“Who is in charge here, my lord? Must you follow Zelgius's orders?”
—Lombroso to refuse Zelgius's order to ceasefire for three days.

Lombroso (ロンブローゾ Ronburōzo) is a boss character from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. He is ordered to attack Castle Seliora where the Greil Mercenaries were residing in, despite the three-day truce that General Zelgius offered to the Laguz Alliance being in effect. Like most Begnion Generals, he resents the Laguz tribes.

Profile Edit

Lombroso leads the siege of Castle Seliora in Chapter 3-5: Retreat! under the orders of an unnamed senator and was probably the general of the unnamed senator's personal army. His forces are ultimately defeated by the Greil Mercenaries, who were left in Castle Seliora after the three-day ceasefire was announced. He either dies in combat or is ordered to pull out by Levail, never to be heard from again.

Personality Edit

While playing only a minor role in the game's plot, Lombroso is a cruel individual not caring about maintaining peace, and hopes to see an end to the Laguz tribe after the war concludes. It is also hinted that he dislikes Zelgius, as shown when he disobeys his orders on a three-day truce with the Laguz alliance, and attacks the Greil Mercenaries under an unnamed Senator when the Alliance disbands despite the three day time limit, and as well as in his battle conversation with Ike. He also carried a sense of pride in believing that the higher number of soldiers, the easier it will be to be victorious while ignoring tactics and planning, as one can see him explaining when confronted in battle and when he laments about it during his final breath.

Character DataEdit

Boss StatsEdit

Starting Class Affinity
FE10 Lombroso Axe Paladin Sprite Axe Paladin FE10Fire Fire
Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con Wt Mov
14 43 23 10 24 23 7 23 16 11 36 9
Skills Weapon Starting Items

Canto Canto

FE10 Axe Axe - A

FE10silverpoleax Silver Poleax
FE10shortaxe Short Axe
FE10energydrop Energy Drop


RD Biorhythm G


Battle ConversationsEdit

  • Default

Lombroso: The outcome of a battle depends solely on the number of troops in the field! Tactics and skill are nothing in the face of sheer numbers! Wait, are you laughing at me? Gah! Die, you insolent cur!

  • Vs. Ike

Lombroso: Hmph, pathetic. Your tiny band of outlaws doesn't stand a chance before our might. We have more troops on the way. The onslaught will not stop until every last one of you lies dead!
Ike: Are you the best Begnion could send?
Lombroso: What?! How dare you take that tone with me!
Ike: Or did they send you at all? Does General Zelgius know about this little excursion?
Lombroso: I don't take orders from that sanctimonious has-been. Enough questions. Prepare to die!

Death QuoteEdit

Lombroso: Im-impossible! But how? We outnumbered them...
Begnion Soldier: General Lombroso has fallen! R-retreat! Fall back to base camp!


  • Lombroso is a surname from the Sephardi family.


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