Generation 1

Chapter 3: Lionheart Eldigan



Chagall: Are the troops ready? I don't imagine they're expecting us. All right, prepare to advance. This is our last chance to take back Agusty! Look at them... making themselves at home in MY country! I can only be pushed so far. They're going to pay dearly for this! Jacoban! Where's my swordsman... Jacoban?!

Jacoban: You called?

Chagall: We need a man of your caliber to hold the castle.

Jacoban: Well, s'boring job, but the pay's good. Anyone that gets in my face is gettin' my Levin Sword!

Chagall: That's the spirit, Jacoban! We're counting on you.

Jacoban: Hmm... Eldigan's in Silvail. I wonder what hsi next move'll be...


Cross Knight: Your Highness, Madino has positioned their troops for battle!

Eldigan: What's His Majesty's rush?! Grr! Now I'll have to postpone my return to the capital! Aaah... I can't fight Sigurd. What to do, what to do...


Dobarl: Cap'n, a war's brewin' down south. T'is a mighty pretty sight, aye... I reckon th' villages'll be ours fer th' takin'. We couldn't lay a hand on 'em with th' Agustrian army always 'round, but now it'll be a cinch!

Brigid: Dobarl, enough! I won't allow any such nonsense! I've got a creed to uphold, and pilfering is no part of it. We Orgahill Pirates are known for giving to the poor, not taking from them!

(Inside Orgahill)

Dobarl: Hell! Thar's treasure sittin' pretty, an' here we sit! The cap'n's bein' too damn strict!

Pizarl: Dobarl, settle down, mate. I've got me a plan. That woman? She ain't th' late cap'n's daughter, I'll have ya know. The cap'n picked 'er up when she was a wee li'l t'ing and raised 'er here on this island. But no one 'as told 'er. So she t'inks she's runnin' t'ings. T'is nothin' ta worry 'bout, mate. Well, 'nough said. Let's go a-treasure huntin'!


Oifey: Sir, we've got trouble! Chagall has raised an army to siege us!

Sigurd: Huh?! That's ludicrous! We were just about to head home. Why attack now? Eldigan... what in the world is going on...

Oifey: And in the midst of all this, the Orgahill Pirates have begun to move.

Sigurd: Really? Well, we've no choice. Prepare to attack!

Deirdre: You're going back into combat, aren't you...

Sigurd: Yeah... I'm sorry, Deirdre. But this time I can't bring you along. Someone has to stay behind with our baby boy.

Deirdre: ...Yes, I know.

Sigurd: Deirdre, don't be so down... I promise I'll be back as soon as I can! Shannan, help me out. I need you to look after Deirdre and Seliph.

Shannan: You got it! Don't worry 'bout a thing. I won't let a fly touch those two!

Sigurd: Ha ha! Shannan, you're the man. Deirdre, I hope that'll put you a bit at ease. Don't you worry. This isn't forever.

Deirdre: Sigurd...

Speaking with the Silvail border guard

Guard: We've orders from King Eldigan to avoid battle. Pick up and leave at once!

Conquering Madino

Oifey: Sir, we can't find King Chagall anywhere.

Sigurd: Really? Maybe he escaped to Silvail. That's where Eldigan is, anyway. Eldigan's Cross Knights are all that'sl left of Agustria's military might... If they'd just lower their swords, this'd be all over with.

(Claud and Tailtiu enter Madino)

Oifey: Sir, Father Claud of Edda just arrived.

Sigurd: What?! Father Claud? Bring him to me at once.

Claud: Sir Sigurd, good to see you. I've come to... well, I've some horrible news from back home.

Sigurd: Claud, what in the world happened?

Claud: Someone murdered Prince Kurth while he was returning from the Isaach campaign.

Sigurd: Somebody what?! Who would do such a thing?

Claud: Well, Lord Byron was always seen at Prince Kurth's side. But since the murder, he's disappeared. I hate to say this, but... There's suspicion that your father committed the murder.

Sigurd: What?! That's inconceivable!

Claud: There are all kinds of nasty rumors cropping up in Grannvale. The most prevalent one is that you and Lord Byron conspired to kill the prince. His Majesty has become so overwhelmed by it all that he's fallen terribly ill.

Sigurd: Kurth confided in my father for everything. What could my father gain from his death?! What about the two dukes who opposed the prince, Reptor and Lombard? I'd suspect them.

Claud: I also thought so, but there's no evidence on either one of them. And the Reptor faction currently has control of the Royal Court.

Sigurd: How about His Majesty's aide, Lord Arvis? What does he make of all of this?

Claud: I'm not sure. I don't think he's bitter toward you, but I can't say he's on your side either.

Sigurd: Is that right? Geez... my poor father. Augh! I wish I could go straight, home, but I have orders from His Majesty to guard this area. Claud, what should I do?

Claud: I'm currently on my way to Blaggi Tower. It's on the island just northwest of here. I'm of Blaggi descent. If I pray at our holy tower, the truth will be revealed to me. I plan to tell His Majesty all my findings. Sir Sigurd, you've nothing to worry about.

Tailtiu: Yo, Claud. Enough of your jabberin'. Let's get movin'. I'm bored outta my wits.

Sigurd: Hey, you're Tailtiu from Freege, right? What're you doing here with Father Claud?

Tailtiu: I can't have him wanderin' around out here all alone. So I'm protectin' him.

Sigurd: ...But you're Duke Reptor's daughter, right?

Tailtiu: Look, all that fightin' stuff's beyond me. Besides, I'm in love with the priest, you see!

Claud: I'm at a loss with this child... Well, once I know the truth, I'll rendezvous with your troops. I hope we can return to the homeland together.

Sigurd: Me too, Claud. Thank you so much for everything!


Deirdre: Shannan, I just got word that Sigurd's taken over Madino Castle. I have to go see him!

Shannan: Deirdre, forget it! It's not safe out there. And what about Seliph?

Deirdre: That's why I need to ask you to watch over him.

Shannan: No way! I can't take care of a baby all by myself.

Deirdre: Please... I'll be right back. Would you just do this for me, Shannan? Please?

Shannan: Yeah... all right. Whatever, I'll do it. But you better be back quick!

Deirdre: Thank you, Shannan. Seliph, I'm sorry, baby. Mommy'll be right back, 'kay?

(Deirdre starts walking to Madino, Manfroy warps in front of her)

Manfroy: At last... the daughter of Cigyun.

Deirdre: Huh? Who are you? And how do you know my mother's name?

Manfroy: Heheheh... Prepare for your rebirth. Once we erase all your memories, we shall introduce you to your new husband. There's no use fighting it. This is destined to be.

Deirdre: W, what... are you d-d-doing? St-Stop it!! Aghhh... S-Sig... urd...

(Enemy phase, Silvail)

Chagall: Eldigan! What the hell've you been doing?! Your negligence just lost us Madino! Aha! You are teaming up with the enemy to overthrow Agustria!

Eldigan: Your Majesty! How could you say that?!

Chagall: You got a problem with that? My father'd be so disappointed in you. A true knight doesn't sneak around stalling for time!

Eldigan: You're not even listening to me! Look, I... Hmph. Okay, I'll get my men ready. I'll let you know I'm proud to be a Holy Knight of Agustria. If I'm to die, I'll die fighting. Your Majesty, please watch over Silvail while I'm gone.

(Eldigan leaves and gathers his Cross Knights)

Eldigan: It's time to go in, men. This may just be our last battle. I cannot begin to tell you what your years of loyalty has meant to me... This battle will determine the fate of our nation. Give it all you've got. Cross Knights, ATTACK!!

(Back in Silvail)

Chagall: Has Eldigan finally left for battle? Pretentious fool. I'm taking command here! The rest of you strengthen your defense of the castle!

Sigurd nears Eldigan

Sigurd: Eldigan, please! Put down your sword! I don't want to fight you! I still have every intention of handing over Agusty. Please, I just need a little more time!

Eldigan: ... Sigurd, I've heard enough. It's just you and I on the battlefield now. Two knights fighting with grace and honor. But I'm not about to fall with the Mystletainn at my side... 'Til death!

Lachesis speaks to Eldigan

Lachesis: Eldigan! It's me, your sister!! Please, stop this senseless fighting! You can't fight Sir Sigurd! Is betraying one's friends a part of the honor of being a knight?! Eldigan, please! (sob...) Trust him! Can't you hold off your attack just a little bit longer?

Eldigan: I don't want to see you cry, but I have no other way out of this! If Chagall is defeated, Agustria will fall as well.

Lachesis: That's not true! If Chagall withdrew his troops, Sir Sigurd would also back out of this. Please, talk with King Chagall. He can't ignore the commander of the Cross Knights.

Eldigan: ... Okay... I'll give it one more shot. I'd rather risk my life for my friend than this crazy war. That is the way of the knight. Lachesis, this sword is for you.

Lachesis: Isn't this the Earth Sword?! Eldigan, I can't take this from you!

Eldigan: Lachesis, keep it as a memento from me... just in case. Now you be careful!

Lachesis: W-Wait! Eldigan!!

(Eldigan goes to Silvail)

Eldigan: Your Majesty, any more fighting would be futile. Please withdraw the troops. You will get Agusty back someday. I'm certain of it.

Chagall: Eldigan, you imbecile! Now what are you babbling about?! I knew it! You ARE in cahoots with the enemy! Somebody! Seize this traitor! Off with his head! We'll make an example out of him!

Eldigan: I should've known this wouldn't go well. This will mark the end of Agustria too, I'm afraid...

Chagall: You conniving little fool! Take his head off right here!

Eldigan: Lachesis...

Next turn after Eldigan dies and you killed him

Sigurd: Why?! Why'd he have to die? What have I been fighting for...

Oifey: Sir, there's nothing you could've done. Don't blame yourself. We must stay focused on King Eldigan's hope of returning peace to Agustria.

Enemy phase after Lachesis talks with Eldigan OR the last Cross Knight dies and you killed Eldigan


Chagall: Travant, have you gotten your Dragon Knights ready yet?

Travant: Yessir. We're ready to go. You'll get what ya paid for outta us.

Chagall: Hmph. Maybe these mercenaries I hired will do more for me than those other imbeciles. All right. You know what to do!

(Near Blaggi Tower)

Papilion: Pick up the pace! Agustria is straight ahead! Set your sights on Grannvale's army, and give it to 'em as severely as you please. Let the name of Thracia echo across the land!

Enemy phase after Silvail is seized/Papilion is killed

Travant: Sheesh... Papilion blew it. I think it's about time we bail. Agustria, you're on your own. Farewell, King Chagall... ya fool.

(Travant leaves Silvail)

Seizing Silvail

Sigurd: Eldigan...

Oifey: Sir, hang in there. Also, uh... Shannan's here. He must've had a good reason to leave Agusty.

Sigurd: Shannan?

Shannan: Sigurd, I'm sorry!!

Sigurd: What's up? You're crying. What happened?!

Shannan: Deirdre left the castle and never came back. She said she was going to see you! I'm sorry! I promised you I'd watch out for her...

Sigurd: What? Deirdre left?! And what about Seliph?

Shannan: He's with me. See? He's right here. But Deirdre...

Sigurd: Shannan, don't worry. This isn't your fault. I'm going to find her.

Shannan: But I shouldn't have let her go. I'm so sorry, Sigurd!

Sigurd: Deirdre, just where did you disappear to...

(Enemy phase, Orgahill)

Dobarl: Cap'n! Agustria lost th'war! Them Grannvaleans'll attack up this way 'fore too long. Whaddya reckon?

Brigid: Dobarl! They're coming because you guys went behind my back and raided the villages! I won't have this insubordination!

Dobarl: Hey! Enough from ya! We tried lettin' ya lead us, but yer too power hungry! I've got news for ya, sis. Ya ain't th' late cap'n's real daughter anyhow. Yer jus' this cryin' little girl on a ship we attacked. So th' cap'n decided ta raise ya himself. Then ya grew up 'n started orderin' us around. Makes me head hurt jus' thinkin' 'bout it!

Brigid: What?! That can't be...

Dobarl: But we've no use fer ya now. I believe t'is dyin' time fer ya.

Brigid: Hold on! You're not taking me that easy, you rotten filth!

(Dobarl and Pizarl chase Brigid out of Orgahill)

Dobarl: Do 'er in! Don't let 'er escape! Pizarl, I'm headin' back to th' castle. Take some men with ya an' lay waste t' Agustria.

Pizarl: Aye!

(Pizarl gathers an army)

Pizarl: Alrighty. We need a bridge here! Agustria's ours!

(Next phase, Blaggi Tower)

Tailtiu: Claud, c'mon! We gotta get movin'! Aren't you done prayin' yet? We can't be messin' around here. If pirates showed up, they'd kill us for sure.

Claud: I'm coming. By praying to Lord Blaggi, I've learned the truth behind what's been happening. It's just as I thought it to be. I found our family's sacred relic. It's been missing for some time. The Valkyrie Staff. Have a look.

Tailtiu: Huh? This dirty ol' stick?

Claud: Tailtiu! You had better watch what comes out of your mouth. This staff here? It's magical, and can return life to those who have passed on already. Only one descendant of Saint Blaggi can use it, and that's me.

Tailtiu: Hmm... So can it bring back my sweet grandma?

Claud: Well, no it can't. You see it has certain limitations, so it won't work on everyone. You see, we're all born with this life force. It's called 'Quintessence' and...

Tailtiu: Huh? You lost me. You're (yawn...) puttin' me t'sleep. Anyway, we don't got time for that stuff. We gotta get movin'!

Claud: Yes, you're right. Let's go.

Seizing Orgahill

Sigurd: We've gained control of the pirate's castle. Oifey, would you round up all our troops? I want to make sure everybody's all right.

Oifey: Right away, sir.

(Outside Agusty)

Lombard: Relay this to the troops. Sigurd and his band of rebels are to be apprehended. They along with Byron killed Prince Kurth in an attempt to take over the monarchy. Those are direct orders from His Majesty. Show no mercy to these traitors of the kingdom!

Reptor: Heheheh! Lombard, you are a cunning one. First he kills the prince... just about kills Byron too for putting up a fight. He's got some gall! Arvis sure took advantage of his cozy relationship with the king. He sure spun a good one. And to think he spearheaded our entire mission and managed to put the entire blame on the Chalphys. Hmm... Well, as long as I take control of the throne. Anyone who gets in the way we'll simply do away with.


Sigurd: ...what?! They're callin' me a traitor?! And Grannvale sent troops to take me in?!

Oifey: We just finished fighting, too. You were all set to go look for Deirdre.

Sigurd: Grr! His Majesty is being fooled by Reptor and his crew. How can he believe that my father could kill Prince Kurth? Aaagh... I wish Father Claud could've gotten back there by now. First we lose Eldigan and now this. What have I been fighting for all this time?!

Oifey: Sir...

(Pegasus knights come to Orgahill)

Annand: Sir Sigurd. I'm Annand a Silessean knight. I'm here on orders from Queen Rahna. Please consider retreating to Silesse until your fine name is cleared of all of this.

Sigurd: ...Queen Rahna of Silesse? Silesse is willing to help out an accused traitor?

Annand: Sir, time is of the essence. Grannvale will be on your trail before long. The Pegasus Knights will accompany you over the ocean to Silesse.


Dew's Wind Sword

Dew: Blaggi Tower! Hee hee! The life of a thief! Let's see what's locked inside her.

(Dew enters Blaggi Tower)

Dew: Mm? Nothin' here. How 'bout over there? Hmm, nothin' here either. This place's empty.

???: ...Who goes there?

Dew: Hm?!

???: ...State your reason for entering Blaggi Tower.

Dew: I'll just pretend I can't here 'im...

???: ...Trespassing on holy ground is forbidden! Leave at once!

Dew: Yikes!! Please forgive me!

(Dew leaves)

Dew: Ulp! What was that?! Huh? What's this sword doin' here? Well, it's mine now!


Villager: What's going on? What'd make them Orgahill Pirates do this to us?! And to think we trusted that leader of theirs, Brigid whatserface!

Villager: Whoa. Glad yeh came! I got a sword fer yeh in 'preciation. It's magical. We call 'er tha Wing Clipper. It'll spell death fer anythin' in th' air. If yeh can't use 'er, yeh can still sell 'er.

Villager: Eh? You're here to help us?! Our village is saved! I'm much obliged to ya. Please accept this magical staff on my behalf. It's called the Restore Staff. It can heal any bouts of Sleep or Silence. I'm sure it'll be of use to ya.

Villager: Yeh came fer us! Blessed be! Have a sip of this here potion, an' yer defense'll go up a bit.

Villager (If you haven't fought the Cross Knights): King eldigan's handpicked Cross Knights are second to none on the face of this continent. Actually, my boyfriend is one of 'em! Pretty cool, huh?

(If you have fought the Cross Knights): (sigh...) My boyfriend was killed in this cursed war. This is all Grannvale's... No! This is all King Chagall's fault!!

Villager: Beware. Rumor has it that King Chagall went an' hired Thracia's Dragon Knights. Every war, one side always ends up hirin' 'em. They're the most ruthless killin' machine around. ...Like a pack of hyenas feastin' on a fresh kill.

Villager: So glad to see yeh! Why dontcha help yerself to a sip of our village's secret formula? Go ahead... get in. Whaddya think? Feel a little power swellin' in yer veins? Makes work feel like child's play!

Villager: Another war's broken out? Ugh, not again! We've got absolutely nothing to do with Grannvale OR Agustria! If they must fight, they should do it somewhere else.


Lex and Ayra

Lex: Hey, Ayra.

Ayra: Lex? What do you want.

Lex: Wow, you're really the friendly type.

Ayra: Look, I'm busy. If you don't need me, I'm leaving.

Lex: Hold on. I got my hands on something you might be interested in.

Ayra: I don't need any souvenirs. Give it to one of the other girls.

Lex: Heheh... So, you've no use for this either?

Ayra: Whoa! Where did you get that?!

Lex: The infamous Brave Sword? So I take it you've heard of them before.

Ayra: This is... a Brave Sword?! It's fantastic!

Lex: You like it, huh? It's yours. Take it.

Ayra: Ah, wait a sec! Lex!

(Lex leaves)

Ayra: Lex...

Chulainn and Ayra

Chulainn: Ayra, here. I've got something for you.

Ayra: This is a Brave Sword, isn't it? Why me? You should be using this.

Chulainn: I've a feeling things are going to get nasty here soon. Besides, anyone who fights like you could use a couple extra swords. Keep yourself well protected. I may not always be here to defend you.

Ayra: Chulainn, thank you. I'll cherish this sword!

Ethlyn and Quan

Ethlyn: Quan, I have an apology to make.

Quan: Hm? What's the matter? Did something happen?

Ethlyn: Here.

Quan: Ah! The Gáe Bolg? How did you get it?!

Ethlyn: Your father gave it to me. He wanted me to give it to you if things got too out of hand.

Quan: Boy, I'm going to clean house with this! So... why did you wait until now?

Ethlyn: Well, your father told me a bit about its history. I'm sorry, Quan...

Quan: The legend of the Gáe Bolg... It's a sad story, but it's nothing more than legend.

Ethlyn: Yeah, but...

Quan: Ethlyn, trust me. Anyway, this battle's about over with. We can soon return to Leonster. We have to get back to our little Altena.

Ethlyn: Yes, we do. Quan, no matter what happens, we'll never be apart, right?

Quan: Huh? You must be worried about Deirdre. But we'll find her soon.

Ethlyn: Yeah, I want to think so, too. But....

Quan: Ethlyn? Why are you crying? Do you think something bad's going to happen?

Ethlyn: I'm just... It's so sad to think those two may never see each other again. They were so much in love. How could such a horrible thing happen to them?!

Quan: Ethlyn...

Sigurd and Brigid

Sigurd: Brigid, are you okay?

Brigid: Who are you? How do you know my name?

Sigurd: Well, one of the villagers was telling me about the leader of the Orgahill Pirates and how she's always helping the poor. That's you, isn't it?

Brigid: Ah, I see. You're Sigurd from Grannvale, right? If you must kill me, go on. Get it over with.

Sigurd: Hahaha! No, no. I merely came to talk to you! We'd like you to team up with us. What do you say?

Brigid: You want me to fight with you?!

Sigurd: Yep, we need you.

Brigid: You're a strange one...

Edain and Brigid

Edain: Hey, you're... Yes, I knew it! Brigid! I'm your sister, Edain! Please, try to remember!

Brigid: How come you know my name? ...Wow, you look just like me. ...Edain, you say? Actually does sound kinda familiar...

Edain: Yes! I'm your twin sister! You were taken by pirates when you were just 5 years old! I've been looking for you for such a long time.

Brigid: I don't know. You're going to have to prove this to me somehow.

Edain: Okay. Take this bow. Then draw it.

Brigid: Hm? Wow! Now that's a nice bow! Just draw it, right? Whoa! W-What is happening! Some strange power is bubbling up inside me. I... I have some recollection... Ah... my heart is burning... Edain. You are my sister, Edain!

Edain: Wonderful! You remember! That bow is the holy Yewfelle... It's been handed down through our family for generations. It is said that only one descendant of a crusader is able to handle their divine weapon. And in our family, that appears to be you! Now is that enough proof for you?

Brigid: Edain... Let me see your face. How's our father? And our brother... Andorey?

Edain: Oh! I have so many things to ask you, too!

Midayle and Brigid

Midayle: My lady?

Brigid: Huh? Who the hell are you?

Midayle: I'm sorry, you aren't Lady Edain, are you. So you must be...

Brigid: You mad? What in the world are you mumbling about?

Midayle: What's your name?

Brigid: Brigid.

Midayle: Brigid... You are beautiful!

Brigid: What'd you say? You tryin' to be funny?!

Midayle: To think there's another... one that's even more beautiful. You're like a dream!

Brigid: I... I'm leaving!

Claud and Sigurd

Claud: Sir Sigurd! Finally we can meet up!

Sigurd: Claud! You're all right! You had all of us worried. We heard that you were attacked by pirates.

Claud: Yes, but thanks to Tailtiu's efforts we made it through. That aside, my prayer at Blaggi Tower proved to be quite fruitful, Sir Sigurd.

Sigurd: You found out who killed Prince Kurth?!

Claud: Yes. It was all a conspiracy of Lord Reptor. He had Lord Lombard murder the prince. And then he shrewdly placed the blame on your father.

Sigurd: I knew it!

Claud: There's more. The death of King Mananan also turned out to be Lord Reptor's handiwork. He didn't want the war with Isaach to conclude, so he secretly killed the king.

Sigurd: Is that right? So this was Reptor from the start.

Claud: Well, it doesn't seem to be all his doing. Some kind of wicked force is working in his shadow. An evil presence so powerful that even Lord Blaggi could not clearly discern it.

Sigurd: ...Evil presence? Maybe... the Loptyrian Cult? Claud! What about my father?

Claud: Well, he is alive, but seems to be at death's door...

Sigurd: Father... Oh no!

Claud: I will hurry back to the capital and inform His Majesty all that has been revealed. Sir Sigurd, please sit tight for the moment and try to avoid any rash behavior.

Sigurd: Of course. Claud, please, I beg of you, help my father clear himself of this horrible injustice.

Claud: It's in the Lord's hands now, Sir Sigurd.