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Light and Dark
FE4Chapter 10 - Light and Dark
GameFire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
ObjectiveLight and Dark#Objectives
Units Allowed?
Units Gained-

“After subduing Thracia Castle, Seliph advanced straight for Grannvale. His army passed through the Miletos District, a independent region which had built up a sizable fortune through trade. However, all that remained was a region dying out under the empire and Lopto Sect's rule. Queen Hilda of Chronos drove numerous citizens to a hideously cruel death, while Bishop Morigan carried out merciless child hunts at Rados under orders from Archbishop Manfroy. Fortune, hope, freedom, and destiny had all been stripped from the hands of the people. The Dark Sect's sacrificial rituals, claiming one life after another, left Seliph with no other choice but to intervene. An intense battle ensued, and the Imperial Guard was driven away, and Peruluke was free once again. The liberation army received a hero's welcome from the townspeople. Their very presence began to revive the once lost hope of Miletos.”
—Opening Narration

Light and Dark is Chapter 10 of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War.

Strategy Edit

From the start this level can be difficult without adequate preparation. Make sure to bring at least one person with the restore stave as the map is full of enemies wielding the Sleep (staff). There are numerous dark mages with Hell, which automatically lowers the hit points of a unit to one. Make sure to bring a flying unit to help deal with enemies using sleep staves or Fenrir, as well as to intercept the thief moving to destroy the far western town that holds the valuable Magic Ring. The gate leading to Miletos opens as soon as Rados castle is captured, so the player should act according to his/her strategy. If the player decides to position units near the gate in order to create a choke point or to deal with the thieves who destroy the two northern towns, he/she should be careful not to be in range of the enemy mages and bishops who wield sleep staves. Another major barrier to capturing Miletos is the presence of Julius (Genealogy of the Holy War) and Ishtar. Both will leave if one either dies or kills one of the player's units. The player will have to be mindful of Julius's range (since he possesses the Leg Ring) should the sacrifice of a unit be unwanted. Though Julius possesses greater range, he is harder to defeat, though by no means is the feat impossible. Fortunately, Ishtar will follow him if he moves. One way to defeat the two is to position a unit possessing high speed and resistance within Julius's range but out of Ishtar's. Ishtar will follow Julius, where she may be finished off by the player's units who are close enough to engage her but still outside Julius's range. The bridge crossing into Chalphy will open as soon as Miletos is captured, so the player should act accordingly, though it is suggested to quickly deal with the enemies in Chalphy in order to rescue Palmark, who will give Seliph the Tyrfing. One way to intercept the dark mages advancing on Palmark is to position flying units near the border between Chalphy and Miletos prior to seizing Miletos. If the player wishes to witness an emotional scene (and give Seliph the Life Ring), then Seliph must land the finishing blow on Alvis, then position Seliph next to any body of water.

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