“I doubt they differed much from you or I at first, but over time the ways of evil took root.”

The Loptyrian Cult (ロプト教団, Roputo Kyōdan lit. Loptr Sect in the Japanese version) is a cult led by Archbishop Manfroy in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War and Fire Emblem: Thracia 776, made up of the descendents of the followers of the Loptyrian Empire who are dedicated to the resurrection of the dark god Loptyr, and the complete subjugation of Jugdral. During the reign of the Loptyrian Empire, they were led by the dynasty of Galle, before their rule was ended by the Twelve Crusaders. Before the events of Genealogy of the Holy War, they were forced to hide beneath the Yied Shrine to avoid persecution, however, after the creation of the Grannvale Empire and the start of Julius' rule, they were able to reemerge, and take positions of power in the Empire, resuming cruel practices like the Child Hunts, which were also performed in the past at the height of the Loptyrian Empire. Its members, the Loptyrian Mages, the more powerful Dark Mages, and the Dark Bishops, are all capable of using Dark Magic. The twelve Deadlords serve the Loptyrian Cult as well.

In Thracia 776, it is learned that the Schwarze Rosen, a division of the Loptyrian Cult, also exists. They are an elite dark mage corps that operate in the Thracian peninsula, and are seemingly under the command of Veld, who was put in charge of the region by Archbishop Manfroy.

Notable MembersEdit

*Defects during the events of Thracia 776

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