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First SeenFire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
Promotes FromTarvos
Promotes To-
Usable Weapon TypesAxe, Bow
Class Skills-

Maelduins (マグダイル Macdaire) are the promoted versions of Tarvos. They are "immensely fast and strong creatures who hunt with Axes and Bows."

They are much stronger than Tarvos, plus they have a massive amount of HP compared to their earlier form, and can use bows as well, granting them large attack ranges as well. Their primary weapons are Swordslayers, Halberds, Tomahawks, Short Bows and Longbows, though they have access to most axes and bows below B-class. Being horse-like creatures they share a weakness with cavalry units, and hence vulnerable to Halberds, Horseslayers, and especially Zanbatos.


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