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The following is a list of items from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones.

Name Uses Cost Effects
AngelicrobeAngelic Robe 1 8000 Permanently raises HP by 7 points
Increases HP by a max of 7 points. Vanishes after use.
EnergyringEnergy Ring 1 8000 Permanently raises Strength/Magic by 2 points
SecretbookSecret Book 1 8000 Permanently raises Skill by 2 points
SpeedwingsSpeedwing 1 8000 Permanently raises Speed by 2 points
GoddessiconGoddess Icon 1 8000 Permanently raises Luck by 2 points
DracoshieldDragonshield 1 8000 Permanently raises Defense by 2 points
TalismanTalisman 1 8000 Permanently raises Resistance by 2 points
BootsSwiftsole 1 8000 Permanently raises Movement by 2 points
BodyringBody Ring 1 8000 Permanently raises Constitution by 2 points
HerocrestHero Crest 1 10000 Class change item for Myrmidons, Fighters and Mercenaries
For mercenaries, mymidons, and fighters Lv. 10 and up.
KnightcrestKnight Crest 1 10000 Class change item for Cavaliers and Knights
OrionsboltOrion's Bolt 1 10000 Class change item for Archers
ElysianwhipElysian Whip 1 10000 Class change item for Pegasus Knights and Wyvern Riders
GuidingringGuiding Ring 1 10000 Class change item for Mages, Shamans, Priests, Clerics, Monks and Troubadours
For magic wielders and troubadours Lv. 10 and up.
ChestkeyChest Key 1 300 Opens a chest
DoorkeyDoor Key 1 50 Opens a door
Opens doors in adjacent spaces.
LockpickLockpick 15 1200 Opens chests and doors. Thieves, Assassins and Rogues only
Opens doors and chests. Usable only by thieves.
VulneraryVulnerary 3 300 Recovers HP by 10 points
A medicinal solution used for healing minor wounds.
ElixirElixir 3 3000 Fully recovers HP
A powerful solution that restores all HP.
PurewaterPure Water 3 900 Temporary raises resistance by 7 points. Effect decreases by 1 each turn
A draught that boosts Res. Grows weaker each turn.
AntitoxinAntitoxin 3 350 Cures the poison status
A medicinal solution that cures poison.
TorchTorch 5 500 Increases user's sight in fog of war. Effect decreases by 1 each turn
A staff with burning pitch. Grows dimmer each turn.
Fili shieldFili Shield - 10000 Negates effective bonus of bows and wind magic towards user
An amulet that protects fliers from arrows.
MembercardMember Card 1 6000 Lets the user enter secret shops
If someone with this card stops in a suspicious space...
SilvercardSilver Card 1 4000 User can buy items for half price
A special card that reduces the cost of all items by half.
WhitegemWhite Gem 1 20000 Can be sold for 10000G
A valuable gemstone worth 10,000 gold.
BluegemBlue Gem 1 10000 Can by sold for 5000G
RedgemRed Gem 1 5000 Can be sold for 2500G
HoplonguardHoplon Guard - 5000 User is immune to critical attacks
A device that negates enemy critical attacks.
Master sealMaster Seal 1 20000 Class change item for all normal classes, except the Lords
For some units Lv. 10 and up who have not changed class.
MetisstomeMetis's Tome 1 - Permanently raises all of the user's growth rates by 5%
OceansealOcean Seal 1 10000 Class change item for Thieves and Pirates
For use by thieves and pirates Lv. 10 and up.
LunarbraceLunar Brace 1 - Class changes Eirika to a Master Lord (or Great Lord)
SolarbraceSolar Brace 1 - Class changes Ephraim to a Master Lord (or Great Lord)
JunafruitJuna Fruit 1 - Permanently lowers the user's Level by 1-5 points. Can only be used by units Level 9 or over

(Cannot be obtained without codes.)

DragonstoneDragonstone 50 - Myrrh only, effective against monsters. Strength +12, Skill +12, Defence +15, Resistance +20.

Stats: Might 16, Accuracy 100, Weight 0, Critical 15, Weapon EXP 0

A stone imbued with mysterious might. Myrrh draws strength from it.
BlackgemBlack Gem 1 30000 Can be sold for 15000G
GoldgemGold Gem 1 40000 Can be sold for 20000G
A valuable gemstone worth 20,000 gold.

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