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The Sound Room appears in the Extras section when the game has been completed at least once.

List of Songs by NumberEdit

Number Song Title Notes/How to Unlock
1 Prelude (Opening theme)
2 Fire Emblem Theme (Title screen and class roll)
3 Where Stories Begin (File menu)
4 Shadow and Light (Prologue)
5 Footsteps of Fate (Player phase theme for the Prologue Chapters)
6 The Time to Act (Player phase theme for Chapter 1~12)
7 For Liberty (Player phase theme for Chapter 13~17)
8 A Hero's Destiny (Player phase theme for Chapter 18~24)
9 Showdown in Dolhr Keep (Player phase theme for the Final Chapter)
10 Into the Darkness (Player phase theme for multiplayer battles (from Thracia 776))
11 On the Path to Victory (Player phase theme when all enemy units have been defeated)
12 Blade of Treachery (Enemy phase theme for the Prologue Chapters)
13 Onset (Enemy phase theme for Chapter 1~12)
14 A Mighty Host Appears (Enemy phase theme for Chapter 13~17)
15 The Shadow Lengthens (Enemy phase theme for Chapter 18~24)
16 Last Revels (Enemy phase theme for the Final Chapter)
17 Looming Danger (Enemy phase theme for multiplayer battles (from Thracia 776))
18 Strike! (Player battle theme)
19 Adversary (Enemy battle theme)
20 Stalwart Opposition (Boss battle theme)
21 Clash of Two Virtues (Camus and Michalis's battle theme)
22 Medeus, Shadow Dragon (Medeus's battle theme)
23 The Sacred Light (Casting Starlight)
24 Bellowing Darkness (Casting Imhullu)
25 A Deadly Test of Might (Arena battle theme (Clash from Path of Radiance))
26 Return to Us, Friend (Casting Aum staff)
27 Trouble! (Event music)
28 Dark Clouds Gather (Event music)
29 Keep Marching On (Event music)
30 With Heads Held High (Event music)
31 The Uninvited Guest (Event music)
32 The Proud Commander (Event music, Camus and Michalis's theme)
33 The Ancient Mage-Dragon (Event music, Morzas's theme)
34 Come, Join Us (Recruitment theme)
35 Gharnef, Lord of Shadow (Event music, Gharnef's theme)
36 Gotoh, White Sage (Event music, Gotoh's theme)
37 Nyna, Forlorn Princess (Event music, Nyna's theme)
38 The Little Divine Dragon (Event music, Tiki's theme)
39 The Shadow Dragon's Ire (Event music, Medeus's theme)
40 Renewed Purpose (Event music (Sortie from Thracia 776))
41 The People's Lament (Event music)
42 Reunited (Event music)
43 Paean (Event music)
44 Sweet Victory (Victory theme)
45 After the Battle (Victory theme)
46 Continent in Turmoil (World map theme)
47 Reclamation (World map theme)
48 For Tomorrow's Sake (World map theme)
49 Preparations (Battle preparations)
50 Leaps and Bounds (Promotion)
51 The Valiant Challenger (Arena entrance (Follow Me! from The Sacred Stones))
52 The Valiant's Reward (Arena victory)
53 Armory (Armory)
54 Vendor (Vendor)
55 Secret Shop (Secret Shop)
56 Positioned to Win (Multiplayer battle preparations)
57 A Hero Falls (Marth dies)
58 A Painful Farewell (Character death)
59 Requiem for the Brave (Game over)
60 Pieces of Hope (Epilogue)
61 The Heroes Thereafter (Results and character ending)
62 In the Wind and the Light (Epilogue)
63 Unspoken Feelings (Fin)

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