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This is the list of classes found in Fire Emblem: Awakening.

Playable ClassesEdit

Icon Class Weapons Promotions Skill 1 Skill 2 Notes
FE13 Chrom Lord Map SpriteFE13 Lucina Lord Map Sprite Lord SwordIconFE13Sword Great Lord DuelAttackPlusDual Strike+ Charisma FE13Charm Able to use Rapiers and Noble RapiersChrom and Lucina only.
FE13 Chrom Lord Map Sprite Lucina Master Lord FE13 Map Icon Great Lord SwordIconFE13Sword
- FE13 AetherAether RoyalWeaponRightful King Able to use Rapiers and Noble Rapiers; Chrom and Lucina only
FE13 Male Avatar Tactician Map SpriteFE13 Female Avatar Tactician Map SpriteMarkMorganMaleMarcMorganFemale Tactician SwordIconFE13Sword
Grandmaster WarknowledgeiconVeteran MagicsquareSolidarity -
Avatar - Robin Grandmaster FE13 Map Icon Grandmaster SwordIconFE13Sword
- MFlameIgnis Rainbow CryRally Spectrum -
FE13 Sully Cavalier Map SpriteFE13 Stahl Cavalier Map Sprite Cavalier SwordIconFE13Sword
Paladin, Great Knight Discipline (FE13)Discipline OutdoorBattleOutdoor Fighter Beast Unit
Paladin SwordIconFE13Sword
- DefendericonDefender HShieldAegis Beast Unit
FE13 Kellam Knight Map Sprite Knight LanceIconFE13Lance General, Great Knight Defense +2Defense +2 IndoorBattleIndoor Fighter Armor Unit
General LanceIconFE13Lance
- DefenseCryRally Defense Great Shield (FE13)Pavise Armor Unit
Frederick Great Knight FE13 Map Icon Great Knight SwordIconFE13Sword
- Luna (FE13)Luna DualGuardPlusDual Guard+ Beast Unit, Armor Unit
FE13 Lon'qu Myrmidon Map Sprite Myrmidon SwordIconFE13Sword Swordmaster, Assassin Avoid +10Avoid +10 Vantage (Kakusei)Vantage Able to wield Amatsu and Sol Katti
FE13 Say'ri Swordmaster Map SpriteFE13 Yen'Fay Swordmaster Map Sprite Swordmaster SwordIconFE13Sword - Astra (FE13)Astra Sword Expert IconSwordfaire Able to wield Amatsu and Sol Katti
FE13 Gaius Thief Map Sprite Thief SwordIconFE13Sword Trickster, Assassin Picklock (FE13)Locktouch Movement +1Movement +1 -
FE13 Anna Trickster Map SpriteFE13 Gangrel Trickster Map Sprite Trickster SwordIconFE13Sword
- Lucky 7Lucky Seven AcrobaticsAcrobat -
Assassin SwordIconFE13Sword
- Lethality (FE13)Lethality Pass Icon KakuseiPass -
FE13 Barbarian Map Sprite Barbarian AxeIconFE13Axe Berserker, Warrior MugiconDespoil Gamble (FE13)Gamble Male Only
Berserker AxeIconFE13Axe - Wrath (FE13)Wrath AxeexpertAxefaire Male Only
FE13 Vaike Fighter Map Sprite Fighter AxeIconFE13Axe Warrior, Hero MaxHPPlus5HP +5 FieryHeartZeal Male Only
FE13 Basilio Warrior Map Sprite Warrior AxeIconFE13Axe
- StrengthCryRally Strength Counter (FE13)Counter Male Only
FE13 Gregor Mercenary Map SpriteSerenaSeveraAzureInigoMapSprite Mercenary SwordIconFE13Sword Hero, Bow Knight WeaponSaverArmsthrift LateInitiativePatience -
FE13 Flavia Hero Map SpriteFE13 Priam Hero Map Sprite Hero SwordIconFE13Sword
- Sol (FE13)Sol AxeslayerAxebreaker -
FE13 Virion Archer Map Sprite Archer BowIconFE13Bow Sniper, Bow Knight Skill +2Skill +2 EarlyInitiativePrescience Able to use Longbows, Towering Bows, and Double Bows
Virion Sniper FE13 Map Icon Sniper BowIconFE13Bow - Accuracy20Hit Rate +20 BowExpertBowfaire Able to use Longbows, Towering Bows, and Double Bows
Bow Knight BowIconFE13Bow
- SkillCryFE13IconRally Skill BowslayerBowbreaker Beast unit
FE13 Tharja Dark Mage Map SpriteFE13 Henry Dark Mage Map Sprite Dark Mage TomeIconFE13Tome, Dark Tome Sorcerer, Dark Knight FE13CurseHex CrimsoncurseAnathema -
Sorcerer TomeIconFE13Tome, Dark Tome - Vengeance (FE13)Vengeance Magic Slayer IconTomebreaker -
FE13 Miriel Mage Map SpriteFE13 Ricken Mage Map Sprite Mage TomeIconFE13Tome Sage, Dark Knight Magic +2Magic +2 ConcentrationFocus -
FE13 Emmeryn Sage Map Sprite Sage TomeIconFE13Tome
- MagiccryiconRally Magic MagicexperticonTomefaire -
Dark Knight TomeIconFE13Tome
- Slow Start IconSlow Burn LifeabsorbLifetaker Beast Unit
FE13 Lissa Cleric Map SpriteBradyMapSprite Cleric/Priest StaffIconFE13Staff War Cleric/War Monk, Sage Miracle (FE13)Miracle HealinghearticonHealtouch -
FE13 Libra War Monk Map Sprite War Cleric/War Monk StaffIconFE13Staff
- LuckCryRally Luck Renewal (FE13)Renewal -
FE13 Maribelle Troubadour Map Sprite Troubadour StaffIconFE13Staff Valkyrie, War Cleric Resistance+2Resistance +2 SecludedladyiconDemoiselle Beast Unit; Female Only
Mariabell Valkyrie FE13 Map Icon Valkyrie StaffIconFE13Staff
- ResistanceCryRally Resistance DualSupport+Dual Support+ Beast Unit; Female Only
FE13 Sumia Pegasus Knight Map SpriteFE13 Cordelia Pegasus Knight Map Sprite Pegasus Knight LanceIconFE13Lance Falcon Knight, Dark Flier Speed+2Speed +2 RefreshiconRelief Flying Unit, Beast Unit; Female Only
Sumia Falcon Knight FE13 Map Icon Falcon Knight LanceIconFE13Lance
- SpeedCryRally Speed LanceExpertLancefaire Flying Unit, Beast Unit; Female Only
FE13 Aversa Dark Flier Map Sprite Dark Flier LanceIconFE13Lance
- MovementCryRally Movement LightningspeediconGaleforce Flying Unit, Beast Unit; Female Only
FE13 Cherche Wyvern Rider Map Sprite Wyvern Rider AxeIconFE13Axe Wyvern Lord, Griffon Rider Strength2iconStrength +2 RidefasticonTantivy Dragon Unit, Flying Unit
Wyvern Lord AxeIconFE13Axe
- HotstarticonQuick Burn FE13 Sword Slayer Skill IconSwordbreaker Dragon Unit, Flying Unit
Griffon Rider AxeIconFE13Axe - CarrierDeliverer LanceSlayerLancebreaker Beast Unit, Flying Unit
FE13 Donnel Villager Map Sprite Villager LanceIconFE13Lance - FE13 Good Growths IconAptitude WeakBeatsStrongUnderdog Male Only
FE13 Olivia Dancer Map Sprite Dancer SwordIconFE13Sword - Luck+4Luck +4 SpecialDanceSpecial Dance Can allow an ally to move again; Exclusive to Olivia
FE13 Panne Taguel Map Sprite Taguel StoneIconFE13Beaststone - EvenBiorhythmEven Rhythm BeastBusterFE13IconBeastbane Beast Unit; Beast Unit status carried into their other classes.
FE13 Nowi Manakete Map SpriteFE13 Tiki Manakete Map SpriteNnNah Manakete StoneIconFE13Dragonstone - OddBiorhythmOdd Rhythm DragonBusterWyrmsbane Dragon Unit; Dragon unit status carried into their other classes.
FE13 Walhart Conqueror Map Sprite Conqueror SwordIconFE13Sword
- - - Armor Unit; Beast Unit; Exclusive to Walhart
Lodestar SwordIconFE13Sword - - - Able to wield Rapiers and Noble Rapiers; Exclusive to Marth
Dread Fighter SwordIconFE13Sword
- Resistance+10 (FE13)Resistance +10 QuickslashAggressor Requires Dread Scroll (DLC exclusive); Male Only
Bride LanceIconFE13Lance
- Is 3ds rally heartRally Heart Bond skillBond Requires Wedding Bouquet (DLC exclusive); Female Only.

Enemy-Only ClassesEdit

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