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Star Ranked weapons are weapons that are locked to one unit or an exclusive group of units and/or classes, and can be wielded by only them.


Name Wielder(s)
Rapier Marth (FE1/3/11/12), Dancers (FE3), Runan (TRS), Roy (FE6), Eliwood (FE7), Eirika (FE8), Lords/Great Lords/Lodestars (FE13) only
Mercurius Marth only (FE1) usable by anyone in other games
Falchion Marth only (FE1/3/11/12/13/14), Alm only (FE2), Chrom/Lucina only (FE13/14)
Levin Sword anyone but Generals (FE1)
Royal Sword Alm only (FE2)
Lady Sword Females only (FE3/12/BS)
Prayer Sword Females only (FE4)
Tyrfing Vylon, Sigurd, Seliph only (FE4)
Mystletainn Eldigan, Ares only (FE4)
Balmung Shanan only (FE4), Kramer only (BS) (Ulster and Larcei in FE4 can use Balmung if their parents are Ayra and Holyn, but cannot legimitely get the sword).
Light Sword Leif only (FE5), usable by anyone in other games
Earth Sword Nanna only (FE5), usable by anyone in FE4
Darkness Sword Mareeta only (FE5)
Mareeta's Sword Mareeta only (FE5)
Beo Sword Felgus and Delmud only (FE5)
Holy Sword Olwen only (FE5)
Blaggi Sword Leif, Nanna, Felgus, and Delmud only (FE5)
Lopto Sword Raydrik, Mus only (FE5)
Shramm Vega only (TRS)
Dullahan Shigen only (TRS)
Seiken Reeve Runan only (TRS)
Seiken Salia Holmes only (TRS)
Seiken Canaan Sennet only (TRS)
Seiken Leda Tia only (TRS)
Wo Dao Myrmidons/Swordmasters/Lyn only (FE6/7)
Sword of Seals Roy only (FE6)
Eckesachs Zephiel only (FE6)
Mani Katti Lyn only (FE7)
Sol Katti Lyn only (FE7), Myrmidons/Swordmasters only (FE13)
Durandal Eliwood only (FE7)
Shamshir Eirika/Myrmidons/Bonewalkers/Swordmasters/Assassins/Wights only (FE8)
Sieglinde Eirika only (FE8)
Regal Sword Ike only (FE9)
Ragnell Ike only (FE9/10/14)
Amiti Elincia only (FE9/10), Renning only (FE10), Renning can use but cannot legimitely gain Amiti.
Alondite Black Knight only (SS rank in FE10) (FE9)
Gurgurant Ashnard only (FE9)
Cutlass Faye only (BS)
Over Cutlass Faramir only (BS)
Raze Tar ??? only (BS)
Lord Gram Reese only (BS)
Succeed Reese only (BS)
Seiken Vritra Faye only (BS)
Zweihander Marcel only * (BS)
Brimranger Sherpa only * (BS)
Ettard Ike only (FE10)
Florete Mist only (FE10)
Caladbolg Edward only (FE10)
Amatsu Myrmidons/Swordmasters only (FE13)
Missiletainn Owain only (FE13)
Raijinto Ryoma, Shiro (Heirs of Fate) only (FE14)
Siegfried Xander, Siegbert (Heirs of Fate) only (FE14)
Ganglari Avatar only (FE14, Base version only)
Yato Avatar, Kana (Heirs of Fate) only (FE14)


Name Wielders
Helswath Langobalt, Burian only (FE4). Danan is capable of wielding the Helswath, even though he is never shown to do so in game.
Pugi Orsin only (FE5)
Wolf Beil Hector only (FE7)
Armads Hector only (FE7)
Bhuj Dean only (BS)
Gigas Axe Gigas Knights only (BS)
Tarvos Nolan only (FE10)
Wolf Berg Walhart only (FE13)
Camilla's Axe Females only (FE14)
Arthur's Axe Males only (FE14)
Bolverk Garon only (FE14)


Name Wielders
Javelin/Gradivus All but Soldiers (FE2)
Gáe Bolg Quan, Altena only (FE4)
Gungnir Travant, Areone only (FE4)
Dragonpike Dean, Altena only (FE5), Galle only (FE6). In other Fire Emblem games, anyone can wield with sufficient weapon level.
Brave Lance Finn only (FE5). In other Fire Emblem games, anyone can wield with sufficient weapon level.
Reginleif Ephraim only (FE8)
Siegmund Ephraim only (FE8)
Follage Alvina only (BS)
Wing Spear Caeda only (FE11/12)

Bows, Crossbows and BallistaeEdit

Name TypeWielders
Yewfelle Bow Briggid, Faval only (FE4)
Ballista Ballista Ballistae only (FE4/5), Archers/Snipers only (FE6/7/8/9/10)
Iron Ballista Ballista Iron Ballistae only (FE4/5), Archers/Snipers only (FE6/7/8/9/10)
Killer Ballista Ballista Killer Ballistae only (FE4), Archers/Snipers only (FE6/7/8/9/10)
Great Arch Ballista Great Archs only (FE4)
Poison Arch Ballista Poison Archs only (FE5)
Stone Henge Ballista Ballisticians/Wood Shooters only (TRS)
Quick Rain Ballista Ballisticians/Wood Shooters only (TRS)
Longbow Bow Archers/Snipers only (FE9/11/12/13)
Rolf's Bow Bow Rolf only (FE9, anyone can use in FE10)
Onager Ballista Archers/Snipers only (FE9/10)
Double Bow Bow Archers/Snipers only (FE9/13)
Pascannon Bow Estobar only (BS)
Selenia Bow Bow Lanette only (BS)
Hawkeye Crossbow Chris only (BS)
Lughnasadh Bow Leonardo only (FE10)
Towering Bow Bow Archers/Snipers only (FE13)
Fujin Yumi Bow Takumi, Kiragi (Heirs of Fate) only (FE14)
Skadi Bow Takumi only (FE14)


Name TypeWielders
Excalibur Wind Merric only (FE1/3) (In FE11/12, Merric can use with an E in tomes, any other male character can use with B in tomes.)
Aura Light Linde only (FE1/3) (In FE11/12, Linde can use with E in tomes, any other female character can use it with B in tomes.)
Imhullu Dark Gharnef only (FE11/12)
Nosferatu Light/Dark Females only (FE3/12), Dark Mages/Sorcerers only (FE13/14)[1]
Valflame Fire Arvis only (FE4) ??? only (FE5 unused) (Anyone with A in tomes can wield it in FE13)
Forseti Wind Usable by those with major Forseti blood in FE4 (Lewyn, possibly Ced, Arthur, Corpul), Ced only (FE5)
Mjölnir Thunder Reptor, Bloom, Ishtar only (FE4), Ishtar only (FE5 unused) (Anyone with A in tomes can wield it in FE13, anyone with C in tomes can wield it in FE14)
Book of Naga Light Julia Only (FE4) (Anyone with A in tomes can wield it in FE13)
Loptyr Dark Julius only (FE4) ??? only (FE5 unused)
Dime Thunder Thunder Olwen and Reinhardt only (FE5)
Grafcalibur Wind Asvel only (FE5)
Hell Dark ??? only (FE5)
Wundergust Wind Eisenbaha, Maruju only (TRS)
☆Starlight Light Meriah only (TRS), Oracles only (BS)
Brenthunder Thunder Alicia only (TRS)
Sunflame Fire Rishel only (TRS)
Aura Rain Light Meriah only (TRS)
Black Rain Dark Gerxel only (TRS)
Forblaze Fire Athos only (FE7)
Pallas Leia Fire Enid only (BS)
Pallas Liana Wind Aegina only (BS)
Pallas Selenia Thunder Lanette only (BS)
Restore Light Izerna only (BS)
Thani Light Micaiah only (FE10)
Cymbeline Fire Sanaki only (FE10)
Creiddylad Light Sephiran/Lehran only (FE10)
Flux Dark Dark Mages/Sorcerers only (FE13)[1]
Ruin Dark Dark Mages/Sorcerers only (FE13)[1]
Mire Dark Dark Mages/Sorcerers only (FE13)[1]
Waste Dark Dark Mages/Sorcerers only (FE13)[1]
Aversa's Night Dark Dark Mages/Sorcerers only (FE13)[1]
Goetia Dark Dark Mages/Sorcerers only (FE13)[1]
Brynhildr Dark? Leo, Forrest (Heirs of Fate) only (FE14)
Missiletainn Wind Ophelia only (FE14)
Thoron Thunder Robin only (FE14)


Name Wielders
Hammerne Lena only (FE1/3/11/12), Malliesia only (FE3/12), Safy only (FE5)
Aum Staff Elice only (FE1/3/11/12), Yumina only (FE3/11/12), Maria/Caeda/Minerva only (FE11/12), Sheema/Nyna only (FE12)
Thief Staff Malliesia only (FE3), Tina only (FE5)
Rescue Yumina only (FE3)
Valkyrie Staff only usable by those with major Blaggi blood (Claude, possibly Corpul, Ced) (FE4)
Unlock Tina only (FE5)
Kia Staff Sara only (FE5)
Defense Staff Plum only (TRS)
Magic Staff Mel only (TRS)
Strength Staff Lyria only (TRS)
Silence Staff Leteena only (TRS)
Warp Staff Renee only (TRS)
Astral Blessing Lilith only (FE14)

Misc. ItemsEdit

Name TypeWielders
Lockpick Key Thieves only (FE1/5/6/7/8), Thief Fighters/Lara only (FE5), Assassins only (FE7/8), Rogues only (FE8)
Firestone Stone Bantu only (FE1), usable by any Manakete in other games.
Divinestone Stone Tiki only (FE1/3/11/12), Fae only (FE6), Nagi only (FE11/12)
Earthstone Stone Medeus only (FE1/3/11)
Fire Emblem Shield Marth only (FE3/11/12)
Shield of Seals Shield Marth only (FE3/12)
Circlet Accessory Deirdre/Julia only (FE4)
Lan's Mirror Accessory Plum only (TRS)
Ring of Salia Ring Katri only (TRS)
Ring of Canaan Ring Neyfa only (TRS)
Ring of Reeve Ring Enteh only (TRS)
Ring of Leda Ring Tia only (TRS)
Nini's Grace Ring Ninian/Nils only (FE7)
Thor's Ire Ring Ninian/Nils only (FE7)
Set's Litany Ring Ninian/Nils only (FE7)
Filla's Might Ring Ninian/Nils only (FE7)
Beorcguard Accessory Laguz only (FE9)
Laguzguard Accessory Beorc only (FE9)
Knight Ward Shield Lance Knights/Paladins/Axe Knights/Knights/Soldiers/Bow Knights/Sword Knights/Halberdiers/Generals only (FE9)
Demi Band Ring Laguz (exscept Reyson) only (FE9)
Laguz Band Ring Naesala/Tibarn/Giffca only (FE9)
Chalice Shield Small Shield Females only (BS)
Pell Shield Small Shield Reese only (BS)
Paladin Shield Medium Shield Paladins only (BS)
Black Shield Medium Shield Black Knights only (BS)
General Shield Large Shield Generals only (BS)
Rudol Gem Accessory Sephiran/Sanaki only (FE10)
Spectre Card/Reaper Card/Daemon Card Card Anyone but Fire Mages, Thunder Mages, Wind Mages, Light Mages, Priests, Fire Sages, Thunder Sages, Wind Sages, Light Sages, Dark Sages, Bishops, Druids, Archsages, Light Priestesses, Saints, Summoners, Empresses (FE10)
Beaststone/Beaststone+ Stone Taguel only (FE13)
Dragonstone/Dragonstone+ Stone Manakete only (FE13)
Hairpin Kunai Females only (FE14)
Draconic Rage Breath Avatar/Kana only (FE14) Used by Avatar in Chapter 5 and by Kana in his/her paralogue and Heirs of Fate 2
Astral Breath Breath Lilith only (FE14)


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