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List of Skills in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

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Skill Class Activation Effect
Great Shield General Level% Negates all damage.
Pierce Wyvern Knight Level% Attack ignores target's Defense.
Steal Thief, Rogue Command Can steal from adjacent enemy.
Pick Rogue Command Can open doors and chests without a Lockpick.
Silencer Assassin 1/2 Critical rate Automatically kills target.
Disarm Trap Assassin, Rogue Automatic Disarms any traps unit lands on.
Sure Strike Sniper Level% Attack automatically hits.
Slayer Bishop Always Weapon effectiveness against Monster units regardless of weapon used.
Summon Summoner, Necromancer, Demon King Command Summons a Phantom into an adjacent space. (player)
Summons multiple Monsters into the field. (enemy)

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