Múspell is the name of the Flame Kingdom in Fire Emblem Heroes.

Muspell credit

The crest of Múspell.

Notable Múspellians Edit


  • Surtr - The harsh King of Múspell whose desire for conquest is relentless.
  • Laegjarn - The First Princess of Múspell who leads Múspell's army with dignity.
  • Laevatein - The Second Princess of Múspell who sees herself and the blade she wields as one and the same, keeping her emotions in check.


  • Loki - Múspell's strategist who likes to play tricks and manipulate people.
  • Helbindi - A rough and tumble general of Múspell who came from nothing and rose through the ranks thanks to his talent in battle.
  • Menja

Etymology Edit

In Norse Mythology, Múspelheim is the name of one of the Nine Worlds and considered one of two primordial realms alongside Niflheim. It is said to be a realm of fire and lava. It is home of the Jötunn Surtr.

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