Not to be confused with Leila or Laylea

“Very well. My mother lives in a small village a few miles from here. She's old and frail, and I'm told the end could come at any moment. I really need to go and see her right away, but there's a problem... I'm a singer, and I have a performance scheduled today...for King Garon.”

Layla (ララ Rara, Lala in the Japanese version) is a non-playable character in Fire Emblem Fates.


Layla is a famous songstress in Nohr who is the leading performer at the Opera House in Cyrkensia. Her performances are so famous, King Garon is known to frequent the Opera House to watch her performances.

Layla first appears in Chapter 12 of Birthright with Kaden, who is trying to repay her. She explains to the Hoshidans that she wants to see her aging mother, but cannot because Garon is preparing to watch a performance by her at the same time. The Avatar uses Zola's magic to disguise Azura as her, and she gives her thanks to them while she leaves to visit her mother.


Layla is an Arabic name meaning "Night". Layla also directly means "Night" in Hebrew.

Layla's Japanese name, Lala, may be a reference to how she is a singer, as in the non-lexical vocable "la la la."


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