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This is the list of classes found in Fire Emblem: Awakening.

Playable ClassesEdit

Icon Class Weapons Promotions Skill 1 Skill 2 Notes
FE13 Chrom Lord Map Sprite FE13 Lucina Lord Map Sprite Lord SwordIconFE13 Sword Great Lord DuelAttackPlus Dual Strike+ Charisma FE13 Charm Able to use Rapiers and Noble RapiersChrom and Lucina only.
FE13 Chrom Lord Map Sprite Lucina Master Lord FE13 Map Icon Great Lord SwordIconFE13 Sword
LanceIconFE13 Lance
- FE13 Aether Aether RoyalWeapon Rightful King Able to use Rapiers and Noble Rapiers; Chrom and Lucina only
FE13 Male Avatar Tactician Map Sprite FE13 Female Avatar Tactician Map Sprite MarkMorganMale MarcMorganFemale Tactician SwordIconFE13 Sword
TomeIconFE13 Tome
Grandmaster Warknowledgeicon Veteran Magicsquare Solidarity -
Avatar - Robin Grandmaster FE13 Map Icon Grandmaster SwordIconFE13 Sword
TomeIconFE13 Tome
- MFlame Ignis Rainbow Cry Rally Spectrum -
FE13 Sully Cavalier Map Sprite FE13 Stahl Cavalier Map Sprite Cavalier SwordIconFE13 Sword
LanceIconFE13 Lance
Paladin, Great Knight Discipline (FE13) Discipline OutdoorBattle Outdoor Fighter Beast Unit
Paladin SwordIconFE13 Sword
LanceIconFE13 Lance
- Defendericon Defender HShield Aegis Beast Unit
FE13 Kellam Knight Map Sprite Knight LanceIconFE13 Lance General, Great Knight Defense +2 Defense +2 IndoorBattle Indoor Fighter Armor Unit
General LanceIconFE13 Lance
AxeIconFE13 Axe
- DefenseCry Rally Defense Great Shield (FE13) Pavise Armor Unit
Frederick Great Knight FE13 Map Icon Great Knight SwordIconFE13 Sword
LanceIconFE13 Lance
AxeIconFE13 Axe
- Luna (FE13) Luna DualGuardPlus Dual Guard+ Beast Unit, Armor Unit
FE13 Lon'qu Myrmidon Map Sprite Myrmidon SwordIconFE13 Sword Swordmaster, Assassin Avoid +10 Avoid +10 Vantage (Kakusei) Vantage Able to wield Amatsu and Sol Katti
FE13 Say'ri Swordmaster Map Sprite FE13 Yen'Fay Swordmaster Map Sprite Swordmaster SwordIconFE13 Sword - Astra (FE13) Astra Sword Expert Icon Swordfaire Able to wield Amatsu and Sol Katti
FE13 Gaius Thief Map Sprite Thief SwordIconFE13 Sword Trickster, Assassin Picklock (FE13) Locktouch Movement +1 Movement +1 -
FE13 Anna Trickster Map Sprite FE13 Gangrel Trickster Map Sprite Trickster SwordIconFE13 Sword
StaffIconFE13 Staff
- Lucky 7 Lucky Seven Acrobatics Acrobat -
Assassin SwordIconFE13 Sword
BowIconFE13 Bow
- Lethality (FE13) Lethality Pass Icon Kakusei Pass -
FE13 Barbarian Map Sprite Barbarian AxeIconFE13 Axe Berserker, Warrior Mugicon Despoil Gamble (FE13) Gamble Male Only
Berserker AxeIconFE13 Axe - Wrath (FE13) Wrath Axeexpert Axefaire Male Only
FE13 Vaike Fighter Map Sprite Fighter AxeIconFE13 Axe Warrior, Hero MaxHPPlus5 HP +5 FieryHeart Zeal Male Only
FE13 Basilio Warrior Map Sprite Warrior AxeIconFE13 Axe
BowIconFE13 Bow
- StrengthCry Rally Strength Counter (FE13) Counter Male Only
FE13 Gregor Mercenary Map Sprite SerenaSevera AzureInigoMapSprite Mercenary SwordIconFE13 Sword Hero, Bow Knight WeaponSaver Armsthrift LateInitiative Patience -
FE13 Flavia Hero Map Sprite FE13 Priam Hero Map Sprite Hero SwordIconFE13 Sword
AxeIconFE13 Axe
- Sol (FE13) Sol Axeslayer Axebreaker -
FE13 Virion Archer Map Sprite Archer BowIconFE13 Bow Sniper, Bow Knight Skill +2 Skill +2 EarlyInitiative Prescience Able to use Longbows, Towering Bows, and Double Bows
Virion Sniper FE13 Map Icon Sniper BowIconFE13 Bow - Accuracy20 Hit Rate +20 BowExpert Bowfaire Able to use Longbows, Towering Bows, and Double Bows
Bow Knight BowIconFE13 Bow
SwordIconFE13 Sword
- SkillCryFE13Icon Rally Skill Bowslayer Bowbreaker Beast unit
FE13 Tharja Dark Mage Map Sprite FE13 Henry Dark Mage Map Sprite Dark Mage TomeIconFE13 Tome, Dark Tome Sorcerer, Dark Knight FE13Curse Hex Crimsoncurse Anathema -
Sorcerer TomeIconFE13 Tome, Dark Tome - Vengeance (FE13) Vengeance Magic Slayer Icon Tomebreaker -
FE13 Miriel Mage Map Sprite FE13 Ricken Mage Map Sprite Mage TomeIconFE13 Tome Sage, Dark Knight Magic +2 Magic +2 Concentration Focus -
FE13 Emmeryn Sage Map Sprite Sage TomeIconFE13 Tome
StaffIconFE13 Staff
- Magiccryicon Rally Magic Magicexperticon Tomefaire -
Dark Knight TomeIconFE13 Tome
SwordIconFE13 Sword
- Slow Start Icon Slow Burn Lifeabsorb Lifetaker Beast Unit
FE13 Lissa Cleric Map Sprite BradyMapSprite Cleric/Priest StaffIconFE13 Staff War Cleric/War Monk, Sage Miracle (FE13) Miracle Healinghearticon Healtouch -
FE13 Libra War Monk Map Sprite War Cleric/War Monk StaffIconFE13 Staff
AxeIconFE13 Axe
- LuckCry Rally Luck Renewal (FE13) Renewal -
FE13 Maribelle Troubadour Map Sprite Troubadour StaffIconFE13 Staff Valkyrie, War Cleric Resistance+2 Resistance +2 Secludedladyicon Demoiselle Beast Unit; Female Only
Mariabell Valkyrie FE13 Map Icon Valkyrie StaffIconFE13 Staff
TomeIconFE13 Tome
- ResistanceCry Rally Resistance DualSupport+ Dual Support+ Beast Unit; Female Only
FE13 Sumia Pegasus Knight Map Sprite FE13 Cordelia Pegasus Knight Map Sprite Pegasus Knight LanceIconFE13 Lance Falcon Knight, Dark Flier Speed+2 Speed +2 Refreshicon Relief Flying Unit, Beast Unit; Female Only
Sumia Falcon Knight FE13 Map Icon Falcon Knight LanceIconFE13 Lance
StaffIconFE13 Staff
- SpeedCry Rally Speed LanceExpert Lancefaire Flying Unit, Beast Unit; Female Only
FE13 Aversa Dark Flier Map Sprite Dark Flier LanceIconFE13 Lance
TomeIconFE13 Tome
- MovementCry Rally Movement Lightningspeedicon Galeforce Flying Unit, Beast Unit; Female Only
FE13 Cherche Wyvern Rider Map Sprite Wyvern Rider AxeIconFE13 Axe Wyvern Lord, Griffon Rider Strength2icon Strength +2 Ridefasticon Tantivy Dragon Unit, Flying Unit
Wyvern Lord AxeIconFE13 Axe
LanceIconFE13 Lance
- Hotstarticon Quick Burn FE13 Sword Slayer Skill Icon Swordbreaker Dragon Unit, Flying Unit
Griffon Rider AxeIconFE13 Axe - Carrier Deliverer LanceSlayer Lancebreaker Beast Unit, Flying Unit
FE13 Donnel Villager Map Sprite Villager LanceIconFE13 Lance - FE13 Good Growths Icon Aptitude WeakBeatsStrong Underdog Male Only
FE13 Olivia Dancer Map Sprite Dancer SwordIconFE13 Sword - Luck+4 Luck +4 SpecialDance Special Dance Can allow an ally to move again; Exclusive to Olivia
FE13 Panne Taguel Map Sprite Taguel StoneIconFE13 Beaststone - EvenBiorhythm Even Rhythm BeastBusterFE13Icon Beastbane Beast Unit; Beast Unit status carried into their other classes.
FE13 Nowi Manakete Map Sprite FE13 Tiki Manakete Map Sprite NnNah Manakete StoneIconFE13 Dragonstone - OddBiorhythm Odd Rhythm DragonBuster Wyrmsbane Dragon Unit; Dragon unit status carried into their other classes.
FE13 Walhart Conqueror Map Sprite Conqueror SwordIconFE13 Sword
LanceIconFE13 Lance
AxeIconFE13 Axe
- - - Armor Unit; Beast Unit; Exclusive to Walhart
Lodestar SwordIconFE13 Sword - - - Able to wield Rapiers and Noble Rapiers; Exclusive to Marth
Dread Fighter SwordIconFE13 Sword
AxeIconFE13 Axe
TomeIconFE13 Tome
- Resistance+10 (FE13) Resistance +10 Quickslash Aggressor Requires Dread Scroll (DLC exclusive); Male Only
Bride LanceIconFE13 Lance
BowIconFE13 Bow
StaffIconFE13 Staff
- Is 3ds rally heart Rally Heart Bond skill Bond Requires Wedding Bouquet (DLC exclusive); Female Only.

Enemy-Only ClassesEdit

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