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List of Classes in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War

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A List of Classes from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War

Icons Class Weapon Types Promotes to Notes
FE4 Junior Lord Sprite Junior Lord Sword Lord Knight -
FE4lordknight Lord Knight Sword, Lance - Horseback (Seliph can dismount to a Junior Lord)
FE4prince Prince Sword Master Knight -
FE4princess Princess Sword, Staff Master Knight Charisma skill
FE4masterknight Master Knight Sword, Lance, Axe, Bow, Staff, Fire, Thunder, Wind, Light - Horseback, Pursuit skill
FE4swordfighter Swordfighter Sword Swordmaster or Forrest Pursuit skill
FE4swordmaster Swordmaster Sword - Pursuit and Continue skills
FE4forrest Forrest Sword - Pursuit skill
FE4thief Thief Sword Thief Fighter Steal skill
FE4thieffighter Thief Fighter Sword - Pursuit and Steal skills
FE4dancer Dancer Sword - Dance skill
FE4axefighter Axe Fighter Axe Warrior -
FE4warrior Warrior Axe, Bow - -
FE4mountainthief Mountain Thief Axe - Enemy only
FE4barbarian Barbarian Axe - Enemy only
FE4pirate Pirate Axe - Enemy only, can cross seas
FE4bowfighter Bow Fighter Bow Sniper Pursuit skill
FE4sniper Sniper Bow - Pursuit skill
FE4hunter Hunter Bow - Enemy only
FE4socialknight Social Knight Sword, Lance Paladin (M) Horseback
FE4paladinM Paladin (M) Sword, Lance - Horseback
FE4troubadour Troubadour Sword, Staff Paladin (F) Horseback
FE4paladinF Paladin (F) Sword, Lance, Staff - Horseback
FE4freeknight Free Knight Sword Forrest Knight Horseback
FE4forrestknight Forest Knight Sword - Horseback, Continue skill
FE4lanceknight Lance Knight Lance Duke Knight Horseback
FE4dukeknight Duke Knight Lance - Horseback
FE4axeknighticon Axe Knight Axe Great Knight Horseback
FE4greatknight Great Knight Axe - Horseback
FE4 Arch Knight Sprite Arch Knight Bow Bow Knight Horseback
FE4 Bow Knight Sprite Bow Knight Bow - Horseback
FE4swordarmour Sword Armour Sword General Armoured
FE4armour Armour Lance - Enemy only, armoured
FE4axearmour Axe Armour Axe - Enemy only, armoured
FE4bowarmour Bow Armour Bow - Enemy only, armoured
FE4general General Sword, Lance, Axe, Bow - Armoured, Big Shield skill
FE4baron Baron Sword, Lance, Axe, Bow, Staff, Fire, Thunder, Wind - Enemy only, armoured, Big Shield skill
FE4emperor Emperor Sword, Lance, Axe, Bow, Staff, Fire, Thunder, Wind - Enemy only, armoured, Big Shield and Charisma skills
FE4pegasus Pegasus Knight Sword, Lance Falcon Knight Flying
FE4falcon Falcon Knight Sword, Lance, Staff - Flying, Continue skill
FE4dragonrider Dragon Rider Sword, Lance - Enemy only, flying
FE4dragonknight Dragon Knight Sword, Lance Dragon Master Flying
FE4dragonmaster Dragon Master Sword, Lance - Flying, Pursuit skill
FE4longarch Long Arch Bow - Enemy only
FE4ironarch Iron Arch Bow - Enemy only
FE4killerarch Killer Arch Bow - Enemy only
FE4firemage Fire Mage Fire - Enemy only
FE4thundermage Thunder Mage Thunder Mage Fighter -
FE4windmage Wind Mage Wind Mage Fighter -
FE4magefighterM Mage Fighter (M) Sword, Fire, Thunder, Wind - Continue skill
FE4magefighterF Mage Fighter (F) Sword, Staff, Fire, Thunder, Wind - Continue skill
FE4mage Mage Fire, Thunder, Wind Mage Knight or Mage Fighter -
FE4mageknight Mage Knight Sword, Fire, Thunder, Wind - Horseback
FE4bard Bard Fire, Thunder, Wind, Light Sage -
FE4shaman Shaman Staff, Light Sage (Julia only) -
FE4sage Sage Staff, Fire, Thunder, Wind, Light - Continue skill
FE4priest Priest Staff High Priest -
FE4highpriest High Priest Staff, Fire, Thunder, Wind - -
FE4bishop Bishop Staff, Fire, Thunder, Wind - Enemy/NPC only
FE4queen Queen Staff, Fire, Thunder, Wind - Enemy only, Charisma skill
FE4darkmage Dark Mage Staff, Dark - Enemy only
FE4darkbishop Dark Bishop Staff, Fire, Thunder, Wind, Dark - Enemy only, Pursuit skill
FE4darkprince Dark Prince Fire, Thunder, Wind, Dark - Enemy only
FE4civilian Civilian - - NPC only

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