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Lancefaire (槍の達人, Yari no Tatsujin, lit. Lance Expert in the Japanese version, Art de la lance in the French version, Affinità lance in the Italian version) is a Skill in Fire Emblem: Awakening. It gives +5 to Strength when using a Lance or +5 Magic if a Shockstick is used. It is learned by Falcon Knights at Level 15.

Fire Emblem: AwakeningEdit

Name Activation Capacity Effect(s) Notes
LanceExpertLancefaire 100% - Strength +5 when a Lance is equipped or Magic +5 when a Magic Lance is equipped Learned by Falcon Knights at level 15.

Fire Emblem: FatesEdit

Name Activation Capacity Effect(s) Notes
LanceExpertLancefaire 100% - Damage +5 when a Lance is equipped during battle Learned by Holy Lancers at level 15.


  • In Awakening, due to being possessed by Falcon Knights, Lancefaire is a female only skill, barring inheritance. This is similar to Axefaire which is wielded by the male-only class Berserker.
  • Lancefaire is the only physical weapon skill given to a class that can wield two weapons. It is likely Falcon Knights received this skill due to Awakening lacking a class that wields lances exclusively.
    • This makes the Falcon Knight class analogous to the Sage class in the manner that they both wield a single weapon type and staves.

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