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List of Classes in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War

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A List of Classes from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War

Icons Class Weapon Types Promotes to Notes
FE4 Junior Lord Sprite Junior Lord Sword (B) Lord Knight -
FE4lordknight Lord Knight Sword (A), Lance (B) - Horseback (Seliph can dismount to a Junior Lord)
FE4prince Prince Sword (A) Master Knight -
FE4princess Princess Sword (B), Staff (C) Master Knight Charisma skill
FE4masterknight Master Knight Sword (A), Lance (A), Axe (A), Bow (A), Staff (A), Fire (A), Thunder (A), Wind (A), Light (C) - Horseback, Pursuit skill
FE4swordfighter Swordfighter Sword (A) Swordmaster or Forrest Pursuit skill
FE4swordmaster Swordmaster Sword (A) - Pursuit and Continue skills
FE4forrest Forrest Sword (A) - Pursuit skill
FE4thief Thief Sword (C) Thief Fighter Steal skill
FE4thieffighter Thief Fighter Sword (A) - Pursuit and Steal skills
FE4dancer Dancer Sword (C) - Dance skill
FE4axefighter Axe Fighter Axe (A) Warrior -
FE4warrior Warrior Axe (A), Bow (B) - -
FE4mountainthief Mountain Thief Axe (B) - Enemy only
FE4barbarian Barbarian Axe (B) - Enemy only
FE4pirate Pirate Axe (B) - Enemy only, can cross seas
FE4bowfighter Bow Fighter Bow (A) Sniper Pursuit skill
FE4sniper Sniper Bow (A) - Pursuit skill
FE4hunter Hunter Bow (B) - Enemy only
FE4socialknight Social Knight Sword (B), Lance (C) Paladin (M) Horseback
FE4paladinM Paladin (M) Sword (B), Lance (B) - Horseback
FE4troubadour Troubadour Sword (B), Staff (C) Paladin (F) Horseback
FE4paladinF Paladin (F) Sword (B), Lance (C), Staff (C) - Horseback
FE4freeknight Free Knight Sword (B) Forrest Knight Horseback
FE4forrestknight Forest Knight Sword (A) - Horseback, Continue skill
FE4lanceknight Lance Knight Lance (B) Duke Knight Horseback
FE4dukeknight Duke Knight Lance (A) - Horseback
FE4axeknighticon Axe Knight Axe (B) Great Knight Horseback
FE4greatknight Great Knight Axe (A) - Horseback
FE4 Arch Knight Sprite Arch Knight Bow (B) Bow Knight Horseback
FE4 Bow Knight Sprite Bow Knight Bow (A) - Horseback
FE4swordarmour Sword Armour Sword (B) General Armoured
FE4armour Armour Lance (B) - Enemy only, armoured
FE4axearmour Axe Armour Axe (B) - Enemy only, armoured
FE4bowarmour Bow Armour Bow (B) - Enemy only, armoured
FE4general General Sword (A), Lance (A), Axe (B), Bow (B) - Armoured, Big Shield skill
FE4baron Baron Sword (A), Lance (A), Axe (A), Bow (A), Staff (A), Fire (A), Thunder (A), Wind (A) - Enemy only, armoured, Big Shield skill
FE4emperor Emperor Sword (A), Lance (A), Axe (A), Bow (A), Staff (A), Fire (A), Thunder (A), Wind (A) - Enemy only, armoured, Big Shield and Charisma skills
FE4pegasus Pegasus Knight Sword (B), Lance (B) Falcon Knight Flying
FE4falcon Falcon Knight Sword (A), Lance (A), Staff (C) - Flying, Continue skill
FE4dragonrider Dragon Rider Sword (B), Lance (B) - Enemy only, flying
FE4dragonknight Dragon Knight Sword (B), Lance (B) Dragon Master Flying
FE4dragonmaster Dragon Master Sword (A), Lance (A) - Flying, Pursuit skill
FE4longarch Long Arch Bow (B) - Enemy only
FE4ironarch Iron Arch Bow (B) - Enemy only
FE4killerarch Killer Arch Bow (B) - Enemy only
FE4firemage Fire Mage Fire (B) - Enemy only
FE4thundermage Thunder Mage Thunder (B) Mage Fighter -
FE4windmage Wind Mage Wind (B) Mage Fighter -
FE4magefighterM Mage Fighter (M) Sword (C), Fire (B), Thunder (B), Wind (B) - Continue skill
FE4magefighterF Mage Fighter (F) Sword (C), Staff (B), Fire (B), Thunder (B), Wind (B) - Continue skill
FE4mage Mage Fire (C), Thunder (C), Wind (C) Mage Knight or Mage Fighter -
FE4mageknight Mage Knight Sword (B), Fire (B), Thunder (B), Wind (B) - Horseback
FE4bard Bard Fire (C), Thunder (C), Wind (C), Light (C) Sage -
FE4shaman Shaman Staff (B), Light (A) Sage (Julia only) -
FE4sage Sage Staff (B), Fire (B), Thunder (B), Wind (B), Light (B) - Continue skill
FE4priest Priest Staff (B) High Priest -
FE4highpriest High Priest Staff (A), Fire (C), Thunder (C), Wind (C) - -
FE4bishop Bishop Staff (A), Fire (B), Thunder (B), Wind (B) - Enemy/NPC only
FE4queen Queen Staff (A), Fire (A), Thunder (A), Wind (A) - Enemy only, Charisma skill
FE4darkmage Dark Mage Staff (B), Dark (B) - Enemy only
FE4darkbishop Dark Bishop Staff (A), Fire (A), Thunder (A), Wind (A), Dark (A) - Enemy only, Pursuit skill
FE4darkprince Dark Prince Fire (A), Thunder (A), Wind (A), Dark (A) - Enemy only
FE4civilian Civilian - - NPC only

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