Intro Cutscene Edit

  • "By Father's sword, and my own hands... I will save our future!" (Normal)
  • "With every foe we have the heart to face... we take back our future!" ("Marth")

Switching to Character Edit

  • ""

Ally Assist Edit

  • ""

Critical Lines Edit


  • "I challenge my fate!"


  • "Hope will never die!"
  • "Don't let your guard down!"

Dual Attack Lines Edit

As lead

  • "Can we really change our fate?"

Level Up Edit

  • ""

Death Lines Edit

  • "I'm not destined to die here. I need to retreat for now." (Normal)
  • "I'm sorry, but... I must retreat." ("Marth")

Victory Lines Edit

  • "One day I will match him... For now, I do my best!" (Normal)
  • "" ("Marth")

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