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Lieberia Map

The continent of Lieberia, with all accessible locations marked appropriately.

Lieberia (リベリア Riberia, fan translated as Liberia) is the continent on which TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga takes place. It is an island situated in the Moraton Sea. To the north lies an unnamed continent where the ancient Emiyu race originated, while to the west lies the continent of Jugd.

Several different races inhabit the continent: the Reevans of Jugdian heritage, the Salians descended from the forest people, the Zoans, and the people of Leda and Wellt, who are a mixture of the previous three.


Disclaimer: The breakdown used here is not worded exactly as seen in the opening of the game. While it is shown in English, the grammar and wording is very poor and difficult to understand. These edits made to the script, however, do not affect the story in any way whatsoever and have only been made to make it readable.

(As seen from the opening sequence)

Once upon a time, in the reign of the Dark Lord, there was a warrior in slavery.
Leading a battalion of civilians also seeking freedom,
the warrior fought against Gerxel, the Evil Dark Lord.
The raging flame of the Evil God
burned the warriors into despair.
The brave warrior continued to fight on with all his might,
but was also about to be engulfed in the inferno of the evil flame.
He prayed to God for power,
The shining power to purge the vile darkness.
At that very moment,
the sacred Goddess, accompanied by a white dragon,
appeared to eradicate the flames of the nefarious immortal.
Smiling, the sacred goddess proclaimed,
"Thou, warrior, art brave and beautiful,
and so, I shalt bestow upon ye this sword to conquer Evil,
and to carry out my Will. "
Utna, the daughter of Mother Earth Miradona,
was the name of the Holy Goddess,
and who was also a small Goddess of the almighty dragons.
The valiant warrior, alongside the Goddess' love,
finally managed to defeat the Dark Lord.
The valorous warrior assumed the position of King,
and brought eternal prosperity to his land.
The body of this warrior has now been laid to rest,
alongside his fellow allies, in eternal peace.
However, his undying passion for freedom,
never perished from the realm he left behind.


  • Reeve - A kingdom ruled by the descendants of the settlers from Jugd.
  • Salia - A kingdom known for its grasslands and forests. Home of pegasi.
  • Canaan - A kingdom consisting of Zoans. Center of the reborn Zoa Empire.
  • Leda - A kingdom that fell into ruin after its king, Glaus, summoned Kranion.
  • Barge - A kingdom neighboring Canaan that was invaded by the Zoa Empire.
  • Arial - A kingdom ruled by the former Zoan soldier Temsin. Once a city in Leda.
  • Marl - A kingdom that became a suzerain state to Salia after Leda's fall.
  • Istoria - A kingdom that forms an alliance with the Zoa Empire.
  • Wellt - A recently formed island kingdom located south of Lieberia.

Family TreeEdit


  • Lieberia's original name was Forceria.

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