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Generation 2

Chapter 6: Light Inheritors



Danan: “Harold, how’s your investigation of the rebel army coming? Don’t tell me you haven’t done anything yet. Prince Shanan’s rebel army gets larger each year and they’re meddling with my affairs! Don’t you know they’re harboring Sigurd the Traitor’s son? With them on the loose, my position as King of Isaach is completely being undermined! You tell me how to explain this to His Majesty the Emperor!”

Harold: “I thoroughly understand your concerns, but I have matters under control. We’ve located the rebel army’s hideout, and I have already dispatched forces to subdue them. They have nowhere to run now, so you can sit back and relax as we eliminate the threat.”

Danan: “Well, we’ll see. But listen closely, Harold. Do not underestimate them! The problem isn’t with the younger rebels, it’s with Oifey and Shanan. You overlook those two and the complications will be far reaching!”

Harold: “Yes, I understand, but I have information that both Oifey and Shanan are presently away from the rebel hideout in Tirnanog.”

Danan: “What? Then what are you waiting for!? Order your men to attack! The Isaachian citizens have made the rebel army out to be some kind of liberation army. They’re treating them like heroes! But I think it’s time to teach them a little lesson. Harold, kill every last one of them! I’ll be back in Rivough awaiting your good news.”

(Ulster runs into Tirnanog)

Ulster: “We’ve got trouble! They must have discovered our hideout! Subjugation forces have left Ganeishire and are heading this way!!”

Larcei: “Ulster, what’re you so freaked out about? We knew they’d catch on to us sooner or later. Let ‘em come! At least we don’t have to waste our time going to them. We can confront the enemy and make an advance on Ganeishire all in one shot.”

Ulster: “Larcei, you’re crazy! Prince Shanan is still at Yied Shrine, and Oifey hasn’t made it back either. It’s just us! How do you expect us to take them on!?”

Larcei: “Ulster! You’re not scared, are you? This is our chance to see a little action. Shanan still thinks of us as kids. That’s why we almost never get to fight, but we’ve had enough training!”

Ulster: “But Larcei…”

Larcei: “I’m… I’m so sick of running! Those animals out there have killed too many of my friends! The imperial troops chased us girls… taking us out one after another. If it weren’t for Prince Shanan rescuing me, I wouldn’t be here now! I will never, ever forget what those girls had to go through!”

Ulster: “Larcei, I know it was horrible, but we…”

Seliph: “I think Ulster is holding back because of me. I’m sure Shanan gave him strict orders to keep me out of danger. Because if Shanan hadn’t, he would’ve been the first one out there. He is just itching to get into battle.”

Larcei: “Oh, that’s right. I completely forgot about you, sir.”

Seliph: “Larcei, I’m not a kid anymore! I can fight just as well as any of you! Anyway, we can’t just turn our backs on Tirnanog. The people here have done far too much for us already.”

Ulster: “Yes, but we can’t just…”

Seliph: “Look, we’ve no time to argue! Lana, I want you to stay in town. We’ll be heading east to the sandy basin to confront the enemy.”

Lana: “Sir, I’m not staying behind!”

Seliph: “I’m not going let you get yourself killed out there. Nuns and warfare DO NOT mix!”

Lana: “Nuns can fight too, you know. I feel just as strongly about this as Larcei does. The imperial troops are becoming crueler with each passing day. It’s dangerous just to be a girl anymore! But I don’t plan to go down without a fight. I have my own means of warfare!”

Seliph: “I’m sorry, Lana. You’re right. This is everyone’s battle. Alright. We should get going. It’s hard to say how this is going to turn out… But let’s give it everything we’ve got!”

Lana: “Sorry if I got a little outta hand, sir.”

Seliph: “Haha! No problem… Okay. Ulster, Larcei, Lana… Let’s move!”

Turn 3 – Player Phase

(Oifey, Lester and Delmud appear from the west of Tirnanog)

Oifey: “Oh no! They’ve taken to arms already…”

Lester: “Word of our hideout must’ve leaked while we were checking up on the other countries. Gosh… I hope everyone is alright.”

Delmud: “Lester, if I were you I’d be a bit more concerned about your sister. Lana might be out here fighting for all you know. Oifey, we need to hurry. I’m worried about Sir Seliph!”

Oifey: “You’re right. Delmud… Lester… Let’s catch up with them.”

Conquering Ganeishire

Seliph: “Geez! Ganeishire has been completely trashed!”

Lewyn: “Seliph, haven’t seen you around for a while.”

Seliph: “Hm? Ah! Lewyn!! Er, I mean… King Lewyn of Silesse!”

Lewyn: “Hey, drop the ‘king’ bit, okay? Once the Battle of Belhalla was over and the empire took control of Silesse, I just kinda… Well, let’s just say my shrink has had steady work for a while. My mother may have perished with Silesse, but she at least kept her dignity to the very end. While I’m just wasting away as a bard again… Seliph, I don’t care what Oifey may have told you. Don’t EVER address me as ‘King Lewyn’ again. Got it?”

Seliph: “Geez… Sorry, Lewyn.”

Lewyn: “Haha! I’m just giving you a hard time. So it looks like you guys have finally made your move. There’s no better place than Isaach to raise an army to take on the empire.”

Seliph: “Yes, the Isaachian people are very strong. And their hatred for the empire is unparalleled. Of course, things would all be that much easier if Prince Shanan was with us.”

Lewyn: “Did Shanan take off and go to that shrine in Yied?”

Seliph: “Yes. He got word that his royal family’s heirloom, the Divine Balmung, was there. But people say a dark bishop governs that region, so we’re all a little worried.”

Lewyn: “Sheesh… Right. He’ll be just fine. That reminds me, Seliph. I’ve got a favor to ask.”

Seliph: “Sure, anything! What’s up?”

Lewyn: “Julia, come over here for a sec.”

Lewyn: “I found her in Belhalla when she was real little. She was hurt pretty bad. So I took her to a remote area of Silesse and have been taking care of her all this time. But things there got a little too hairy for my taste, so we made our way here. But now I have to go to Leonster and… well, she’s slowing me down a bit. Seliph… I hate to burden you, but can you take her off my hands for a little while? I think she’s been through quite a bit. She hasn’t a single memory of what happened to her before I picked her up.”

Seliph: “That poor girl! You go on ahead and leave her with me, Lewyn. But please, try to hurry back. She probably won’t feel right with you being gone.”

Lewyn: “Yeah, I suppose. Look, I’ll be back once you get this country under control. Good luck to you, Seliph.”

Seliph: “Lewyn, you too!”

(Lewyn leaves)

Seliph: “Julia, I’m sure you’ll be sad with Lewyn gone, but don’t you worry. I’ll keep you safe till he gets back. Actually, I’m not all that strong yet… But you’ll see! I’ll be strong enough to protect everybody here someday! And then I can save all the people from the empire! I’ll be strong someday… just like my father was.”

Julia: “Seliph…”

(Enemy Phase, Rivough)

Danan: “Ganeishire has fallen into the hands of the rebels? Harold!! Where the hell were my sons!? Tell ‘em to strike the rebel army at once!”

(Johalva’s army)

Johalva: “My father wants me to attack? That’d be Larcei‘s army. Damn, what should I do…?”

(Johan’s army)

Johan: “My father ordered us to attack Ganeishire? I could never fight Larcei. Argh… What am I gonna do?”

(Player Phase, Fee and Arthur appear near Sophara)

Fee: “Whew… Mahnya, I’m sorry, babe. We must be a heavy load for you.”

Arthur: “Heh heh… You call your pegasus Mahnya?”

Fee: “Arthur, would you quit already? Look, we’ve made it this far so put a lid on it!”

Arthur: “Uh… sorry, Fee. I’ve only got a bit further to go. How about I walk from here?”

Fee: “Where are you going anyway?”

Arthur: “Alster.”

Fee: “Alster!? Are you nuts? Alster is way down south. You gotta cross the sea to get there! You’re not walking, that’s for sure!”

Arthur: “I don’t mind walking. I’m not really in any hurry anyhow.”

Fee: “Why do you need to go to Alster anyway?”

Arthur: “I think my sister is there. We were separated a long time ago. She and my mom were taken from me when I was young. I grew up on my own in Silesse’s backwoods. Once I heard my sister was seen in Alster, that’s all it took.”

Fee: “Huh, that’s just like me. You see, I haven’t seen my brother in a long time.”

Arthur: “Were you two also separated?”

Fee: “No, we were together in Silesse until he left to go look for our father.”

Arthur: “Your father?”

Fee: “Yeah, he’s missing. My mum waited for him for the longest time…”

Arthur: “What’s she doing now?”

Fee: “She got pretty sick, and, well… she passed away.”

Arthur: “Gosh… Sorry to ask such a dumb question.”

Fee: “It’s alright. I thought you were kinda dumb anyhow. Hahaha…”

Arthur: “Haha… Hey, I’m not such a bad guy, you know.”

Fee: “Yeah, maybe not. So what’re you going to do?”

Arthur: “Hmm… good question. Hey, what did you come here for?”

Fee: “I came because I want to see if I can join Isaach’s liberation army. When I was little my mum used to tell me about Sigurd, the Holy Knight, and his brave warriors. Their story really stuck with me, and now Sigurd’s son is leading an uprising in Isaach. I thought this was my calling, so I grabbed my stuff and shot out of Silesse.”

Arthur: “Wow, that’s great. You know I appreciate the ride and all… How about I join you for a bit?”

Fee: “You bet! It’s been my pleasure. So I guess it’s you and me, partner!”

Arthur: “Yep, I’m afraid so… Hahaha!”

Talking with One of Johalva’s Soldiers

Soldier: “Geez, Johalva is blind. What could he see in a woman that headstrong? If it were me, I’d go for someone a little more… Er!? Why am I telling you this!”

Talk initiator: “……”

Talking with One of Johan’s Soldiers

Soldier: “What’s up with Johan? He’s such a pushover for women, yet he treats us like dogs.”

Johan: “You say something?”

Soldier: “Er! Ah… Nothing. Nothing at all, sir!”

Larcei Talks with Johalva

Johalva: “Larcei! So you finally broke down and came to see me.”

Larcei: “Hmph. Johalva, you’ve got your rough image to protect, but you can’t be all that bad. At least, I was relieved that you never hurt any of the women or children. I wish we didn’t have to fight…”

Johalva: “Yeah. Well, I was never into pushin’ people around like my brothers. And I’ve had about all I can handle of the Lopto Sect. People say they’ve been sacrificing children right here in Isaach. My father just lets them walk all over him. I’ve had it with them! Larcei… just say the magic word and my squadron and I’ll join up with you.”

Larcei: “Are you serious!? Johalva, you’re wonderful! …I definitely had it wrong about you all this time.”

Johalva: “Yeah, well, I’m no angel. This is my chance to make amends. You lot! From this point forward we are an army of liberators fighting for love and justice!!”

(Johan’s army)

Johan: “Johalva’s on the liberation army’s side now? Grr! He beat me to her! Eiyah! Attack!!”

Larcei Talks with Johan

Johan: “Larcei… My beloved, how I’ve yearned for this day to come.”

Larcei: “Johan, what in the world are you talking about? Did you whack your head or something?”

Johan: “Your words soothe like a bird’s song… You eyes sparkle like stars in the sky… The thought of being without you I cannot bear.”

Larcei: “Stop! You’re grossing me out! You’re on the battlefield, you know. Don’t lose it here!”

Johan: “My unremitting love for you is strong enough to cross the bounds of insanity! Let our troops know we’re taking sides with the liberation army! From this day forward we’ll be fighting for love, justice… and Larcei!”

(Johalva’s army)

Johalva: “Damn it! Johan beat me to Larcei. He’s sided with her, has he? I’m gonna take him out! Men, stay alert!”

The Enemy Phase After Johan or Johalva Is Recruited


Danan: “What the hell’s going on!? Where’d those boys learn how to fight!? Schmidt, you get out there. I want our castles back!”

Schmidt: “Yes sir. You can count on me.”

Conquering Sophara or Isaach (Danan Defeated)

Elder: “Sir Seliph has restored peace to our country. We’re so appreciative!”

Conquering Sophara

Elder: “Are we ever obliged to you for freeing our town, Sir Seliph!”

Seliph: “Sir, was anyone hurt?”

Elder: “Nope, we’re all just fine. Everyone is very excited you’re here!”

Seliph: “Just give us a little more time. We WILL defeat King Danan and regain control of Isaach.”

Elder: “Those sure are reassuring words. Do take care to not overdo yourselves. Sir Seliph, you’re the last hope for all the peoples of the world. You are the only one who can free the world from darkness.”

Conquering Isaach

Elder: “Ahhh… well, if it isn’t Sir Seliph. You’ve done a fine job, son.”

Seliph: “Sir, is everybody okay?”

Elder: “Yes, they’re all ecstatic. They all believe that you’re going to liberate the country.”

Seliph: “Well, I couldn’t have done any of this without the support of the people. They were the ones who helped me from the start…”

Elder: “This sure is a strange twist of fate. The former king of Isaach often turned to your grandfather for advice. Then your father rescued Prince Shanan only for the prince to turn around and save you. It’s funny how fate works, isn’t it?”

Seliph: “Well, Isaach is like a second home to me. I hope the prince and I can remain friends forever.”

Elder: “Sir Seliph, there isn’t a soul alive who doubts that you are the rightful successor to Grannvale’s royal house. In the name of justice you must push on through to Belhalla!”

Dimna Enters Isaach (Dimna’s Homeland)

Karen: “Wow! Dimna, it is you!”

Dimna: “Huh? Karen! Hey, how’re you doing!”

Karen: “Talk about long time no see! How many years ago was it that you and Mana left here… Hey, I’m just glad to see you again. You look great!”

Dimna: “Thanks. Sir Seliph set out to liberate the world from the empire’s tyranny and I’ve joined up with him. I can’t say I’ve been of much help yet.”

Karen: “Hmhm! That’s neat, Dimna. That’s a big change from the crybaby I once knew.”

Dimna: “Hahaha… Don’t you tell anyone that… I do still have a ways to go, though. I want you and the rest of the world to be able to live again in peace.”

Karen: “Wow. That’d be great, Dimna…”

Dimna: “What’s wrong? Did I say something?”

Karen: “No, it’s nothing. Here, I want you to have this necklace. I think you’ll find it useful.”

Dimna: “Where did you get it?”

Karen: “It’s a keepsake of my mothers. Wear it and you’ll get a little boost of power.”

Dimna: “I can’t take this from you!”

Karen: “No, my mother wants you to have it. She said the time has come to utilize its power. Please, take it.”

Dimna: “Thank you. I’ll be sure to bring it back when this war is over.”

Karen: “I’m sure you will, Dimna.”

Dimna: “Well, I better get going. Everyone’s waiting for me.”

Karen: “You take care now, Dimna!”

(Dimna leaves)

Karen: “Dimna…”

Conquering Rivough (If You Lost Julia)

Seliph: “Julia!? Oh my god! You’re alright!”

Julia: “Yes, I’m fine. They locked me up in this castle, but I knew you’d come for me.”

Conquering Rivough

Lewyn: “Seliph, very well done! Isaach has been liberated thanks to you.”

Seliph: “Lewyn, you’ve made it back already?”

Lewyn: “Yeah, I just got back. Seliph, the world is at a very volatile stage right now.”

Seliph: “Huh? What do you mean?”

Lewyn: “15 years have passed since Lord Arvis unified the continent. The early days of the empire weren’t actually all that bad. Initially, Emperor Arvis applied constitutional law to govern the people. It was a bit constraining, but it was a peaceful time in Judgral’s history. But several years back the emperor did a complete about-face. He became very rigid with his rule and adopted oppressive governing tactics. Now the ominous Lopto Sect is back, and their influence has spread across the land. Sacrificial rituals have also reappeared. Children all over are being rounded up for the resurrection of Loptyr. And anyone who attempts to rise up is either enslaved or executed… It’s obvious now that they’re attempting to restore the Lopto Empire.”

Seliph: “You’re serious? So the rumors I’ve heard are true after all.”

Lewyn: “Isaach is better off than most places. It sounds like Danan’s two sons didn’t go through with any of the child hunts.”

Seliph: “…”

Lewyn: “Uprisings have sprung up all over the continent, but not one has gotten anywhere. None of them stand a chance against the empire. The world is in desperate need of a savior. And I think that you’re the one, Seliph. You are the only one who has the power to pull it off.”

Seliph: “Whoa! Wait a minute! I have nothing near what it takes!”

Lewyn: “It’s your duty, Seliph. You are Empress Deirdre’s firstborn son… the older brother to Prince Julius. As a direct descendant of Saint Heim, you have an obligation to lead your crusaders and rid the world of darkness.”

Seliph: “Yeah, but…”

Lewyn: “Seliph, you DO have what it takes. You just don’t realize it yet. You’re of Baldur lineage. Once you get a hold of the Holy Tyrfing, you’ll have enough power to reach the heavens.”

Seliph: “But…”

Lewyn: “Seliph, it’s the will of the gods. Your father was a victim of foul play. And now you must finish what he started. You need to stay focused, Seliph. You got me?”

Seliph: “…Yes, I do. If this is my destiny, I shall go forth wherever the gods lead me.”

Lewyn: “You’ll come to realize that fate is susceptible to change. It doesn’t center on one person. Sigurd left much behind for you. Most importantly his friends… I being one of them. You can credit your father’s kindness for bringing so many good people to your side.”

Seliph: “My father was loved and trusted by so many. I just hope I can live up to that.”

Lewyn: “You’ll be just fine, Seliph. Okay, we need to make Leonster our next destination. The son of your father’s good friend Quan took a stand against the government in Manster. But he is in dire need of some backup. We can leave Isaach in the hands of the people. We’d better get moving. We’ll meet up with Prince Shanan somewhere down the line.”

Seliph: “Gotcha!”


Villager: “King Danan has 3 sons. Burian, his oldest, is in Grannvale. The other two are here in Isaach. Johan is the lord at Isaach Castle, and Johalva is the lord at Sophara. They both have a thing for Larcei of your army. Always quarreling those two… But they’re both basically good boys. I bet they’d even join up with you all.”

Villager: “We Isaachians are behind Sir Seliph 100 percent! We are forever indebted to his father for saving our Prince Shanan!”

Villager: “Our hope lies with Prince Shanan. Once he gets his hands on the Divine Balmung those rats of the empire won’t have a prayer! We’re driving them outta here!”

Villager: “Sir Seliph is the rightful successor to Grannvale, am I right? That would sure make things easier on us if it were the case. Here’s a Skill Ring for you. Good luck out there!”

Villager: “I heard there are child hunts taking place in other countries! Thanks to you we have Isaach back. But the rest of the world still looks pretty grim. Everyone still suffering under the empire’s rule is waiting for Sir Seliph to come save them. Please… you must make your way to Grannvale as soon as possible!”

Village Directly Northwest of Isaach (Village Granddaughter)

(If the visitor is someone else than Seliph)

Villager: “Hey, you’re from the liberation army! Finally taken a stand, have you? Yeah! We’ll finally be able to get rid of those creeps from the empire!” (If the visitor is Seliph)

Grandfather: “Hey, it’s Sir Seliph! Thanks for coming to our aid! As a little token of my appreciation I’d like ya t’take my granddaughter for yer wife. We raised ‘er well, and she’s good-tempered t’boot. Ah, yes. When she was little…”

Granddaughter: “Grandpa, quit it! You’re embarrassing me! I’m sorry, Sir Seliph. I wish you didn’t have to see that. But if you do find me attractive…”

Seliph: “S, stop it! Th, that’s not why I’m here!”

Granddaughter: “Hahaha! It’s a joke, Sir Seliph! J-O-K-E! You’re gettin’ red… How cute!”

Seliph: “…”

Grandfather: “I’m bein’ serious here.”

Seliph: “What am I going to do…”

Johalva Waits Next to Radney for Over 10 Turns

Radney: “Hey! Quit hanging around, it’s depressing!”

Johalva: “Uh… I’m just trying my best to protect you…”

Radney: “…”

Johan Waits Next to Radney for Over 10 Turns

Radney: “Hey! Quit hanging around, it’s depressing!”

Johan: “Don’t say such heartless things! This is an expression of my love! I’ll always watch over you! Please don’t forget that!”

Radney: “…”


Ulster with Larcei

Ulster: “Larcei, are you okay?”

Larcei: “Yeah, I’m managing.”

Ulster: “Well, take it easy, alright? We don’t need you pulling any of your stunts out here.”

Larcei: “I’m not a child! You don’t have to speak to me like that.”

Ulster: “Prince Shanan tells me you’ve got an iron will just like our mother did.”

Larcei: “Ira… Yeah, I have no memories of her whatsoever. How about you, Ulster?”

Ulster: “Of course I don’t remember anything! You forget we’re twins or something? We weren’t even two years old yet at the time. We fled to Isaach with Oifey. But she never showed up. Maybe she didn’t survive the Battle of Belhalla after all…”

Larcei: “Ulster! You promised you’d never say that! She is alive!! Don’t you ever let me catch you saying that again!”

Ulster: “…I’m sorry, Larcei. Yeah, I shouldn’t have said that.”

Roddlevan with Radney

Roddlevan: “Radney, are you alright?”

Radney: “Yeah, I’m managing.”

Roddlevan: “Well, take it easy, alright? We don’t need you pulling any of your stunts out here.”

Radney: “I’m not a child! You don’t have to speak to me like that.”

Roddlevan: “Sorry. Hey, you know Johan and Johalva, right? Man, I can’t figure them out.”

Radney: “They’re driving me nuts. Geez, I can’t stand men. They make me want to puke!”

Roddlevan: “You just hate men because of the imperial troops. Not all men are like that.”

Radney: “Yeah, I know. But I still get freaked out when I’m around a guy.”

Roddlevan: “Any guy?”

Radney: “Well, I can handle being around you and Sir Seliph.”

Roddlevan: “Hmph… So how about Shanan?”

Radney: “Roddlevan!!”

Lester with Lana

Lester: “Lana? You’re fighting too!?”

Lana: “Yes. I was worried about His Highness.”

Lester: “I bet you were. But you be careful out here. Mother would be a wreck if anything happened you.”

Lana: “Yes, but do you know what she told me? She said that we are greatly indebted to the people of Isaach and we should do whatever we can to help them.”

Lester: “Yeah, we wouldn’t be here now if it weren’t for them. …So where is mother now?”

Lana: “She’s working at the convent in Tirnanog.”

Lester: “I see. Lana, we need to do our best out here for mother and our missing father. Someday we’ll be able to return with mother to her hometown of Jungby.”

Lana: “I hope so, Lester.”

Dimna with Mana

Dimna: “Mana? You’re fighting too!?”

Mana: “Yeah, I was so worried about Sir Seliph.”

Dimna: “Hmm… I thought so.”

Mana: “Thought what?”

Dimna: “Ah, nothin’. Just don’t get your hopes up. He’s of royal blood, you know. He’s actually a member of the Grannvale Royal Family. In all reality, we shouldn’t even be near him. Just don’t get yourself hurt. Okay, Mana?”

Mana: “Dimna, you have it all wrong! I’m merely trying to keep him out of danger!”

Dimna: “Really? Er… Sorry. I’m just trying to watch out for you.”

Mana: “I know, Dimna, and I appreciate it.”

Oifey with Seliph

Oifey: “Your Highness, you’re alright!”

Seliph: “Oifey, you made it back! How are things in the other countries?”

Oifey: “Things are getting worse. People all over the continent are being oppressed. As a result, there are uprisings popping up all over the place.”

Seliph: “So it’s not just Isaach, is it… Oifey, there’s no way we can help them, is there?”

Oifey: “Well, we just don’t have the manpower to take on the empire.”

Seliph: “But Isaach’s war of liberation is already under way. There’s no turning back now.”

Oifey: “And we can’t keep you in hiding now that your whereabouts have been leaked. I just wish we were more prepared… But we have no choice now.”

Seliph: “Sorry that I sort of got things rolling before it was time. I’m just tired of seeing the people of Isaach still suffering under Danan’s rule. Please understand my reasoning, Oifey.”

Oifey: “I do. Anyway, we need to move now and lay in an attack on Rivough. We must move before the empire has a chance to send reinforcements!”

Lana with Julia

Lana: “Hello, Julia. I bet you miss Lewyn.”

Julia: “You’re Lana, right? No, I’m fine.”

Lana: “Well, His Highness is pretty concerned about you. But if you have any problems, come to me. Okay?”

Julia: “Thank you.”

Lana: “I also have this for you.”

Julia: “This is a Relive Staff, isn’t it?”

Lana: “Yes, it is. You know how to use it, don’t you?”

Julia: “I do! Thank you so much, Lana. Now I can help out a little, too.”

Lana: “I hope so, Julia. Let’s you and I stick together!”

Fee with Seliph

Fee: “Are you Prince Seliph?”

Seliph: “Yes, I am. And who might you be?”

Fee: “I am Fee. I came here from Silesse.”

Seliph: “Silesse? Are you a Pegasus Knight?”

Fee: “No… not yet anyway. But my mother was. She fought alongside Sir Sigurd in the last war.”

Seliph: “Really? Well, on his behalf, thanks. So what made you come here?”

Fee: “Well, I initially set out to find my brother. But when I heard word of you taking on the empire, I made a little change in plans. Please, let me join your liberation army.”

Seliph: “Hey, that’s fine with me, but what about your brother?”

Fee: “I have a hunch that we’ll run across him eventually.”

Femina with Seliph

Femina: “You’re Sir Seliph?”

Seliph: “Yes. And who are you?”

Femina: “I am Femina. I just got here from Silesse.”

Seliph: “Silesse? Are you a Pegasus Knight?”

Femina: “Yes. Er… Actually, I’m still in training.”

Seliph: “I see. So what are you doing in Isaach?”

Femina: “Well, I initially set out to find my brother. But when I heard word of you taking on the empire, I made a little change in plans. Please, I’d like to join your liberation army.”

Seliph: “Yeah, that’s fine with me. But what about your brother?”

Femina: “If I join your army… well, I have a gut feeling that I’ll run across him eventually.”

Arthur with Seliph

Arthur: “How do you do, sir.”

Seliph: “Who are you?”

Arthur: “I’m Arthur. I came from Silesse.”

Seliph: “You’re Arthur? Thanks for lending us a hand!”

Arthur: “Not a problem.”

Seliph: “It’s really great how you can use magic.”

Arthur: “Well, my mother was a warlock. I’ve personally still got quite a way to go though.”

Seliph: “Yeah, we all do. But as long as we stay together… We all believe we can change the world. That’s why we set out in the first place.”

Arthur: “Sounds great. Look, I’ll do what I can to help out, sir. Glad we could finally meet.”

Julia with Seliph (Sophara Was the Second Town to Be Conquered)

Seliph: “Julia, are you doing okay?”

Julia: “I’m fine, sir.”

Seliph: “Here, I’m giving you this. I picked it up at Sophara Castle.”

Julia: “What is it?”

Seliph: “It’s a Book of Aura. You can use it, can’t you?”

Julia: “Aura… I’ve heard that somewhere before… Thank you very much, sir.”

Julia with Seliph (Isaach Was the Second Town to Be Conquered)

Seliph: “Julia, are you doing okay?”

Julia: “Yes, I’m fine.”

Seliph: “Here, I’m giving you this. I picked it up at Isaach Castle.”

Julia: “What is it?”

Seliph: “It’s a Book of Resire. You can use it, can’t you?”

Julia: “Yes, I believe so.”

Seliph: “Good. You should be able to protect yourself a little better out here now.”

Julia: “Thank you very much, sir.”

Seliph with Lana

Seliph: “Lana, you shouldn’t be out here. It’s too dangerous!”

Lana: “Oh, I’ll be alright.”

Seliph: “Please, stay back for me, will you? You’re too easy a target for them.”

Lana: “But…”

Seliph: “Lana, I’m just worried about you, that’s all.”

Lana: “…okay, I’ll try.”

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