General Skills Edit

These skills can be equipped to any unit, provided that they have sufficient capacity and they are not restricted from equipping them due to class or race (such as Beorc or Laguz) reasons. In some cases, they may be locked to specific units. These skills can be freely removed at base, but the action is irreversible.

Icon Skill Capacity Effect Class(es)/type Starting skill of
PoR Nihil Nihil 15 Negates enemy's battle skills Calill, Nasir
Vantage (FE9) Vantage 10 Always attack first Mia, Naesala
FE9 Adept Adept 10 Skill% chance of attacking twice Soren, Zihark
Wrath (FE9) Wrath 10 When below half HP, Critical +50 Nephenee
Miracle (FE9) Miracle 5 Luck% chance of reducing lethal damage to half current HP Mist, Ena
Resolve (FE9) Resolve 10 When below half HP, Strength, Skill, Speed x1.5 Tauroneo
Counter (FE9) Counter 10 Skill/2% chance of returning half damage to opponent Titania
Guard (FE9) Guard 10 Skill% chance of negating opponent's following attack Haar
Corrode (FE9) Corrode 10 Skill% chance of reducing opponent's weapon uses Bastian
Parity (FE9) Parity 5 Negates both battle participant's skills, terrain bonuses and supports Lucia
Gamble (FE9) Gamble 10 Command: When used Hit x0.5, Critical x2 Kieran
Smite (FE9) Smite 10 Command: When used shoves the target 2 tiles away Mordecai
Celerity (FE9) Celerity 15 Movement +2 Tormod
Tempest Tempest 5 Doubles Biorhythm effects Boyd, Makalov
Serenity Serenity 5 Halves Biorhythm effects Rhys, Devdan
Provoke (FE9) Provoke 5 User is more likely to be attacked Shinon
Shade (FE9) Shade 5 User is less likely to be attacked Ilyana, Volke
FE9 Renewal Renewal 15 Recovers 10% of characters max HP at the beginning of every turn Elincia, Ena
Savior (FE9) Savior 10 Command: When used, rescues the target with no penalties Tibarn
Paragon (FE9) Paragon 15 User recieves double experience Astrid, Geoffrey
Reinforce Reinforce 15 Command: when used, summons 2 Pegasus Knights and 1 Falcon Knight Partner units. Can be used 2 times per map Tanith Tanith
FE9 Blossom Blossom 15 Increases growth rates, user recieves 2/3 experience Sothe
FE9 Canto Canto 20 Command: when used, gives an ally another turn (adjacent allies if transformed) Transformed Herons Reyson
Insight (FE9) Insight 0 Hit +20 Janaff Janaff
Vigilance (FE9) Vigilance 0 Avoid +20 Ulki, Sephiran Ulki
Daunt (FE9) Daunt 10 Enemies within 3 tiles have Hit -5, Crit -5. Trial mode only
Discipline (FE9) Discipline 0 Greatly reduces stats. Enemy only
Mantle (FE9) Mantle 0 User takes reduced damage. NPC only
Iron wall Iron Wall 5 Unused. Does nothing

Class Skills Edit

These skills cannot be freely equipped, and are only used by certain classes. They take no Capacity and cannot be removed.

Icon Skill Effect Class(es)/type
Lumina Lumina User gains the ability to use Light Magic depending on staff rank Bishop
FE9 Knife Skill Knife User gains the ability to use Knives Thief, Assassin, Sage (if chosen on promotion)
FE9 Steal Steal User can steal unequipped items from enemy's inventory so long as (user's Speed > target's Speed) and (user's Strength > item's Weight). Also gives the ability to open doors and chests without using keys Thief, Assassin

Mastery Skills Edit

These skills are equipped when an Occult Scroll is used on a certain class, provided the character has sufficient capacity. These skills can be freely removed at base, but the action is irreversible.

Icon Skill Capacity Effect Class(es)/type Starting skill of
FE9 Aether Aether 20 Skill% chance of attacking with Sol effect then with Luna effect Lord, Hero
Sol (FE9) Sol 20 Skill% chance of recovering HP equal to damage dealt Paladin, Valkyrie
Stun (FE9) Stun 20 Skill/2% chance of paralysing the opponent for 2 turns Falcon Knight, Wyvern Lord, Princess Crimea
Flare (FE9) Flare 20 Skill% chance of halving opponent's Resistance Bishop, Sage
FE9 Astra Astra 20 Skill/2% chance of attacking 5 times for half damage Swordmaster Stefan
Luna (FE9) Luna 20 Skill% chance of halving opponent's Defence/Resistance General, Halberdier
Colossus (FE9) Colossus 20 If user's Con > opponent's Con then user's Strength x1.25 Warrior, Berserker
Deadeye (FE9) Deadeye 20 Hit x2, Skill/2% chance of putting opponent to sleep Sniper
Lethality (FE9) Lethality 20 50% of instantly killing an opponent with a critical hit. Never activates against certain opponents. Assassin
Roar (FE9) Roar 20 Command: when used, paralyses the opponent for one turn Cat, Tiger, Lion Giffca
Cancel (FE9) Cancel 20 Skill% chance of negating damage from opponent's attack Hawk Tibarn
Vortex Vortex 20 Command: when used, attacks the target with 1~2 range Wind Magic identical to Elwind Raven Naesala
FE9 Blessing Blessing 20 At the beginning of each turn restores HP to all adjacent allies equal to user's Magic Heron Reyson
FE9 Boon Boon 20 At the beginning of each turn, removes all negative status effects from all adjacent allies Red Dragon, White Dragon Ena, Nasir