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The following is a list of items in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon.

Name Uses Cost Effects
FE11doorkeyDoor Key 1 500 Opens a door.
A key used to open a door.
FE11bridgekeyBridge Key 1 900 Opens a drawbridge.
FE11MasterkeyMaster Key 5 2,400 Opens a chest, door, or drawbridge.
A key effective on any locked door, chest, or bridge.
FE11vulneraryVulnerary 3 360 Restores 10 HP.
Medicine that restores HP.
FE11purewaterPure Water 3 600 Temporarily increases Resistance by 7.
Medicine that boosts resistance. The effect lessens with each passing turn.
FE11energydropEnergy Drop 1 2,500 Permanently increases Strength by 2.
An item that increases strength by 2.
FE11spiritdustSpirit Dust 1 2,500 Permanently increases Magic by 2.
An item that increases magic by 2.
FE11speedwingsSpeedwing 1 2,500 Permanently increases Speed by 2.
An item that increases speed by 2.
FE11secretbookSecret Book 1 2,500 Permanently increases Skill by 2.
An item that increases skill by 2.
FE11talismanTalisman 1 2,500 Permanently increases Resistance by 2.
An item that increases resistance by 2.
FE11bootsBoots 1 2,500 Permanently increases Movement by 2.
An item that increases movement by 2.
FE11dragonshieldDracoshield 1 2,500 Permanently increases Defense by 2.
An item that increases defense by 2.
FE11goddessiconGoddess Icon 1 2,500 Permanently increases Luck by 2.
An item that increases luck by 2.
FE11angelicrobeSeraph Robe 1 2,500 Permanently increases Max HP by 7
An item that increases maximum HP by 7.
FE11armsscrollArms Scroll 1 2,500 Increases Rank of equipped weapon type
An item that increases a unit's weapon level for whatever weapon or magic is equipped.
FE11silvercardSilver Card - - User gets items for half price, excluding Online Shop and Battle Preparations shop.
A card whose bearer can purchase weapons and items at half price.
FE11VIPcardVIP Card - - User gets access to secret shops.
A card that grants the bearer purchasing privleges at special shops.
FE11mastersealMaster Seal 1 2,500 Promotes Level 10 or above non-promoted units to a higher class. Excludes Lord, Thief, Ballistician, Chameleon, and Manakete.
An item that promotes a lesser-class unit at level 10 or above to a higher class.
FE11elysianwhipElysian Whip 1 2,500 Promotes Level 10 or above Pegasus Knights to Falcoknights. Only obtainable through the Online Shop.
FE11torchTorch 5 500 Extends vision in fog. Effect decreases by 1 each turn. Cannot be obtained normally.
Starsphere - - Negates loss of weapon uses for the holder. Used to forge Starlight.
Needed to create a blast of Starlight. Carrying it prevents the depletion of magic and weapons.
Lightsphere - - Negates enemy's terrain bonuses. Used to forge Starlight.
Needed to create a blast of Starlight. Carrying it nullifies the effects of terrain.
Geosphere 3 - Damages all units (13 Might).
An orb that deals damage evenly to all units.
FE11ioteshieldIote's Shield - - Negates the user's weakness to bows
A shield that negates bonus damage to the flier who carries it.
FE11fireemblemFire Emblem - - Allows the user (Marth only) to open chests. Cannot be dropped, traded, or put in the Convoy.
FE11bullionBullion (S) - 20,000 Can be sold for 10,000G
A small lump of gold that fetches 10,000G at market.
FE11bullionBullion (M) - 30,000 Can be sold for 15,000G
A lump of gold that fetches 15,000G at market.
FE11bullionBullion (L) - 40,000 Can be sold for 20,000G
A large lump of gold that fetches 20,000G at market.
FE11bullionBullion (XL) - 60,000 Can be sold for 30,000G
A huge lump of gold that fetches 30,000G at market.

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