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“I am the lord of the neighboring land of Selba. I aided the people of Blood in their rebellion against Ahab, but the Empire invaded my land in my absence. The Principality of Selba now lies under imperial rule.”
—Lionheart, in a conversation with Holmes

Lionheart (レオンハート Reonhāto) is a playable character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. He is the lord of Selba who is known as the Wolf of the Plains. He is the father of Plum and the husband of Lan. He is also the brother of Queen Maria and Roberto, making him the uncle of Katri, Verna, Mahter, and Frau. His real name is Raziel.


When he was fifteen years old, Lionheart fought alongside the Twelve Heroes in the Leda Liberation War. Later, he began to aid the citizens of Blood in their rebellion against Ahab, who is trying to seize control of Salia. Around the same time, he also became involved in a conflict with the Zoa Empire, which took advantage of his absence from Selba to invade it.

Lionheart first met Lan when he saved her from her harsh life as an enslaved dancer. Eventually, they fell in love and were married. When Lan was pregnant with Plum, bandits attacked Blood and took off with them.

He is first seen when he is asking the head priest of the Church of Blood about Renee's whereabouts. Once he learns that she is still missing, he expresses his regret for being unable to look for her due to his ongoing struggle against both Ahab and the Zoa Empire. In the following scene, he meets Frau, who convinces him to allow her to stay with him. Before the start of Map 14, he has a meeting with Silva, who places her daughter, Sun, in his care. In the next scene, Frau and Sun first meet each other and decide to persuade Lionheart to allow them to help him in battles, knowing that he is particularly nice towards women.

Around this time, Lionheart learns that Holmes has arrived in Blood and orders all of his men to wait. However, Frau and Sun mistake Holmes for an enemy and engage him in battle, and Lionheart apologizes for this after it is resolved. During his meeting with Holmes, Lionheart asks him to defeat the monsters at Mermel Caves, who are constantly attacking Blood and thus making it difficult for him to fight his wars.

In Map 17, he allies with Runan to fight against the army led by Kernel. At the end of the chapter, he places his most trusted subordinate, Shirou, in Runan's army before they met ways. At the beginning of Map 22, he meets Holmes and joins his army.

During the second intermission, Lionheart watches Plum dance at the request of Holmes and notices that her style is the same as Lan's. Afterwards, he approaches Plum to ask her about it, and they quickly discover their blood relation. He also wonders about why Lan never searched for him until Plum reveals that she died of an illness several years prior to the game's events. Later in the game, he reunites with Renee and confesses his love for her, which she accepts.

In the epilogue, Lionheart returns to Salia with Renee and Shirou at his side. He can also be accompanied by Plum, but only if Holmes rescued her in Map 15. In this scenario, he will approve of the relationship between Rennie and Barts, the latter of whom he views as a son due to him being Plum's adopted brother, and invite them to Salia.

In GameEdit


Automatically from the start of Map 22.

Base StatsEdit

Starting Class Group
MamlukeMamluke TS group horse Horseback
Level HP Str Mag Skl Agl Lck Def Wlv Mov
12 32 13 0 12 12 4 9 10 8
Skills Weapon Starting Items

TS Heaven SaintHeaven Saint
TS ContinueContinue
TS Re-MoveRe-Move
PlainsPlains Fighter
AntievilAnti-Evil (Lv 22)

TS SwordSword
TS BowBow

IronBowTRSIron Bow

Growth RatesEdit

HP Str Mag Skl Agl Lck Wlv Def Mov
75% 30% 5% 25% 20% 25% 25% 25% 0%



The name Lionheart takes its reference from Richard the Lionheart, a king during the Crusades who is well-known for his military and fighting prowess.


  • Lionheart's title of the "Wolf of the Plains" also belongs to Hardin, whom he appears to be based on.
  • Lionheart's class seems to be based on mamluks, who were Turkish warriors wearing turbans.
  • The Japanese script of TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga is inconsistent on the topic of Lionheart's age. It is stated at one point that Lionheart was fifteen years old at the time of the Leda Liberation Wars, which occurred twenty-two years ago, making him around thirty-seven years old. At a different point in the story, Dagnell states that Lionheart was not yet twenty at the last time he saw him, which was fifteen years ago.


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