Quotes Edit

Lissa (Awakening)Edit

Bound Hero Battle Edit

  • "OK! Here I am, ready to go! I've got my staff, and... Uh, what am I supposed to be doing here?" (Intro with Chrom)

Summoned Edit

  • "I'm Lissa and despite what my brother says, I am not delicate! I'm a princess and a member of the Shepherds!"

Home Edit

  • "I wish I knew why I don't have the royal Brand like my brother and sister..."
  • "You feeling OK? If you get hurt, just let me know. I'll have you patched up in a jiffy!"
  • "I'm a Shepherd, just like my brother. We travel everywhere and help people all over the world!"
  • "Heehee! I'll put the frog here, and... AH, Summoner?! Awww, you caught me before I pulled the BEST prank!"
  • "Sharena seems nice. I wonder if we could have a "princess chat" sometime...
  • "Hey, Summoner! Guess who sent me to say hello? It was Friend!" (Greeting from friend)
  • "Hey! I was thinking that I've grown up a lot since I got here. Don'tcha think, Summoner? I've learned to fight, I've made friends with people in the Order, and I always clean my plate! ...Thanks! Glad you agree! Of course, it's all because of your help that I'm so princessy now! I feel like I'm one step closer to being the ideal lady. I hope you'll keep helping me get there! Oh, and I've gotten better at little pranks, too. I can't wait for you to find the frog I just hid!" (Upon reaching level 40)

Info Screen Edit

  • "Always glad to help!"
  • "Let's do our best!"
  • "I've been called delicate, but only by big jerky brothers."
  • "*giggles*"
  • "Hey, hey. Tell me all about yourself."
  • " I love this team you've built. What other tricks have you got up your sleeve?"
  • "Someday I'll work on being a proper lady like my sister..."
  • "Let's not waste this opportunity to become good friends!"

Map Edit

  • "Okay."
  • "What's up?"
  • "Yep."

Level up Edit

  • "I think I'm ready for the front lines!" (5-6 stats up)
  • "I've still got a few tricks up my sleeve!" (3-4 stats up)
  • "Maybe I didn't work hard enough?" (1-2 stats up)
  • "I've come far since meeting you." (new skill learned)

Critical/Skill Edit

  • "Always glad to help!" (healing)
  • "Let's do our best!" (healing)
  • "I may surprise you!"
  • "This one might hurt!"
  • "How's THIS for delicate?!"
  • "I'm going all out!"

Defeat Edit

  • "Sorry.."

Lissa (Winter's Envoy)Edit


  • "Happy winter festival! My name's Lissa. What do you think of this dress? It's bright red—for the festival."


  • "Alfonse is every inch the prince. I bet he'd look great dressed up for the winter festival! I kind of doubt he breaks training dummies or puts holes in the wall, like another prince I could mention..."
  • "When the winter festival is on, the castle town is filled with stalls selling all sorts of delicious treats... Well, if you twisted my arm, I'd say I like the ones selling sweets the best."
  • "I wish I had been able to bring along some winter festival dishes to share with everyone here. Then again, not everybody has a taste for roast bear—me included. What about you?"
  • "Look at this! It's a book full of songs we sing during the winter festival. Want to sing together? Come on!"
  • "Aww, I was just in the middle of setting up a winter prank. Now that I said that, I guess you'd figure out who dumped snow down your back, huh?"
  • "I bring winter festival greetings! From me, of course, and also from your friend Friend" (Greeting from friend)
  • "Hey there! I've been waiting for you. Ta-da! It's your present! Hurry up and open it! Are you kidding me? This is not a "bottle of some random liquid." That's just plain rude. I'll have you know that we always serve this during the winter festival. Though, er... it does look a tad off. I'm not sure what I got wrong... It's the thought that counts, though. Right? I just wanted to thank you for being such a great friend. Bottoms up, you say? Well... thanks! Er... How... is it? You don't look so good... Somebody! Anybody! I need a staff! QUICK!" (Upon reaching level 40)

Info ScreenEdit

  • "Do you like my outfit or do you ADORE my outfit?"
  • "Happy holidays! Haha!"
  • "Presents are the BEST, right?"
  • "My brother can't pull this off like I can."
  • "Back home, we have a winter feast with cake and roasted fowl and stuff."
  • "It's good to wear a variety of colors, not just the usual."
  • "If you've been good this year, you MIGHT get a present soon!"


  • "Right here!"
  • "Let's go!"
  • "Yes!"

Level UpEdit

  • "Woo-hoo! The gods gave me a gift for being such a good girl!" (5-6 stats up)
  • "A little excitement to spice up the winter festival!" (3-4 stats up)
  • "If I want a present, I probably should behave a bit better." (1-2 stats up)
  • "A gift for me? Why, thank you!" (New skill learned)


  • "Time for presents!"
  • "Now it's gettin' fun!"
  • "Let's party!"
  • "Comfort and JOY!"


  • "Awww..."