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Mad King Gangrel
FE13 Chapter 11
GameFire Emblem: Awakening
ObjectiveRout the enemy
Units AllowedChrom +12
Units GainedOlivia

“Emmeryn is dead. After realizing a new resolve, Chrom along with his friends and allies, confront the Mad King of Plegia to stop his reign of injustice and insanity. Not only to save the people of Ylisse, but the people of Plegia as well. The Mad King's army is in chaos as mutiny continues to spread amongst his ranks giving Chrom and his forces a chance to end him once and for all.”
—Opening Narration

Mad King Gangrel (Foolish King Gangrel in the Japanese version) is Chapter 11 of Fire Emblem: Awakening. There are two chests within the chapter.


The enemy units in this chapter vary throughout several types, therefore it is good to have a wide variety of different classes when fighting on this map.

The eastern side of this map is very magic heavy. For this reason, it's clever to send a few resistance heavy units in this direction. Be careful when using fliers for this job as some mages wield various types of wind magic which fliers are vulnerable to. Gangrel wields a Levin Sword which uses magic to attack so the resistance heavy characters that are selected will also be useful for fighting Gangrel.

Enemy reinforcements pop out of the forts throughout the chapter. Enemies that can spawn from these forts include fighters, mages, mercenaries, heroes, wyvern riders, and myrmidons. As with other chapters, keeping units on the forts prevents enemy reinforcements from spawning.


This is the last chapter before Chrom gets married and Lucina is born. In order for Olivia to marry Chrom, Chrom's other potential brides  (Sumia, Sully, Maribelle and the female Avatar) married to another male unit (or have them get killed in Classic mode), and pair Chrom and Olivia. After that, stay away from the boss and defeat all of the reinforcements. Once all of the reinforcements have been defeated, have Olivia dance for Chrom for 20 turns. After that rout the enemy, and Chrom and Olivia will be married. If this is too time consuming, then have Chrom and Olivia paired up and have them fight most of the enemies.

Olivia is recruited in this chapter. As a level 1 dancer, she has very poor combat statistics and can easily killed by almost any enemy on the map. The enemy also prioritizes attacking her over most other units, so putting her within reach of attacks is usually fatal. This is a particularly difficult problem in Hard mode or above, where enemy reinforcements can spawn and attack on the same turn. Keeping Olivia away from reinforcement-spawning forts and away from enemies maximizes her chances of surviving the chapter.




Battle ConversationsEdit

Chrom vs GangrelEdit

  • Gangrel: Come, princeling! I've sharpened my sword just for you!
  • Chrom: My sister wished for our people to know peace, Gangrel. But as long as you draw breath, it can never come. For Ylisse!


  • Gangrel: Clinging to each other won't save you maggots when the boot falls!
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