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List of Skills in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

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General SkillsEdit

These skills can be equipped to any unit, permitting they have sufficient capacity and the skill does not prohibit it based on their class or type (such as Beorc or Laguz). In some cases, they may be locked to a specific unit, but in general they can be equipped and unequipped at the base.

Icon Skill Capacity Class(es)/Type (if exclusive)
Adept Adept 15
Aurora Aurora 0 Enemy Only
Beastfoe Beastfoe 15
Birdfoe Birdfoe 15
Bloodtide Blood Tide 10 Red Dragon
Blossom Blossom 20
Boon Boon 15 Dragon Laguz
Cancel Cancel 10
Celerity Celerity 15
Corrosion Corrosion 15 Beorc
Counter Counter 10
Daunt Daunt 10
Disarm Disarm 10 Beorc
Discipline Discipline 10 Beorc
Dragonfoe Dragonfoe 15
Flourish Flourish 10
Fortune Fortune 20
Gamble Gamble 10
Guard Guard 20
Howl Howl 20 Beast tribe Laguz
Imbue Imbue 15 Non-magic user
Maelstrom Maelstrom 20 Hawk and Raven Laguz
Mantle Mantle 0
Miracle Miracle 5
Nighttide Night Tide 10 Black Dragons
Nihil Nihil 20
Nullify Nullify 20
Paragon Paragon 15
Parity Parity 10
Pass Pass 15
Pavise Pavise 20
Provoke Provoke 10
Quickclaw Quickclaw 20 Beast Laguz
Renewal Renewal 15
Resolve Resolve 15
Savior Savior 10
Shade Shade 10 Beorc
Shriek Shriek 20 Raven and Hawk Laguz
Smite Smite 15
Stillness Stillness 25 Beorc
Vantage Vantage 10
Whitepool White Pool 10 White Dragons
Wildheart Wildheart 15 Non-Heron Laguz
Wrath Wrath 15

Personal SkillsEdit

These skills can be used exclusively by one character. Some of them may be unequipped while others may not be.

Icon Skill Capacity Unit
Glare Glare 30 Nailah
Insight Insight 0 Janaff
Mercy Mercy 10 Elincia
Sacrifice Sacrifice 0 Micaiah
Vigilance Vigilance 0 Ulki

Class SkillsEdit

The following skills are automatically given to any units that fall into a certain category (such as flying unit) or class. They cannot be unequipped.

Icon Skill Capacity Class(es)/Type
Blessing Blessing 15 Heron
Canto Canto 10 Mounted Units, Flying Units
Critical 5 Critical +5 0 Myrmidon, Halberdier, and Reaver
Critical 10 Critical +10 0 Swordmaster, Sniper and Sentinel
Critical 15 Critical +15 0 Marksman
Critical 20 Critical +20 0 Trueblade
Critical 25 Critical +25 0 Assassin
Formshift Formshift 0 Wolf Queen, Lion King, Raven King, Hawk King, Dragon Prince
Galdrar Galdr 0 Heron
Shove Shove 5 Walking units
Steal Steal 0 Thief, Rogue, and Whisper

Mastery SkillsEdit

The following skills are Mastery Skills, which can only be learned by a 3rd tier beorc upon promotion or a Laguz whose level is over 30 through use of a Satori Sign.

Icon Skill Capacity Class(es)
Aether Aether 30 Vanguard
Astra Astra 30 Trueblade
Bane Bane 30 Whisper
Colossus Colossus 25 Reaver
Corona Corona 30 Light Priestess, Saint, and Chancellor
Deadeye Deadeye 25 Marksman
Eclipse Eclipse 30 Black Knight
Flare Flare 30 Archsage, Empress, and Summoner
Impale Impale 30 Sentinel
Ire Ire 30 Red Dragon, White Dragon, Black Dragon
Lethality Lethality 30 Assassin
Luna Luna 30 Marshall
Rend Rend 30 Cat
Roar Roar 30

Tiger, Lion, and Lion King

Savage Savage 30 Wolf and Wolf Queen
Sol Sol 30 Silver Knight, Gold Knight, and Valkyrie
Stun Stun 25 Queen, Dragon Lord, and Seraph Knight
Tear Tear 30 Raven, Raven King, Hawk, Hawk King

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