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The Life Bracelet (ライブのうでわ Laibu no udewa) is a Recovery Item that appears exclusively in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. When placed in the inventory of any given unit, the Life Bracelet restores 3 to 10 points of HP to them at the start of each Player Phase.

Item InformationEdit

Name Uses Worth Effect(s) / Note(s)
Lifering Life Bracelet 1 40,000 Restores 3~10 HP to its wearer at the start of every turn.

Item LocationsEdit

Method Location
Dropped Generation 1: Papilion (Ch. 3)
Generation 2: Ishtar (Ch. 10)
Event Ch. 10 - Have Seliph wait adjacent to a cliff tile after defeating Arvis with him.


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