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This is a list of deities or gods in each Fire Emblem game, as well as beings who are worshipped as Gods without actually being one.

Individuals worshipped as Gods Edit


  • Naga - Worshiped by humans as their guardian god, in reality the deceased leader of the Divine Dragon race.

Jugdral Edit

Elibe Edit

  • Eight Legends - Legendary Dragon slayers who wielded the Divine Weapons, and turned the tide of The Scouring in humanities favor. Worshipped as gods by later generations of humans.

Ylisse and ValmEdit

  • Naga - Worshiped by humans and Manaketes alike unlike in Archanea. She protected humankind from the Fell Dragon Grima by granting her power to the first Exalt of Ylisse.
  • Grima - The Fell Dragon worshiped by the Grimleal as the god of annihilation. Believed to be descended from the Earth Dragon tribe.

Gods Edit


  • Duma - The Dark God of power worshiped by the Kingdom of Rigel and elder brother of Mila
  • Mila - The Earth Mother of Leisure worshiped by the Kingdom of Zofia and younger sister of Duma


  • Yudu - The sky deity and the highest ranking god, said to be one of the creator gods. Mentioned primarily in the developer's notes.

Valm Edit

  • Mila - Worshiped in Valm (the future version of Valentia) as the Earth Mother alongside Naga. No longer worshipped with Duma for unknown reasons.


  • Delphi - The sky god, who is only mentioned once in a conversation with an Arcadian villager in Chapter 14 of Fūin no Tsurugi, and in the description of the Delphi Shield item
  • Fillia - The spirit of fire, associated with the Filla's Might item
  • Thor - The spirit of thunder, associated with the Thor's Ire item
  • Set - The spirit of wind, associated with the Set's Litany item
  • Ninis - The spirit of ice, associated with the Ninis' Grace item


  • Ashunera - The creator goddess, the combined form of Ashera and Yune.
  • Ashera - Goddess worshiped by Begnion and the embodiment of Order.
  • Yune - The "dark god" trapped in Lehran's Medallion, the embodiment of Chaos.

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