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List of Skills in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War

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Big shield
Great Shield This skill causes the character to block any enemy attack, including Holy Weapons and magic, with a chance of (Level) %. It is restricted to promoted heavy-armored characters, such as the Baron class.
Wrath (SNES)
Wrath The character's attacks are always critical hits when he or she is lower than half on HP. Tailto and Linda of Freege have this skill.
Pursuit This skill lets the character attack twice (or four times if he or she has a Heroes weapon) if he or she is faster than the enemy. Most playable characters have this skill or acquire it when promoted.
Continue This skill lets the character to attack twice with a chance of (Attack Speed+20)%. Ayra and Larcei of Isaach get this skill upon promotion to Swordmaster class.
Steal (SNES)
Steal This skill lets the character steal their enemy's money after attacking it. This skill is restricted to the Thief and Thief Fighter classes. Dew and Patty have this skill.
Charisma The characters surrounding a character with this skill earn an extra 10% in hit accuracy and Evade.
Awareness This skill nullifies enemy critical attacks. It also nullifies sword-related skills, which are Meteor Hit, Moonlight Hit, and Solar Strike. It also seems to have a chance of nullifying extra-attack skills such as Pursuit and Continue. Alec of Chalphy, Ayra of Isaach, and Deirdre of Belhalla have this skill. Alec passes this skill onto his children. Deirdre passes it onto Seliph. Ayra passes it onto Larcei and Ulster. Enemies with this skill  appear in Chapter 9 and Final Chapter. Mikiri skill does not stop Shanan, with the Balmung, from slaying the enemy. Julius has this skill in Final Chapter only, but it is remotely possible for Shanan to beat him in Final Chapter with the Balmung.
Prayer The character's chances of evading an enemy attack greatly increases if he or she is critically low on HP. Finn of Leonster and Sylvia the Dancer have this skill.
Critical This skill randomly lets a character perform a critical attack. This skill does not work if the enemy has Awareness skill.
Ambush The character gets to attack first if he or she is low on HP. Lex of Dozel, Arden of Chalphy, and Roddlevan of Isaach have this skill.
Charge This skill has a chance of activating several rounds of extra combat. You must beware that enemy gets to attack as well. Noish of Chalphy, Midayle of Jungby, and Beowolf have this skill.
Shooting Star Sword
Shooting Star Sword This skill randomly lets a character attack five times in a row, or ten times with a Heroes Sword. The higher the skill the higher the chance this skill works. This skill does not work against an enemy with Awareness skill. Ayra, Shanan, Larcei, and Ulster have this skill.
Moonlight Sword If this skill works, it will penetrate all the enemy's defense. This skill does not work if the enemy has Awareness skill. Holyn has this skill.
Sun Sword
Sun Sword If this skill works, it recovers the character's HP when hitting the enemy. This skill does not work if the enemy has Awareness skill. Dew from Sigurd's tale has this skill. Ayra, Sylvia and Briggid let him pass this skill onto Seliph's generation.
Life (Skill)
Life It recovers HP at the beginning of every turn. Only enemies in Final Chapter have this skill.
Elite This skill doubles the experience points the character receives. Lex of Dozel, Sharlow and Linda of Freege have this skill.
Bargain This skill grants the character a 50% discount in the shops. Dew has this skill.
Dance (SNES)
Dance Adds the extra "Dance" command. After dancing, the grayed-out, or "moved" units adjacent to the dancer get activated. However, you get only one dancer per generation.

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