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The Kingdom of Macedon (マケドニア Makedonia, Macedonia in the Japanese versions and Medon in the European version) is one of the many nations of Archanea, appearing in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, and Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem. It is a quiet and prosperous kingdom famed for its fleet of Pegasus Knights and Dracoknights in particular, the knightly order of the Whitewings and the Dragoons. House Macedon consists of King Osmond, Prince Michalis, Princess Minerva, and Princess Maria.


War of ShadowsEdit

Macedon was founded by the hero Iote in the year 503, approximately a hundred years before the War of Shadows, and Iote's Shield is the nation's treasure. Macedon is one of the many suzerains of Archanea, and has an allegiance with them. Macedon shares a border with Dolhr, and when Dolhr begins to revive itself in the beginning of the War of Shadows, it requests Macedon's allegiance. The father of Michalis, Minerva, and Maria - King Osmond, bluntly denies the allegiance, and request that Archanea send reinforcements so that Macedon may defend itself from Dolhr. The reinforcements do not come, however, and Prince Michalis approaches his father with the notion of allying with Dolhr. Michalis proposes that Dolhr will help Macedon reach greater heights, and once they have conquered the countinent Macedon can become the mightiest nation. Osmond refuses, but as Macedon's situation grows worse, Michalis and his father clash. Gharnef takes advantage of this situation and spreads rumors throughout Macedon that Minerva will be the next heir to the throne. Michalis then kills his father and announces that it was the work of an Archanean assassin, so he can advocate allying with Dolhr. Minerva and Maria are unaware of the true nature of their father's death, but Minerva is skeptical, as she knows of her father's support of Archanea. Michalis seizes control of Macedon, becoming the next King, and allies Macedon with Dolhr. He then approaches Maria and tells her that Macedon will face a crisis if Dolhr does not believe that Macedon is truly loyal to them, and if Dolhr invades Macedon tens of thousands of citizens would die. Michalis's solution to this is for Maria to become Dolhr's hostage. Maria agrees, trying to protect the citizens of Macedon and please her brother. Michalis has lied to Maria. Knowing his ruse will soon fall through, he imprisons Maria to keep Minerva from rebelling against Macedon once she learns that Michalis has killed their father. Upon hearing that Maria has been imprisoned, however, Minerva realizes what Michalis has done, but as Maria will now be executed if she rebels, she has no choice but to serve Macedon.

Macedon, as part of Dolhr's alliance, is in charge of the attack on Aurelis. As Michalis is now King, Minerva becomes the main general of Macedon, and leads its forces on Aurelis and successfully takes the Castle. Before the Macedonians could finish off the Aurelian resistance, however, the Altean army led by Marth successfully joins forces with the Aurelain resistance led by Hardin, and routs the Macedonian soldiers from Aurelis.

Macedon's general Minerva is then demoted and put under the Grustian general Harmein. Minerva can not bear servitude much longer, and she withdraws from the battle and sends her subordinate Catria to request that Marth rescue Maria from Dolhr's imprisonment. Maria is rescued, and both Minerva and Maria deflect from Macedon's cause and join Marth's Archanean League. However, Minerva's Whitewings have been separated from her, and Macedon later sends them as reinforcements for King Jiol in Gra (who had requested Michalis' Dragoons instead) where the Whitewings Catria and Palla defect from Macedon as well and join the League. Macedon's Pegasus Knights still assist in King Jiol's defense, but are defeated by the League. Est, the final Whitewing, infiltrates Grust, and returns to present Marth with the sword Mercurius. Eventually, Macedon is invaded by the League, as it is still an ally to Dolhr. Minerva is determined to set things right in Macedon, and she, her Whitewings, and the League defeat Michalis' Dragoons and take Macedon's Aerie. Minerva and Michalis meet in battle, and Minerva triumphs. Michalis is very nearly killed, but Maria houses him away in Macedon's Aerie to be healed. Minerva, Maria, and the Whitewings follow Marth until the War's end, and return to Macedon.

War of HeroesEdit

“What's going to happen to Macedon now? First they said Prince Michalis died, then Princess Maria went missing... And now Princess Minerva has been captured, and her life is in danger. Ah... This country won't become like Grust, right...?”
—Villager, in Chapter 3 of Mystery of the Emblem Book 2

Following the war's end, Minerva became Queen of Macedon by popular acclaim, albeit against her will. Michalis was nursed back to health by Maria after her return from Khadein. However, Minerva lacked Michalis' charisma or leadership ability, and inadvertently provoked a Macedonian rebellion. Maria, meanwhile, was captured by Gharnef, to be sacrificed to Medeus. Michalis sought to rescue Maria, and rescued Minerva, who traveled to Khadein to aid Marth again. Michalis then retrieved Starlight from Gharnef, and delivered it to Marth before perishing as a result of his wounds. Afterwards, Minerva was able to help free Maria from Gharnef's control.

By the end of the conflict, Minerva chose to renounce the throne of Macedon, and both she and Maria joined Lena's orphanage. Marth then takes over ruling Macedon. In New Mystery of the Emblem, Michalis either resumes kingship or abandons Macedon and becomes king on another continent after a conquest.

Macedon would eventully become part of the Theocracy of Plegia, along with Grust, Gra, Dolua, and Altea.

Notable CitizensEdit


  • Iote - Founder of Macedon and namesake of Iote's Shield.
  • Osmond - The previous king of Macedon; Michalis, Minerva and Maria's father. He had an antagonistic relationship with Michalis.
  • Michalis - King of Macedon and brother of Minerva and Maria. He sided with Dolhr in order to gain power, but planned to eventually betray them to make Macedon the most powerful country.
  • Minerva - Princess of Macedon and leader of the Whitewings.
  • Maria - Princess of Macedon and younger sister of Minerva and Michalis. She is also the only member of the royal family who is not a Dracoknight, as she is a Cleric. She is a taken hostage to secure Macedon's alligiance with Dolhr.


  • Palla - The eldest of the Whitewings. Appears to have a crush on Abel.
  • Catria - The second eldest of the Whitewings. Appears to have a crush on Marth.
  • Est - The youngest of the Whitewings. Later marries Abel and moves to Altea.
  • Lena - A Cleric who had an arranged marriage with Michalis but denied him and fled to Archanea instead.
  • Matthis - Lena's brother who was forced to join the Macedonian army.
  • Ymir - A giant of a man who moved to Grust because of ill treatment.
  • Bentheon- Cavalier boss stationed in Aurelis and boss of Matthis.
  • Merach - Boss that Guards Aurelis castle.
  • Emereus- General boss residing in Aurelis castle.
  • Orridyon - Paladin boss.
  • Rumel - Dracoknight boss that works under Rucke and helped him in the rebellion.
  • Rucke - General boss, leader of a rebellion in Fire Emblem 3/12.


Macedon was an ancient kingdom located in the Macedonia region and is most notable for being the kingdom of Alexander the Great and his father Philip II.


  • It is interesting to note that the flag of Macedon depicts the sun, which has also been the emblem of Macedonia throughout history.