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A List of Classes from Fire Emblem Gaiden

Playable ClassesEdit

Icons Class Weapon Types Promotes to Notes
FE2 Alm Map Icon
Fighter Sword Hero -
FE2 Alm Map Icon
Hero Sword, Bow - -
FE2 Celica Map Icon
Priestess Sword, Black Magic, White Magic Princess (Celica only) -
FE2 Celica Map Icon
Princess Sword, Black Magic, White Magic - -
FE2 Villager Map Icon
Villager Sword Mercenary, Soldier, Archer, Mage, or Cavalier. Random Promotion
FE2 Mercenary Map Icon
Mercenary Sword Sword Fighter -
FE2 Sword Fighter Map Icon
Sword Fighter Sword Dread Fighter -
FE2 Dread Fighter Map Icon
Dread Fighter Sword - -
FE2 Soldier Map Icon
Soldier Lance Knight -
FE2 Knight Map Icon
Knight Lance Baron -
FE2 Baron Map Icon
Baron Lance - -
FE2 Archer Map Icon
Archer Bow Sniper -
FE2 Sniper Map Icon
Sniper Bow Bow Knight -
FE2 Bow Knight Map Icon
Bow Knight Bow - Always 1-5 range
FE2 Mage Map Icon
FE2 Mage Female Map Icon
Mage Black Magic Sage (male)
Priestess (female)
FE2 Sage Map Icon
Sage Black Magic, White Magic - -
FE2 Cavalier Map Icon
Cavalier Lance Paladin -
FE2 Cavalier Map Icon
Paladin Lance Gold Knight -
FE2 Gold Knight Map Icon
Gold Knight Lance - -
FE2 Pegasus Knight Map Icon
Pegasus Knight Lance Falcon Knight Flying
FE2 Falcon Knight Map Icon
Falcon Knight Lance - Flying, effective against monsters
FE2 Cleric Map Icon
Sister White Magic Saint -
FE2 Saint Map Icon
Saint White Magic - Adjacent allies gain 5 HP at the start of every turn

Enemy ClassesEdit

Icons Class Weapon Types Promotes to Notes
FE2 Cavalier Map Icon
Badess Lance - Enemy only, essentially Paladin
FE2 Baron Map Icon
Majin Lance - Enemy only, essentially Baron
Brigand - Thief FE2 Map Icon
Thief Axe - Enemy only
FE2 Dread Fighter Map Icon
Kelbeth Sword - Enemy only, essentially Dread Fighter
FE2 Dread Fighter Map Icon
Belreth Sword - Enemy only, essentially Dread Fighter
Gargoyle - Balrog Flying
Balrog - - Flying
Draco Zombie - White Dragon Flying
White Dragon - - Flying
Sorcerer FE2 Map Icon
Sorcerer Black Magic - Enemy only
Exorcist Black Magic - Enemy only, summons monsters
Witch FE2 Map Icon
Witch Black Magic - Enemy only, can teleport
Zombie - Mummy Enemy only, monster
Mummy - - Enemy only, monster
Bigl - - Enemy only, monster
Skeleton - Lich Enemy only, monster
Lich - - Enemy only, monster
Dark God - - Monster, Duma only, regenerates HP every turn[1]
  1. 5 HP ≥20 HP, 40 HP ≤19.

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