The following is a list of artists for Fire Emblem Heroes. Most of the artists have designed characters for previous games, especially Awakening, Fates and 0 (Cipher). Some names in-game are in Japanese order.


Character Artist
Portrait Alfonse Heroes Alfonse Yusuke Kozaki
Portrait Sharena Heroes Sharena Yusuke Kozaki
Portrait Anna Heroes Anna Yusuke Kozaki
Portrait Veronica Heroes Veronica Yusuke Kozaki
Portrait Mysterious Heroes Bruno Yusuke Kozaki
Portrait Fjorm Heroes Fjorm Maeshima Shigeki
Portrait Surtr Heroes Surtr Maeshima Shigeki
Portrait Loki Heroes Loki Maeshima Shigeki
Portrait Laevatein Heroes Laevateinn Maeshima Shigeki
Portrait Marth Heroes Marth Sachiko Wada
Portrait Caeda Heroes Caeda HAKO
Portrait Abel Heroes Abel Sasashima Suisei
Portrait Cain Heroes Cain Meka
Portrait Draug Heroes Draug Itagaki Hako
Portrait Gordin Heroes Gordin Itagaki Hako
Portrait Jagen Heroes Jagen Yamada Akihiro
Portrait Wrys Heroes Wrys pikomaro
Portrait Oguma Heroes Ogma Yamada Akihiro
Portrait Barst Heroes Barst Sachiko Wada
Portrait Navarre Heroes Navarre Yura
Portrait Merric Heroes Merric Mizuno Kana
Portrait Jeorge Heroes Jeorge Mayo
Portrait Minerva Heroes Minerva Daisuke Izuka
Portrait Maria Heroes Maria kaya8
Portrait Linde Heroes Linde Kippu
Portrait Palla Heroes Palla cuboon
Portrait Catria Heroes Catria Amagaitaro
Portrait Est Heroes Est Miwabe Sakura
Portrait TikiYoung Heroes Tiki Ito Noizi
Portrait Roderick Heroes Roderick Itagaki Hako
Portrait Luke Heroes Luke Daisuke Izuka
Portrait Sheena Heroes Sheena Mayo
Portrait Athena Heroes Athena Miyuu
Portrait Katarina Heroes Katarina kaya8
Portrait Camus Heroes Camus Suekane Kumiko
Portrait Michalis Heroes Michalis Daisuke Izuka
Portrait Clarisse Heroes Clarisse Yura
Portrait Legion Heroes Legion nabe
Portrait Alm Heroes Alm Arai Teruko
Portrait Gray Heroes Gray kawasumi
Portrait Lukas Heroes Lukas cuboon
Portrait Tobin Heroes Tobin kaya8
Portrait Faye Heroes Faye Konfuzi Kokon
Portrait Clair Heroes Clair Takagi Masafumi
Portrait Clive Heroes Clive Tobi
Portrait Mathilda Heroes Mathilda Okaya
Portrait Delthea Heroes Delthea Miwabe Sakura
Portrait Celica Heroes Celica Akira Fujikawa
Portrait Boey Heroes Boey Aoji
Portrait Mae Heroes Mae Gaou
Portrait Genny Heroes Genny Amagaitaro
Portrait Saber Heroes Saber PenekoR
Portrait Leon Heroes Leon Miyajima Haru
Portrait Sonya Heroes Sonya Yura
Portrait Berkut Heroes Berkut Asatani Tomoyo
Portrait Sigurd Heroes Sigurd Sata
Portrait Deirdre Heroes Deirdre Haimura Kiyotaka
Portrait Tailtiu Heroes Tailtiu Shioemon/INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS
Portrait Arvis Heroes Arvis Teita
Portrait Arden Heroes Arden Soeda Ippei
Portrait Ayra Heroes Ayra Asatani Tomoyo
Portrait Seliph Heroes Seliph Sata
Portrait Julia Heroes Julia Haimura Kiyotaka
Portrait Eldigan Heroes Eldigan ΠR
Portrait Raquesis Heroes Lachesis Miwabe Sakura
Portrait Olwen Heroes Olwen cuboon
Portrait Reinhardt Heroes Reinhardt cuboon
Portrait Roy Heroes Roy BUNBUN
Portrait Lilina Heroes Lilina BUNBUN
Portrait Shanna Heroes Shanna HAKO
Portrait Clarine Heroes Clarine Amagaitaro
Portrait Gwendolyn Heroes Gwendolyn Masao Tsubasa
Portrait Fir Heroes Fir kaya8
Portrait Klein Heroes Klein Tobi
Portrait Bartre Heroes Bartre Okaya
Portrait Raigh Heroes Raigh Himukai Yuji
Portrait Cecilia Heroes Cecilia Senri Kita
Portrait Sophia Heroes Sophia Zaza
Portrait Fae Heroes Fae Himukai Yuji
Portrait Narcian Heroes Narcian Kotaro Yamada
Portrait Zephiel Heroes Zephiel Yamada Akihiro
Portrait Eliwood Heroes Eliwood Miyuu
Portrait Hector Heroes Hector AKIRA
Portrait Lyn Heroes Lyn Kotaro Yamada
Portrait Florina Heroes Florina Zaza
Portrait Dorcas Heroes Dorcas Soeda Ippei
Portrait Serra Heroes Serra Kusugi Toku
Portrait Matthew Heroes Matthew Okaya
Portrait Lucius Heroes Lucius Itagaki Hako
Portrait Rebecca Heroes Rebecca Hoshino Lily
Portrait Priscilla Heroes Priscilla kaya8
Portrait Raven Heroes Raven AKIRA
Portrait Ninian Heroes Ninian Kippu
Portrait Hawkeye Heroes Hawkeye HACCAN
Portrait Karel Heroes Karel Senri Kita
Portrait Nino Heroes Nino Amagaitaro
Portrait Jaffar Heroes Jaffar Kusugi Toku
Portrait Lloyd Heroes Lloyd pikomaro
Portrait Ursula Heroes Ursula Kotobuki Tsukasa
Portrait Eirika Heroes Eirika Asatani Tomoyo
Portrait Ephraim Heroes Ephraim Asatani Tomoyo
Portrait Seth Heroes Seth Fujiwara Ryo
Portrait Lute Heroes Lute Seo Kouji
Portrait Joshua Heroes Joshua Fujiwara Ryo
Portrait Tana Heroes Tana cuboon
Portrait Amelia Heroes Amelia Amagaitaro
Portrait Innes Heroes Innes Teita
Portrait Valter Heroes Valter PenekoR
Portrait Ike Heroes Ike Meka
Portrait Titania Heroes Titania Sachiko Wada
Portrait Oscar Heroes Oscar Ichiiro Hako
Portrait Soren Heroes Soren Haru Miyajima
Portrait Mist Heroes Mist Sakura Miwabe
Portrait Mia Heroes Mia Yoneyama Mai
Portrait Nephenee Heroes Nephenee HACCAN
Portrait Elincia Heroes Elincia Kippu
Portrait Sanaki Heroes Sanaki Tomioka Jiro
Portrait Black Knight Heroes Black Knight Daisuke Izuka
Portrait Chrom Heroes Chrom Ebila (えびら)
Portrait RobinM Heroes Robin (Male) Fujiwara Ryo
Portrait RobinF Heroes Robin (Female) Ueda Yumehito
Portrait Lucina Heroes Lucina Maiponpon/INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS
Portrait Marth (Masked) Heroes Marth Maiponpon/INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS
Portrait Lissa Heroes Lissa Zaza
Portrait Frederick Heroes Frederick Suekane Kumiko
Portrait Sully Heroes Sully Mayo
Portrait Virion Heroes Virion Sachiko Wada
Portrait Stahl Heroes Stahl Mayo
Portrait Lonqu Heroes Lon'qu AKIRA
Portrait Gaius Heroes Gaius Ichiiro Hako
Portrait Cordelia Heroes Cordelia Ueda Yumehito
Portrait Nowi Heroes Nowi lack
Portrait Tharja Heroes Tharja ZIS
Portrait Olivia Heroes Olivia AKIRA
Portrait Cherche Heroes Cherche Sachiko Wada
Portrait Tiki Heroes Tiki Ito Noizi
Portrait Henry Heroes Henry Kusugi Toku
Portrait Donnel Heroes Donnel Okaya
Portrait CorrinM Heroes Corrin (Male) Maiponpon/INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS
Portrait CorrinF Heroes Corrin (Female) bthx
Portrait Azura Heroes Azura kaya8
Portrait Ryoma Heroes Ryoma Senri Kita
Portrait Hinoka Heroes Hinoka HACCAN
Portrait Takumi Heroes Takumi Hino Shinnosuke
Portrait Sakura Heroes Sakura Fuzichoco
Portrait Xander Heroes Xander Maeshima Shigeki
Portrait Camilla Heroes Camilla Maeshima Shigeki
Portrait Leo Heroes Leo Hino Shinnosuke
Portrait Elise Heroes Elise HAKO
Portrait Felicia Heroes Felicia HAKO
Portrait Jakob Heroes Jakob Fujisaka Kimihiko
Portrait Gunter Heroes Gunter Yamada Akihiro
Portrait Saizo Heroes Saizo lack
Portrait Kagero Heroes Kagero lack
Portrait Azama Heroes Azama Okaya
Portrait Setsuna Heroes Setsuna Kusugi Toku
Portrait Hinata Heroes Hinata Ueda Yumehito
Portrait Oboro Heroes Oboro Ueda Yumehito
Portrait Hana Heroes Hana Fuzichoco
Portrait Subaki Heroes Subaki Yura
Portrait Laslow Heroes Laslow Suekane Kumiko
Portrait Peri Heroes Peri Takagi Masafumi
Portrait Selena Heroes Selena (Fates) Zaza
Portrait Beruka Heroes Beruka lack
Portrait Odin Heroes Odin Suekane Kumiko
Portrait Niles Heroes Niles Yura
Portrait Effie Heroes Effie HACCAN
Portrait Arthur Heroes Arthur (Fates) Mendako/INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS
Portrait Shiro Heroes Shiro Arai Teruko
Portrait Rhajat Heroes Rhajat Toshiyuki Kusakihara/INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS
Portrait Siegbert Heroes Siegbert Arai Teruko
Portrait Soleil Heroes Soleil Enkyo Yuichiro
Portrait Chrom Spring Heroes Chrom Ebila (えびら)
Portrait Camilla Spring Heroes Camilla Maeshima Shigeki
Portrait Xander Spring Heroes Xander Suekane Kumiko
Portrait Lucina Spring Heroes Lucina Tomioka Jiro
Portrait Caeda Bride Heroes Caeda Yoshiku
Portrait Lyn Bride Heroes Lyn Kotaro Yamada
Portrait Cordelia Bride Heroes Cordelia Mayo
Portrait Charlotte Bride Heroes Charlotte pikomaro
Portrait Robin Summer Heroes Robin (Female) Mayo
Portrait Frederick Summer Heroes Frederick Suekane Kumiko
Portrait Gaius Summer Heroes Gaius Ichiiro Hako
Portrait Tiki Ylissean Summer Heroes Tiki Okaya
Portrait Corrin Summer Heroes Corrin (Female) Sencha
Portrait Xander Summer Heroes Xander PenekoR
Portrait Leo Summer Heroes Leo Tobi
Portrait Elise Summer Heroes Elise Mikuru
Portrait Roy Brave Heroes Roy Sachiko Wada
Portrait Lyn Brave Heroes Lyn Kotaro Yamada
Portrait Ike Brave Heroes Ike Senri Kita
Portrait Lucina Brave Heroes Lucina Yusuke Kozaki
Portrait Olivia Performing Arts Olivia Chiko
Portrait Inigo Performing Arts Inigo Suekane Kumiko
Portrait Azura Performing Arts Azura kaya8
Portrait Shigure Performing Arts Shigure Yura
Portrait Sakura Trick Or Defeat Sakura Fuzichoco
Portrait Jakob Trick Or Defeat Jakob Fujiwara Ryo
Portrait Henry Trick Or Defeat Henry Kusugi Toku
Portrait Nowi Trick Or Defeat Nowi Enkyo Yuichiro

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