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List of items in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War

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Items from the game Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War.

Icon Name Cost Effect
Lifering Life Ring 40000 Restores 3~10 HP to user each turn
Elitering Elite Ring 40000 Gives Elite skill
Thiefring Thief Ring 40000 Gives Steal skill
Prayerring Prayer Ring 40000 Gives Prayer skill
Pursuit ring Pursuit Ring 40000 Gives Pursuit skill
Recoverring Recover Ring 40000 Restores all HP to user each turn
Bargainring Bargain Ring 40000 Gives Bargain skill
Knightring Knight Ring 40000 User can use up leftover movement after performing an action
Returnring Return Ring 20000 When used, returns user to the main castle
Speedring Speed Ring 20000 Spd +5
Magicring Magic Ring 20000 Mag +5
Powerring Power Ring 20000 Str +5
Shieldring Shield Ring 20000 Def +5
Barrierring Barrier Ring 20000 Mdf +5
Legring Leg Ring 20000 Mov +3
Skillring Skill Ring 20000 Skl +5
Circlet Circlet 0 Gives Prayer and Life skills

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