factions, one backing the Apostle and the other backing the Senate, vying for control of the country. At the climax of the war, the galdr of release is sung by Micaiah, releasing the goddess Yune from Lehran's Medallion and unleashing Ashera's judgment on the world, turning most of the world's population to stone. Because of Ashera's judgment, the results of the war, including the victor and loser, are relative, although ultimately the Begnion Senate was killed, eliminating the main antagonists.


Begnion EmpireEdit

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