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Lunge (切り込み Kirikomi lit. Cut Through in the Japanese version) is a Skill in Fire Emblem Fates.

In Fire Emblem Heroes it can be learned without inheriting by: Beruka, Draug and Eldigan.


When activated by the user, the user and enemy unit will swap places after the attack concludes, provided that the user survived the battle.

There are a few exceptions with Lunge:

  • It cannot be used if the target is swapped into an invalid tile
  • It cannot be used against units with no movement. No movement units are units with "-" in their movement; this should not be confused for those with "0", which are units that have been frozen.

It is learned by Wyvern Riders at Level 10 or higher. Wyvern Lords and Malig Knights can also learn this skill if they have not learned it yet.


Fire Emblem HeroesEdit

Name Activation SP
FEH Lunge Lunge After initiated combat 150
Effects If unit initiates attack, after combat, unit and targeted foe swap places. Cannot be used by 2-range units.
Notes Rarity:

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