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“After losing Agusty, King Chagall moved his royal court north to Madino. Keeping his word with Eldigan, Sigurd did not pursue him. While the troops rested at Agusty Castle, Sigurd worked to fulfill his promise to Eldigan. He persisted in negotiations aimed to return administrative control back to Agusty. However, the directive from Belhalla to 'maintain a presence', and 'govern the people', never changed. In a half year's time, the officials dispatched to Agustria became exceedingly reckless, and began to abuse the power they were entrusted with. The discontent of the Agustrian people slowly began to take root. Before long, a new conflict arose giving Sigurd great cause for concern. Chagall had been arranging a military force at Madino poised to challenge Sigurd in an attempt to regain control of the capitol at Agusty. Meanwhile the notorious Orgahil Pirates north of Madino positioned themselves to take advantage of the ensuing chaos. Sigurd had strict orders from Belhalla to hold Agusty Castle at any cost. The ensuing conflict weighed heavily on Sigurd's heart. In addition, Eldigan had troops stationed at Silvail Fort southwest of Madino. The battle on the horizon was gearing up to be a true test of one's friendship and loyalty. All of Sigurd's attention was now focused on the looming threat at the northern reaches of Agustria... one that could very well change the course of history.”
—Opening Naration

Lionheart Eldigan (獅子王エルトシャン, Shiahi'ō Erutoshan lit. Eltshan the Lion King in the Japanese version) is Chapter 3 of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War.


Initiator Receiver Receive Criteria
Lex /Chulainn Ayra Brave Sword, 100 love points Ayra must not have a lover. Lex and/or Chulainn must not have a lover.
Lachesis Eldigan Earth Sword for Lachesis, Eldigan leaves Eldigan appears
Ethlyn Quan

Gáe Bolg

Silvail seized
Sigurd Brigid - Brigid recruited
Edain Brigid Yewfelle Brigid recruited
Midayle Brigid 100 love points Brigid recruited
Claud Sigurd - Claud recruited
Dew - Wind Sword Wait on the Blaggi Tower


Lionheart Eldigan/Script

Villages Edit

  • Wing Clipper (Village on the right directly above Madino Castle)
  • +3 Strength (Village directly to the left of Madino Castle)
  • +1 Defense (Village directly above Silvail Castle) 
  • Restore Staff (Village at the bottom right of the map) 


Secret Book (Artwork) The following part of this article contains strategy; therefore, it is subjective, and may not work for everyone.

Before the battle starts, make sure to sell all of Deirdre's equipment (except for her Circlet) and transfer her money to Sigurd. She cannot participate in battle and Manfroy abducts her after Sigurd captures Madino Castle.

The difficulty of this chapter can be greatly reduced by doing several things. First, make sure to bring Lachesis. Talking to Eldigan with her will not only give her the Earth Sword, but will also make Eldigan permanently leave the battlefield, both of which are highly recommended outcomes. Another aspect of this chapter that may catch new players by surprise is that the bridge connecting the northern island with the rest of the map will appear just north of Madino Castle the turn after Silvail Castle is captured. It is recommended to have at least some units around Madino Castle before capturing Silvail Castle in order to facilitate the rescue of Brigid, Tailtiu, and Claud from the Orgahil Pirates.

The chapter starts with a group of Lance Armors to the east of Agusty Castle, a group of Axe Armors and a group of Arch Knights in the field to the north of Agusty Castle, a group of Mages in the forest to the west of the Axe Armors, and a group of Lance Knights to the far soutwestern corner of the map. One strategy is to dispatch a smaller group of powerful mounted units such as Sigurd, Quan, and Lex to quickly eliminate the group of Lance Armors to the east while a larger group of unmounted units engages the groups to the north. This larger group will likely engage the Axe Armors first, then, in one or two turns, will have to engage the Arch Knights. The player will have to take care not to let the northern forces overwhelm them. In addition, the Lance Knights will arrive at the northern forces quickly. The player will likely have time to defeat the Axe Armors, Arch Knights, and Lance Knights and have their mounted group back from defeating the Lance Armors. The player should be able to defeat the remaining enemy forces with ease and capture Madino Castle.

After capturing Madino Castle, the player will have to battle mounted units primarily. Because these forces come from Silvail Castle, the player should have units ready to intercept them in the west. Make sure to include Lachesis in this western unit to talk to Eldigan. Similarly, have some units ready for the Orgahill Pirates north of Madino Castle after capturing Silvail Castle.

In order to rescue Brigid, Tailtiu, and Claud, it is necessary to have them survive. Since none of them can stand up long in melee, it is sugested to have them retreating westward along the sandy peninsula and killing with counterattacks, with Claud healing as needed.

Note that Quan, Ethlyn and Finn will leave the party at the beginning of the next mission. Therefore, all desired inventory management for them (e.g. giving Ethlyn the Pursuit Ring so that Leif can inherit it) must be done before capping the last castle; also if the player wishes Finn to be a father, he MUST have a lover before this mission ends. Because of this it is quite difficult to pair Finn with either Brigid or Tailtiu (since love points stop accumulating after turn 50). If you are trying to do that, you MUST cap the second castle on or before turn 18, giving him 32 turns of shared map time with both of them (enough to reach 500 love points on their native growth), and also place him adjacent to the one you DON'T want him to marry for at least one of those turns, as his native love growth with both of them is higher than the 5-point adjacency growth, this will place the other female ahead.

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Disturbance in Agustria
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