The Sound Room is unlocked by completing the game with a rank of A or higher.

List of Songs by NumberEdit

Number Category Song Title Notes
1 Thracia 776 Beginning Opening Theme
2 Thracia 776 Fire Emblem Theme Title Theme
3 Thracia 776 World Map A World Map Theme
4 Thracia 776 World Map B World Map Theme
5 Thracia 776 World Map C World Map Theme
6 Thracia 776 Sortie Battle Preparations
7 Leaf's Army in Search of Victory Base Overworld Theme
8 Leaf's Army in Search of Victory Advance A Overworld Theme
9 Leaf's Army in Search of Victory Advance B Overworld Theme
10 Leaf's Army in Search of Victory Adversity Overworld Theme When Being Chased
11 Leaf's Army in Search of Victory Victory is Near Overworld Theme When Near Chapter's End
12 Leaf's Army in Search of Victory Defeat is Near Overworld Theme When Something Goes Wrong
13 Leaf's Army in Search of Victory Scout For Enemies Overworld Theme (Fog of War)
14 Leaf's Army in Search of Victory Leaf Overworld Theme Toward the Game's End
15 Pressing Threat Base A Enemy Overworld Theme
16 Pressing Threat Base B Enemy Overworld Theme
17 Pressing Threat Advance Enemy Overworld Theme
18 Pressing Threat Dark Bishops Enemy Overworld Theme
19 Pressing Threat On Alert Enemy Overworld Theme (Fog of War)
20 Pressing Threat Final Chapter Enemy Overworld Theme Toward the Game's End
21 Applying Justice Attack Player Battle Theme
22 Applying Justice Defense Enemy Battle Theme
23 Applying Justice Recovery Magic A Leidrick's Battle Theme
24 Applying Justice Recovery Magic B Veld's Battle Theme
25 Applying Justice Dancer Arena Battle Theme
26 Applying Justice Class Change Level Up Theme
27 Applying Justice Boss Battle Level Up Theme (Arena)
28 Applying Justice Leidrick Battle Pre-Battle Theme
29 Applying Justice Veld Battle Pre-Battle Theme
30 Applying Justice Arena Battle Pre-Battle Theme
31 Applying Justice Level Up A Pre-Battle Theme
32 Applying Justice Level Up B Pre-Battle Theme
33 In Battle Danger Pre-Battle Theme
34 In Battle Forward Pre-Battle Theme
35 In Battle Destiny Pre-Battle Theme
36 In Battle Squadron A Pre-Battle Theme
37 In Battle Squadron B Pre-Battle Theme
38 In Battle Barbarians Pre-Battle Theme
39 In Battle Thracia Pre-Battle Theme
40 In Battle Lopto A Pre-Battle Theme
41 In Battle Lopto B Pre-Battle Theme
42 In Battle Leidrick Pre-Battle Theme (Leidrick's Theme)
43 Chapter End Victory End of Chapter Theme
44 Chapter End Victory (Minor) End of Chapter Theme
45 Chapter End August Talks A End of Chapter Theme
46 Chapter End August Talks B End of Chapter Theme
47 Chapter End Go Leaf! End of Chapter Theme
48 Chapter End Conquest End of Chapter Theme (Final Chapter)
49 In Chapter Recruitment Recruitment Theme
50 In Chapter Meeting & Reunion Event Music
51 In Chapter Comical Event Music
52 In Chapter Church Event Music
53 In Chapter Sorrow Event Music
54 In Chapter Sara Event Music (Sara's Theme)
55 In Chapter Eyvel Event Music (Eyvel's Theme)
56 Ending Results Chapter Results
57 Ending Afterwards Chapter Endings
58 Ending Ballad Staff Roll
59 Ending Organ Fin

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