With Valbar Edit

C SupportEdit

  • Leon: How goes it, old friend?
  • Valbar: Pretty good, Leon. How about you?
  • Leon: Oh, you know me—I'm always at 110 percent when you're around.
  • Valbar: Ha ha ha! I'm counting on it.
  • Valbar: Still, truth be told, I've been thinking about something... You're a rather handsome devil, and more than good in a fight. If you could just keep your mouth shut, I bet the ladies would flock to you!
  • Leon: What are you going on about? And what in Mila's name do I want with a whole flock of women? Fighting at your side is enough for me—I require no other distractions.
  • Valbar: Y-yeah? Uh, well, thanks. That's actually pretty flattering, I suppose.

B SupportEdit

  • Leon: A question for you, old friend.
  • Valbar: Shoot.
  • Leon: You and me are past tiptoeing around this kind of thing, so... You lost your whole family, right?
  • Valbar: Yeah, I guess I did.
  • Leon: And yet you still fight for this world. That's quite impressive. Of course, you owe the priestess girl, but most men would give up regardless.
  • Valbar: Yeah, maybe so. I'll admit, there are times when the pain's so bad it leaves me numb. But that's because I was so damn happy when I was with 'em. It's all an even balance, you know? I got good enough for all the bad. Anyway, I avenged them, so there's no point in hanging on to hate.
  • Leon: I'm impressed, Valbar...

A SupportEdit

  • Leon: ......
  • Valbar: You're awful quiet there, Leon. Something on your mind?
  • Leon: Just realizing I've been a fool for feeling sorry for myself. Compared to what you've gone through, my worries are nothing.
  • Valbar: Worries, eh? I didn't think you were the type for all that.
  • Leon: Uh, hi? Rude? I've my share of concern, the same as anyone else. Such as a not-insignificant case of unrequited love.
  • Valbar: ...Oh. That.
  • Leon: Heh heh. But it's fine. Emotions come in many forms, and as you say, there's no point in hanging on. I'm still glad I have these feelings, and nothing will change that.

With Kamui Edit

C Support​Edit

  • Kamui: Well, if it isn't Leon.
  • Leon: Mmm. If it isn't Kamui.
  • Kamui: I normally don't give a tinker's damn what folks think of me, but ouch. I mean, I'm hardly chopped liver here.
  • Leon: So... what then? Are you trying to get me to hit on you or something?
  • Kamui: What? No! That's not what I'm—
  • Leon: Because you're really not my type. And you're only a percent of a percent of the man Valbar is.
  • Kamui: I think you may be overstating things just a tad there...

B Support​Edit

  • Kamui: Tell me something, Leon.
  • Leon: Something.
  • Kamui: Oh, you're a laugh riot. But anyway, what do you think makes a good man?
  • Leon: Hmm. That's not easily summed up in a few words, but... for starters, he should be kind, strong and mature... while maintaining a boyish innocence. He also needs to listen, but be ready to tell the hard truths when necessary.
  • Kamui: Oh, come on. No one's that perfect.
  • Leon: Someone is. And his name is Valbar.
  • Kamui: You are definitely kidding yourself...

A Support​Edit

  • Kamui: Say, Leon?
  • Leon: What is it this time, Kamui?
  • Kamui: It's about what you said before. So what would you do if Valbar ended up being the opposite of your ideal?
  • Leon: Well, that's an absurd question. But in the interest of humoring you and passing the time... Well, I suppose I'd set off looking for a man who met my perfect ideal. A journey like that might actually be kind of... fun.
  • Kamui: I think that's the first time you and I have agreed on anything.
  • Leon: Listen, Kamui, I'm sorry. Really I am. This is all very flattering, but I just don't see you like that.
  • Kamui: I told you before, that's not what I'm— Oh, never mind!

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