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“Come now, tears already? You will be a burden to Lord Runan like that, Sasha. You carry the blood of a Salian warrior in your veins. You must never lose. You may be a woman, but you must never let that be an excuse for weakness. A harsh world awaits you, so you must be independent, and be able to fight for yourself. Understood, Sasha?”
—Liza, to Sasha at the end of Map 7

Liza is a non-playable character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. She is the wife of King Loffaru of Wellt and the mother of his daughter, Sasha. She is the former wife of Vals of Granada and the mother of his son, Holmes. She was once a renowned pegasus knight of Salia and also fought in the Leda Liberation War.


As the youngest daughter of the Fire Sage Octavas, Liza is the sister of Andre, Rose, and Clarice. This makes her an aunt of Renee, Rishel, Meriah, Verna, Mahter, and Frau.

At the beginning of the game, she is secretly imprisoned in her private quarters by Duke Codha, who schemes to seize control of Wellt. Her status as a hostage is kept as a secret by Codha because he knows that the other nobles of Wellt will side with Merlon and Runan against him if they discover this. During Narsus's infiltration of Wellt Castle, Liza meets with him and asks him to inform Merlon about her well-being and give the ☆Pegasus Flute to Sasha. She also tasks him with freeing Codha's hostages.

If Sasha is sent with Holmes after the first route split, she can meet Liza if she visits Wellt Castle. In this scene, Liza reveals to Sasha that she has lost a treasure that she received from a very important person, who is later revealed to be Vals.

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