Level Up Edit

  • "My mind has been cleared."
  • "Only daily effort is rewarded with blessings.
  • "Hmm? I could have sworn..." (1 stat up)

Class Change Edit

  • "So this is the Mother's path for me..."

Battle Quotes Edit

When Selected Edit

  • "Easy pickings."
  • "Very well." (half health)
  • "Your spirit's voice is ghastly dark. I have no use for magic so foul." (final map)

Enemy Dodges Edit

Enemy deals 1 or no damage Edit

Healed Edit

  • "Invigorating!"

Used Healing Item Edit

  • "This is clearly not edible!" (disliked)
  • "Acceptable." (neutral)
  • "Scrumptious!" (liked)
  • "Oh, this is a pleasant surprise!" (loved)

Critical Hit Edit

  • "Ready yourself for the end!"
  • "I will eradicate you!"
  • "I saved this for you!"
  • "Pushing your luck, I see..."

Finishing Blow Edit

  • "Take this!"
  • "Begone!"
  • "Fool."

Defeated Enemy Edit

  • "That was quick."
  • *sighs*
  • "Hah!"
  • "I must reach the heart of truth."
  • "Not even a challenge!"
  • "As I thought."
  • "Don't trifle with me!"

Nearby Ally Defeated Enemy Edit

  • "We are cut from the same cloth." (Delthea)
  • "Now that's what I like to see!" (Delthea)
  • "I've given you too little credit."
  • "You have talent."
  • "Huh. Well done."

Nearby Ally Below Half Health Edit

  • "Hurry up and heal!" (Delthea)

Summary Screen Edit

  • "Of course we won. I'm here."
  • *sighs* "I've overworked myself." (fatigued)
  • "We've nothing to celebrate now..." (an ally dies)
  • "Delthea! Delthea, open your eyes!" (Delthea dies)

Death/Retreat Edit

“I thought my magic would see us through...but fate thought otherwise...”
—Luthier's death quote in Classic Mode

“Oh my. I seem to have sustained a rather ghastly wound. Perhaps it's best...if I retreat. Good luck to the rest of you.”
—Luthier's retreat quote in Casual Mode

When Talked to Edit

  • "Oh, Alm. Do you need something? ...No? Then why did you speak to me? ...Because you felt like it? Ah, I see. Friendship demands a certain amount of perfunctory conversation. Forgive me. I have little experience with friendship. And, um, no friends. There were others my age in the village, but we were never close. I suppose I never felt the need to get to know them. However, I had a most excellent relationship with one of the cats. ...Yes, I know that doesn't count. You needn't remind me. But if you insist, YOU can be my first human friend, Alm. Congratulations."

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