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Leda is a location from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. It is one of the four great kingdoms, situated in the largely uncharted region located to the north of Salia. Fifty years prior to the storyline, a war between Leda and Salia broke out. As the war prolonged, the king of Leda became increasingly tired of it and began searching for a war to win it as quickly as possible. Upon discovering the holy markings of Kranion on his youngest daughter, Teeta, he ordered the court priest to perform magic on her in order to transform her into Kranion, intending to use her as a weapon. However, this resulted in Teeta being unable to return to her human form and losing her sanity. The king banished Teeta to the northern mountains, where her husband, Gwenchaos, looked after her.

The long war between Leda and Salia resulted in the collapse of both kingdoms. Eventually, all of the members of Leda's royal family except for Tia were slain by Gwenchaos.

Notable Characters from LedaEdit

  • Tia - The daughter of Duke Trente and Shaman of Earth
  • Kranion - The holy Earth Dragon and current form of Teeta
  • Gwenchaos - The Sage of Earth who leads the Gerxel Church
  • Alfred - The Flash of Leda and son-in-law of Eisenbaha
  • Alicia - A mage from Trente who was raised by Alfred

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