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“The Sable Order fought valiantly to keep Marth's army from reaching Chiasmir, but in the end Grust's knights buckled: the world's mightiest only in song. The League marched on to the Fane of Raman, a holy sanctuary built by the divine dragons to house their most priceless treasures. Here another story was set to begin...”
—Opening Narration

Manakete Princess is Chapter 19 of the game Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon.

In this chapter are 9 sealed rooms which can only be opened through a Thief, Door Key or a Master Key. The rooms are patterned diagonally as the bottom left room conceals an enemy Hunter then followed on the second-to-bottom right room and so on, However on the right top single room is an enemy Sniper that may catch you by surprise so if your unit that is opening the doors is too weak, it is ideal to have a stronger unit accompany him/her, the Sniper will drop a Master Seal when killed. The rooms starting from the right and going diagonally however contain 2 chests each, containing: Spirit Dust, Pure Water, Bullion (XL), Bolganone, Seraph Robe, Geosphere, Master Seal and a Speedwing. In the top double door room there are two more chests where the thieves are prone to strike first if left roaming. These chests contain: The Starsphere and the Lightsphere however the Lightsphere has already been pilfered by one of the thieves on the left side.


Tiki - An outstanding unit and a very powerful Manakete. She must be recruited by Bantu, who is a fairly weak Manakete with a low level.


  • The boss in this chapter is recruitable (talk with Bantu)
  • The Starsphere is found in a chest towards the north of the map (but an enemy thief will likely get to it first), while the Lightsphere is held by a Thief.
  • It is highly recommended to recruit Tiki unless you want Nagi in chapter 24X, as she has effectiveness against other manaketes, especially Medeus, unless you revive her so you get both of them.


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